How To Make Your Own WhatsApp Stickers

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How To Make Your Own WhatsApp Stickers? Bored with the collection of stickers in the latest WhatsApp features? Just try making your own WhatsApp stickers, more exciting! Here’s How To Make You Own WhatsApp Stickers.

WhatsApp has added a new feature that allows users to send stickers – even though some have not been able to enjoy it. It’s just that the choice of stickers provided by WhatsApp is quite small. But users are allowed to add homemade stickers.

The method is not difficult but not instant, it takes a few steps. Before that, what businessoldnet conveyed was only for Android users.

Before making a sticker, prepare at least 3 photos. As much as possible portrait photos with various expressions to be interesting. Then install these 3 applications on your mobile, namely:

Let’s start How To Make You Own WhatsApp Stickers :

1. Remove the photo background

In order for stickers to be more attractive, it is recommended to remove the background of the photo. The methods are as follows:

create whatsapp stickers

Open the Background Eraser application

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  • Select Load a Photo, then select the photo to edit
  • Do crop image to make it easier to delete, if you have pressed Done
  • Remove photo background with manual or magic options. How to wipe the finger on the part you want to delete.
  • When finished, press done followed by save.

2. Add words

To be more attractive, it’s good to add words. businessoldnet using the PicsArt application.

custom whatsapp stickers

  • Press the + icon to start editing followed by selecting a photo that has been removed
  • Then select the Text option. Write the desired word
  • If you have, save the image

3. Insert the sticker

stickers for whatsapp

To insert stickers into, we use the Personal for WhatsApp apps.

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  • After opening the Personal Sticker for WhatsApp, we will immediately find the sticker that we have made
  • Press Add to add stickers to WhatsApp
  • complete

personal stickers for whatsapp


Then just open WhatsApp, and look at the sticker section. The sticker photo that was made earlier was immediately available and can be sent immediately. Good luck!

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