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How to Save Instagram Story Personal or Belongs to Someone Else

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How to Save Instagram Story – If you are a very active Instagram user, surely you are familiar with the name Instastory, right? Yes, Instagram Story or more commonly abbreviated as Instastory is one of the features on Instagram that is very hits especially among Instagram young people and even celebrities using the Instastory feature.

By default, Instastory can only save stories or more popular with the term Instagram Story for 24 hours. However, do you know that Instastory can store Instagram Story for more than 24 hours? Not only that, even this Instastory feature has developed with the presence of features to save Instagram Story. Do you know how to save Instagram stories to the mobile phone gallery or how to download Instagram Story for more than 24 hours? If you don’t know, here we will provide a tutorial on how to save Instagram Story. So, stay tune this article to the end!

How to Change Instastory Settings

Before entering the stage of storing Instagram Story, you must ensure that the Instastory settings are correct. The purpose of “right” here is that you have arranged to be able to freely store Instastory, either save it to the cellphone gallery or to the Instagram archive. If you haven’t set it up or don’t know how to change Instastory settings, then here we provide the easiest tutorial to set Instastory:

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1. Enter into an Instagram account.
2. Then, open the Instagram profile and click on the symbol in the top right corner.

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3. After that, you can click the Story Settings.

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4. Next, please activate the saving feature. If you want to save Snapgram into the photo gallery, activate Save to Gallery. Meanwhile, Save to Archive is to save Snapgram into the Instagram archive. You can activate both or just one according to the needs of each Instagram user.

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How to Save Instagram Story Directly

Now you have set Instastory to be able to store Instagram Story. Now, it’s time for us to go to the tutorial to save Snapgram, the first is to use the Save feature provided by Instagram. Yes, Instagram has developed its social media application with various features needed by its users.

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Besides adding the Instastory feature, Instagram also provides a feature to save Instagram Story directly from the Instastory that you have updated. To save it, you only need to follow the steps below:

1. Enter your Instagram account.
2. Then, you can immediately click on the Instastory feature on your Instagram account.

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3. After that, you will automatically enter your Instastory. In fact, the Instastory will also show all the Snapgrams that you have entered into Instastory.

4. Then, you can directly choose which Snapgram you want to save.
5. Next, you can immediately click more in the lower right corner.

6. If you have clicked more, several options will appear such as delete, share a post, and one of them will be Save Photo. Well, you click Save Photo. Automatically, the Snapgram will be saved in the gallery of your mobile phone.

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However, please also note that this one method can only store Snapgram in the Instastory personal Instagram account. So, you can’t save other people’s Snapgrams using this method.

How to Save Instagram Story of Others

Indeed, Instagram does not provide a feature to save other people’s, Instagram Story. However, you can follow tips and tricks on how to save other people’s Instagram Stories by using third-party applications. Yes, you need an additional application to save other people’s Snapgrams. Well, here we will recommend two applications to save other people’s Instagram Stories and here are the applications:

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1. Story Saver for Instagram

The Story Saver for Instagram application is claimed to be able to store every Story on Instagram easily, quickly and practically. You only need to log in your Instagram account, then this application will provide a list of each Snapgram from your friends’ Instagram accounts.

After that, you can directly click on the friend account you want to save the story. Then, you select the video or photo of Instagram Story you want to save. Then click save. Automatically, the Instagram Story that you save will go into the gallery of your mobile phone. Do you want to try this application? Directly click here to download it.

2. Story Assistant

Not much different from Story Saver for Instagram, applications that have made more than 4,000 downloads also have the same functions and work methods. Here, you only need to log in or enter into an Instagram account. Then, choose the account of the friend you want to save the Snapgram.

After that, choose the video or photo of Instagram Story you want to save. Then, please click save to save other people Instagram Story. How, are you interested in trying this application? If you are interested, you can get this application on PlayStore for free.

How to use Highlight Story

Not long ago, Instagram developed its application by presenting the Highlight Story feature.

This one feature allows you to save Snapgram with a fairly long period of time and more than 24 hours. Snapgram stored in the Highlight Story can still be seen by other Instagram users. It’s just that Snapgram stored in Highlight Story will not enter your cellphone gallery, huh. This Highlight Story concept is like creating a folder for Snapgram. Well, this is how to use Highlight Story:

1. Enter into a personal Instagram account.
2. Then, you can directly click and enter into your Instagram account Instastory. Then click Highlights at the bottom.

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3. It will automatically appear where you must provide the Highlight name for Instagram Story. Give the name, then click add when it’s finished.
4. Now you have finished making Highlight Story and you can see it on your Instagram profile. That’s the tutorial for saving Instagram Story.

What about the tutorial on How to Save Instagram Story that we gave earlier? It’s easy, right?

Yes, you can save all the stories in the mobile phone gallery or just keep them in the Instagram archive. You can even save other people’s Instagram Story easily. Do you want to try it?

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