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How to Save Money – 8 Best Ways to Save Money

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Is it rare to spend on secondary needs but the money is always running out? This could be the result of a small habit that you often take for granted. As a solution, follow these ways How to Save Money every day, let’s go!

Do you realize, there are many small habits that unconsciously make money run out quickly.

These costs are usually part of a lifestyle and are often incurred without thinking.

David Bach, an American finance writer, coined the term Latte Factor for these costs.

Well, you have to reduce this small fee so that your wallet doesn’t run out quickly.

For more details, here are How to Save Money every day that can be applied.

8 Simple Ways to Start Saving Money

how to save money from salary

Stop Using Online Transportation

The first money-saving tip is to stop using online transportation.

Online transportation does offer time efficiency, but if you are not in a hurry, you should reduce its use.

Even though there are many promos offered, they are still more expensive than public transportation.

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Reduce the Habit of ‘Coffee’ Outside the Home

The next way to save money on snacks is to reduce coffee.

This refers to coffee activities in a shop that you often do every day.

If you can’t get rid of caffeine, consider brewing it yourself at home or the office.

Quit sm0king

Quitting sm0king is also one way to save pocket money.

If you can’t stop completely, at least you can try reducing it to a pack for 3-5 days.

Bring Your Own Drinking Water

Believe it or not, bring your own drinking water is also a way to save money.

At first glance, a bottle of mineral water does seem trivial and dim for a small price.

But try to calculate if within a month you continue to buy bottled mineral water, then it will also increase your monthly expenses.

Therefore, it is better to bring your own drinking bottle from home and refill it from the office pantry or canteen.

Reduce Snack Hobby

how to save money for a house

The next money-saving tip is to reduce snacking habits.

You know, the average expense required for staple food is 30% of income.

This does not include the hobby of snacking, which is often uncontrolled.

It could be that your expenses for eating reach 50% of your income due to the snacking hobby.

Therefore, you should try to make your own snacks to make it more healthy and happier.

Stop shopping for clothes or accessories hobby

Many people forget that clothing is a secondary need, not a primary one.

The effect is, they often spend money just to follow trends.

Even the items purchased can cost hundreds of thousands because they are well-known brand products.

In fact, the items that are purchased will not necessarily be used, it may just end up as a display in the cupboard.

Therefore, reduce this habit and use your money for better things, yes.

For example, you can use it as investment capital for gold.

Stop Buying Make-up

Try to check the make-up container you have, how many make-up tools are there with the same color or function?

It could be that you will find more than one lipstick of the same color or even more than one mascara and eyeliner.

In fact, not all of them can be used at the same time.

Therefore, you should reduce the habit of buying make-up if you want to adopt a frugal way of life.

Buy it when you need it, not just because you want it!

Don’t Use a Credit Card

Credit cards are arguably a form of a vicious circle.

Keep in mind, having this card does not mean you have additional income.

This is just a subtle form of the debt system in finance.

If you are not disciplined, it could be that your expenses will be more than your income.

The effect is, every month your salary only runs out to pay installments that don’t run out.

Therefore, as much as possible avoid using a credit card if you feel you can’t manage your finances properly, huh.

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That’s how to save money every day.

Hopefully, the information is useful.

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