How to Overcome Nervousness During Job Interview

How to Overcome Nervousness During Job Interview

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How to Overcome Nervousness During Job Interview? Feeling nervous when going for a job interview is normal because whether or not you continue to the next stage is determined by the interview process. If you fail to perform optimally, then the opportunity to be accepted in the company is very small.

It’s a shame, but what can you do? The rice has become mush, so you have to accept defeat in this process.

But, don’t despair because you still have another chance. With a note, try to get rid of nervousness using the following tips.

7 Tips For Staying Calm During A Job Interview

Remember what your goal is to apply

First, what is your goal in applying to the company? Do you want to gain experience, seek knowledge, or add relationships in the professional world? This is important to know because it will indirectly motivate you to show your best side during a job interview.

Ideally, the interviewer will also ask the reason for applying to the company. You can use that goal as an excuse, but try to assemble it into a sentence that seems honest so that your answer sounds interesting to the interviewer’s ear.

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How to Overcome Nervousness During Job Interview With Find out the interviewer’s profile

In the initial interview stage, the recruiter will usually tell you the name of the person you will meet at the company. It could be that person who will interview you in the selection of looking for work later. Well, you can find out the interviewer’s profile through professional media, such as LinkedIn.

From the profile photo, you can read a little about the character of the interviewer. Is he the type of person who is firm, stubborn, or gentle? So, you know how to behave when you meet him in person later.

Learn frequently asked questions during an interview

The questions in every job interview as a whole can be said to be similar. Such as asking for organizational experience, work, and details of work that has been done specifically for those of you who have worked. It looks simple, but if you don’t learn it, you will be nervous when answering the question.

Even though it’s easy, it’s good to learn the questions that are often asked in job interviews. Try searching in your web browser, then answer according to your head and heart. No need to make it up, so the answer seems natural like flowing water.

Also learn the answer

Since this is a job interview for you, you have every right to answer honestly, as it is in your heart and mind. But, you need to pay attention to the value or value of each spoken answer because this will be included in the interview assessment points. If possible, remove the word “maybe” when answering because this means you don’t believe in your answer.

Especially for tricky questions, such as telling about shortcomings, you should not mention shortcomings that are contrary to the position being applied for. If you are applying for a finance and accounting position, for example, you should not write the word extravagant. It’s very likely that you won’t be accepted because you’re not the type of person who can be trusted to hold onto money.

Take care during the interview

At crucial moments, such as a job interview, it is very important to maintain an attitude. It’s not just about maintaining good manners when speaking, but also eye contact and body language.

Avoid unnecessary movements, such as scratching your head, tidying your clothes, or crossing your legs. In addition to distracting the interviewer’s view, this movement can also eliminate the sense of focus during the interview.

How to Overcome Nervousness During Job Interview With Keep the impression of boasting

Okay, you are the best student or employee at your place and you can be proud of this. But, you don’t need to brag about this because there are many better applicants than you. If you were arrogant from the start, any interviewer would be less enthusiastic about you.

Better to be normal. Be proud if you think it’s necessary, but use friendly words. So, here the impression is that you are telling or telling the interviewer, not bragging.

Have positive thoughts

Apart from the fear that has often haunted you the last few days, try to wake up with positive thoughts so that everything can be resolved properly when the D day arrives. Look at you, you’re not as bad as you think. You have advantages that can be used as selling points to the company.

No need to worry about other candidates who look better than you. Positive thoughts will make you more confident in facing a stressful interview. So, you can relax and look your best when answering questions from the interviewer.

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Make Careful Preparation

If this is your first job interview, you should prepare yourself carefully so that the nervousness inherent in you is slowly eroded. As for those of you who have often participated in interviews, the preparation should also not be half-hearted. Learn from the failure of the previous interview, so that you don’t fail again in this interview.

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