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How to Repost Instagram Videos, Story, or Photos

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How to Repost Instagram – Almost all smartphone users have an Instagram account. As is known, Instagram is one of the social media applications that are very popular among smartphone users. Instagram itself is an application that can update photos, videos and even you can repost.

Repost works like a retweet on Twitter. It’s just that, Instagram does not provide a repost feature. Well, that’s why here we will discuss the simplest tips and tricks on how to repost Instagram. Not only explained how to post photos on Instagram, but we will also discuss how to repost videos on Instagram.

You are curious and want to repost other people’s Instagram without a watermark? Come to see the following tips and tricks on how to repost Instagram the easiest version of Businessoldnet.

How to Repost Instagram without an Application

As you know, Instagram does not automatically provide a re-posting feature. However, you can repost on IG without an application. The advantages of Instagram repost without this application, of course, you don’t have to bother installing and downloading the application. Here are two ways to re-posting Instagram without an application:

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1. Take advantage of Screenshot Features on Smartphones

An easy way to post IG without an application is to use the screenshot feature on a smartphone. Please note that every smartphone has a different way to do screenshots.

The steps are very easy. First, you only need to enter the Instagram application and immediately search for the photo you are reposting. After that, you can set a position that is right for your screenshot. If you feel it’s right, just use the screenshot button.

After you do a screenshot, you just repost the photo that has been screened by pressing the “+” button to post the results of the screenshot. Don’t forget to select the image that has been screened. When it’s finished, just press the “Next” button at the top right.

how to repost instagram videos

If you have pressed the “next” button, the option will appear to change the filter. You can click on one of the filters. It’s finished selecting the filter, just press the next button.

how to repost instagram story


Now the last step, you can directly share/repost by posting the results of your screenshots. How to repost Instagram without this one application is very easy right? Unfortunately, this repost method is not able to post videos from Instagram.

2. How to Repost Instagram Using Webstagram

If you post Instagram using the screenshot before, this time we will provide a way to repost without an application by relying on Webstagram. A little information about Wbestagram is one website that provides services to view IG.

This website can you access using a web browser like Google Chrome. In addition to viewing Instagram, you can also repost using Webstagram. First, you only need to open Webstagram by clicking here. Then the Webstagram display will appear automatically.

The next step is you only need to look for photos or Instagram accounts. Here we will demonstrate reposting a photo of an idol, then we will look for his idol account. To look for it, you only need to click the box next to the word “Search.” After that, immediately type the account name and immediately click “Search.”

best repost app for instagram

If Webstagram has finished searching, the website will automatically display the search results. Choose and click the search results as you want.

repost multiple photos instagram

After selecting and clicking on the Instagram account you are looking for, you can immediately search for the photo you want to repost. After you find the photo, immediately click “download.”

repost instagram online

Then, your smartphone will automatically download the photos you want to repost. If you have downloaded it, you can go directly to the Instagram application then post the download from Webstagram. Even though it looks easy, this Webstagram cannot download or post in the form of video.

How to Repost Instagram with Applications

If you feel that you are not free to repost Instagram without an application, this time we will provide tips for reposting Instagram using the application. You can download one of the 10 repost Instagram application options. Well, now let’s try to post Instagram using the application.

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1. Repost and Save for Instagram

Applications that have been downloaded by more than 200 thousand times this Instagram user will make it easier for you to repost quickly and simply without being complicated. With this application, you only need to copy and paste the photo URL link that you will repost.

Besides photos, you also repost for videos on Instagram. After you copy the URL of the photo/video to be reposted, you can directly enter the Repost and Save for Instagram application and the application will automatically repost.

In addition, Repost and Save for Instagram provide the option to repost with a watermark display or without a watermark. And this other excellent feature of Repost and Save for Instagram is that you can repost and save Instagram Stories, you know. Want too? Click here to get the application.

2. Repost for Instagram

If the previous application offers repost with the choice of a Watermark or not, this time Repost for Instagram offers an Instagram repost application by providing a watermark. How to work from Repost for Instagram is very easy and not complicated.

First, you only need to download and install the Repost for Instagram application by clicking here. Then, you can log in to Instagram and copy the URL / photo link that you want to repost. After that, you can enter the Repost for an Instagram application. So, this application will automatically be ready to do a repost with just one click. easy right?

3. Repost for Instagram – Regrann

This free application called Repost for Instagram – Regrann also makes it easy for you who want to do repost by using the application. You can get the application at PlaysStore or you can directly click here.

The method is still the same, by copying the URL link. You can log in to the Instagram application and copy the URL / photo link to be posted. After that, you can go directly to the Repost for Instagram – Regrann application to paste the URL link and post it. Easy isn’t it?

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That’s how to easily repost Instagram using either an application or without an application. For those who do repost without the application has the disadvantage of not being able to post videos from Instagram.

While to repost using the application has the disadvantage of having to download the application first. So, you have to have more internet packages and memory space on a mobile phone that is large enough to add applications. Which method do you prefer?

How to Copy IG Caption Without Application

It doesn’t feel complete to repost Instagram without using the same caption. Well, you can copy paste the IG caption. But unfortunately, Instagram can’t copy paste for captions. Then how do you do it? Here’s how:

1. Take advantage of Google

To copy IG captions, you can use Google. The method is very easy, first, you only need to copy the photo/video URL link on Instagram. You can do this by clicking on the colon.

After you click on the symbol three points, you will find the words “Copy Share URL.” Then, you can close the Instagram application and enter your web browser application. You can use Google Chrome or other web browsers. Then, you can paste the URL link that was to the Google search engine. After that you can immediately click “go” or “enter.”

Automatically the Instagram URL / video link that you copied earlier appeared directly on Google. Then you can copy IG captions directly. Easy isn’t it?

2. Copy Caption IG Using Webstagram

As described in the previous paragraph, you can also do repost by relying on the Webstagram web site. But it turns out, not only can Webstagram do repost, but you can also copy Caption using Webstagram.

The method is very easy, you just need to go to Webstagram by clicking here. Then, you can find photos/videos with the caption you want. After that, you can copy the IG cap you want. Well, this method is very easy, right?

How to Copy IG Caption with Application

If you feel too complicated to have to visit a special website to copy IG Caption, then you can copy IG Caption using the application. You can download the application for re-posting named Video Downloader for Instagram / Instaget.

This application is indeed an application to post, but you can also copy IG Caption from this application. First, of course, you have to download and install the application by clicking here. After that, you can enter your Instagram account to copy the video/photo URL caption link that you want to copy.

After selecting the photo/video, you can click on the three points at the top right. Then you can directly select and click “Copy Share URL.” After that, you can close the IG application.

After that, you enter the Instaget application to paste the link that has been copied before, you only need to click “paste.”

Next, you can scroll down and you can find two choices namely “Copy Hashtag” or “Copy All.” If you only want to copy the caption in the form of a hashtag, then select “Copy Hashtag. However, if you want to copy the entire IG caption, then select “Copy All” and you have successfully copied IG Caption. It’s easy, right?

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That’s the easiest tips and tricks on how to repost Instagram. Besides reposting, you can also copy IG Caption easily. Which is the easiest method you can use?

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