How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

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How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking?, Speaking in public, for example in company meetings or activities, has a positive impact on employees by being recognized by colleagues from other divisions or making constructive suggestions.

However, not all employees understand this positive impact. For them, public speaking is a scary thing.

Not surprisingly, they chose to remain silent in a meeting or similar activity.

If you are one of them and want to get out of the situation, don’t worry.

Here are 7 Tips to Help You Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking.

7 Quick Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

how i overcame my fear of public speaking

Fight shame

Shame is the biggest reason you are afraid to speak in front of a crowd. Therefore, fight or overcome the shame by treating everyone as equal.

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No matter the position of the person in front of you, speak in context and the things you want to convey.

Remember, the audience in front of you is human too. They eat rice, drink water, and so on.

Just like you do in everyday life. So, why be embarrassed talking to them?

Another trick to getting rid of embarrassment is to assume the audience is your friends. This will make you feel relaxed speaking in front of them.

Even if you speak the wrong way, it’s normal because they are your friends who will understand that you are learning to speak in public.

Ask questions

If you’re a meeting participant, ask questions about things you don’t understand. Don’t be afraid to be stupid because of these questions.

In essence, you dare to speak in public. If at subsequent meetings you get into the habit of asking questions, you will also become accustomed to speaking in front of many people.

In this condition, you will find that public speaking is not as complicated as one might think.

Make the best possible preparation

If you have to be a speaker or presenter, be as prepared as possible. This concerns the presentation material, the supporting equipment required, and your appearance.

After that, practice the day before making the presentation.

By making the best possible preparation, you will increasingly master the material and predict the atmosphere that will occur.

Apart from that, this preparation will also give off a positive vibe so that your feelings will be positive too. Imagine if you didn’t prepare it?

You may be overwhelmed when presenting it.

Talk in your own style

Speak in your own style. Don’t imitate other people’s speech because you will be someone else, not who you really are.

In other words, speak in a relaxed, polite, and attractive manner so that the atmosphere becomes conducive and impressive.

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Make eye contact

When speaking in public, whether as a speaker or in an audience asking questions, make eye contact with the person you are speaking to.

Don’t look down at the ceiling or at the ceiling, as this can indicate that you are not confident.

By making eye contact, you will communicate comfortably. Plus, eye contact shows how much you value the person you’re talking to.

Practice speaking in front of a few people

Another way you can use it is to train yourself to speak in front of a small number of people.

This could be a meeting with friends, a family meeting, or a neighborhood meeting where you live.

This exercise will forge your mentality and self-confidence so that you don’t feel awkward speaking in front of a crowd anymore.


Praying before speaking in public will help calm your feelings. In addition, praying will also give you positive vibrations so that you will unconsciously dare to speak.

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public speaking anxiety tricks

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking with preparation, technique, and practice. By applying the methods above, you will get all three factors.

Keep on applying it so that it becomes a habit that will turn you from a fearful employee to a public speaking addiction.

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