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Definitely Sold-Out! Here are 10 Ways to Promote the Most Effective Product

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How to promote products – Successfully starting a business, creating an online store and having a good product is just the beginning of the dynamic of an online business.

The next thing you should do is sell the product, and of course, you have to promote it.

Unfortunately, many businesses have to close in the beginning because the sales are stagnant when the product is good. Most of the things that affect it is due to ineffective marketing methods in attracting customers.

What makes people want to visit your online store and buy products emblazoned in it? The thing that really affects it is how you promote products to people.

In this article, you can try 10 ways to promote products that are by far the most effective way to ensure that the products you sell are sold out, and the method of application is relatively easy. Anything?

How to promote products

10 Ways to Promote the Most Effective Product

1. Offer Special Discount or Trial Through Email Marketing

how to promote a product to customers

Email marketing had started to be abandoned as one of the marketing strategies, whereas if used properly, how to promote the product via email marketing will be the extraordinary big effect.

To build subscribers, inform your online store website that those who subscribe to email will get a special discount or trial product when your product launches.

Or you can also send your product samples to your email subscribers with the “First 10 Subscribers First” scheme.

As your subscriber email counts more and more, whenever there is a new product, you can directly promote the product to them and give them a special discount so they are interested to buy it immediately.

2. Hold a Give-Away Program

This method is already quite common and quite effective among the online business. In order for your product to become better known, let people out there try it out for themselves and ask for their response.

Host Give-Away every time you launch a new product both in social media, online store, email, and so forth.

Require them to follow social media and promote your products on their respective social media accounts. The more people who join your Give Away program, the more people will get to know your product, and so on.

3. Referral Programs Are Also Very Effective Today

how to market a product or service

A referral program is a marketing technique where the business gives permission for the customer/user to promote/sell the product to others and in return, the user who successfully make the sale will be given a commission.

In fact, not all businesses that require people who want to follow the referral program become customers/users first.

So, in addition to implementing other marketing strategies, people who are members of your referral program out there also help promote your product.

Interestingly, you only incur costs (rewards) each time your product is sold. Unlike other forms of promotion that are generally costly but not necessarily able to make sales.

4. Cooperate with Blogger

how to promote a product example

Get bloggers help related to your business topic to review and post them on their blog.

This partnership method with blogger can also be combined with giving Away or Referral Program.

You can pay for their services to write a review about your product or invite them to follow the Give-Away and Referral Program. Blogger is still a very influential influencer in the world of digital marketing.

5. Cooperate with Influencers in Social Media

Whether it’s programmable or Youtuber, build a good relationship with influencers in each social media.

Once you have a good relationship with them, you also have the opportunity to build a good image in front of their followers.

If necessary, make them the brand ambassador for each of your products. Give them exclusive access to your product and ask them to promote it on their own social media.

6. Create Promotional Videos that are Short but Able to Clearly Introduce Your

creative ways to promote a product

Once you hear the video, do not just think about the trouble. Now, making a promotional video is not as difficult as it used to be.

There is much software that you can take advantage of, from a professional level like Adobe Premiere to a beginner level video creation tool like Quik or Lumen5.

With Quik and Lumen5, you can easily create a simple yet appealing promotional video. Test your creativity with these two tools.

Or if you have enough budget, just ask the help of an agency or video creator to create your product promotional video and upload it to Youtube or Facebook Video and spread it throughout your promotional media like social media or online store.

7. Slightly Technical, Try Inside Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO from time to time is always fought for. SEO allows the information you distribute through your website found easily by users through search engines like Google.

Let’s say you sell women’s shoes, and when users type the keyword “women’s shoes” on Google and your online store that appears in the first place, it’s likely that users will buy products in your online store.

When you launch a product, provide complete details and optimize the keywords you want to target in the title, description, URL, until the photo file name.

Publish in your online store and as much as possible ask bloggers to reference the product link on their blog.

As time goes on, your online store can appear on the first page of Google search results and easily discover so it is more likely to be purchased.

Unlike Search Engine Marketing (SEM) / other advertising that will only run when you still have enough budget, SEO is long term and will continue to stay as long as your online store is active and optimized.

Begin to learn the basics of SEO from now on so you can immediately promote products with this organic method.

8. Actively Delivering Information and Promoting Through Blog

how to promote a product online

When you look, today’s average every online business has a blog. Blogs are a great place for any business to deliver updates and do marketing.

People are always looking for the latest information about a company on the company’s blog. Therefore, make a blog used to convey information and promote your product.

Write interesting content about your business. For example, if you want to promote the latest version of your brand, try writing content with the topic “3 Gift Ideas for Your Beloved” and mention that the latest version of the bag you are selling becomes one of the gift ideas.

Review everything related to your business in blogs, promote your products, and leverage both SEO and social media to get them to read. The more readable, the greater the chance that the product you are reviewing in it is purchased.

9. Hold a Contest

Old technique but still very effective. Why? By holding a contest, you can get a lot of participants to shoulder to ‘talk’ about your product.

Some contests that you can try is a blog competition or photo contest on social media.

Offer an attractive prize for the winners to all compete for the prize. Interestingly, non-winners will continue to promote your product.

10. Offer Product Bundling and Give Special Discounts

how to promote a product on social media

If you sell fashion products that include shirts, hats, pants, to shoes (a set of fashion products), offer product bundling and give a special discount for one set.

How to Promote the Most Effective Product: Closing

Well, that’s how to promote products that are very effective and when applied properly will make your product sold out quickly.

Are there ways to promote effective products that have not been discussed in this article? Which method is suitable for your online business?

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