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How To Sell On WhatsApp? In addition to selling through marketplaces and social media such as Facebook and Instagram, now you can also run your online business by selling on WhatsApp. With 2 billion active users worldwide, WhatsApp is the application that occupies the first position as the most used mobile messenger application in the world.

Over time, WhatsApp is not only an application for exchanging messages but can also be used as a means of doing business. Even for those of you who don’t have your own business, you can now start a business by becoming a seller on WhatsApp. Come on, take a look at 7 effective tips and ways to sell on WhatsApp directly from the master!

WhatsApp Algorithm and WhatsApp Status

whatsapp message for selling products

Unlike other marketplaces whose algorithms are a little difficult to understand, the algorithm system for WhatsApp statuses is very simple. You just need to make sure that your number is saved in the contact list of the person you saved the phone number to, and that the WhatsApp status you created will appear on that person’s WhatsApp.

Not much different from the story feature on other social media applications, WhatsApp stories will also disappear after 24 hours from the time they were uploaded. WhatsApp stories are one of the free promotion methods that you can take advantage of.

How to Use WhatsApp Business and Sign Up?

If you want to try out how to sell online on WhatsApp, it is recommended to use WhatsApp Business. Unlike WhatsApp which we often use on a daily basis, WhatsApp Business is equipped with features that will certainly make it easier for you to sell.

The features on the WhatsApp business in question are:

  • Allows you to complete your profile with your address, website, and email;
  • There are automatic message features that can be set, such as Away Message, Quick Reply, to Greeting Messages to respond to customers;
  • With WhatsApp Business, you can also label each consumer based on a specific category;
  • You can also include working hours on your profile in order to inform customers when it’s a good time to send a message so they can respond quickly;
  • Allows starting a chat with a QR Code;
  • Catalog sharing feature that will make it easier for customers to find a product. This catalog can also be shared with other platforms by copying the link.

After knowing the features in WhatsApp business that can help you in your business selling in WA, now is the time to discuss how to use and register for WhatsApp Business, follow these steps:

  • Download the WhatsApp Business app on the Google Play Store for Android users or the Apple App Store for iOS users;
  • Read the WhatsApp Business terms of service then click “Agree and Continue” to accept the terms;
  • Register, you can use the WhatsApp number you are currently using or register WhatsApp Business with a new number;
  • Allow access to contacts and photos so you can upload images and videos to your business WhatsApp;
  • Enter your business name, business category, and business account profile photo;
  • You can also add information about your business such as an address, description, working hours, and more.

After having a business WhatsApp account, you are now ready to start a business by selling on WhatsApp. Next, you just need to learn how to make your business sell well and flood orders.

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The next point will give you several ways to do business on WhatsApp without fail that you must practice on your business account. Come on, read!

How To Use WhatsApp Business App To Sell Products

online business through whatsapp

The hope of every entrepreneur is that his wares sell quickly and sell well. Try several ways to sell online in WA so that they sell quickly which can increase your online business profit:

Selling via WhatsApp Catalog

Utilizing the catalog feature on WhatsApp, allows your potential customers to easily access any products you sell along with product specifications and prices for these products. Catalogs also make it easier for potential customers to find the products they are looking for.

Selling via WhatsApp Story

You can create short, attention-grabbing statuses through your WhatsApp stories. Use persuasive sentences so that people who read your status are interested in doing further searches into your account and finding products that increase their shopping desire.

Examples of persuasive sentences that you can use may indicate:

  • Offering new restocked best seller products in limited quantities;
  • Offer product discounts that are only valid for same-day purchases;
  • Offer rewards for buyers who meet certain criteria, and so on.

Use a Business Dedicated Number

It is highly recommended for you to have a special number to start a new business. Separating personal numbers from business-specific numbers, allows you to be more focused and focused.

When registering for WhatsApp Business, you should use a number that is new and has never been registered with WhatsApp before. Another purpose of differentiating a personal phone number from a business phone number is to make you look more professional.

Media-friendly Photo Quality

Things that are often underestimated by some entrepreneurs are the selection of visualizations/photos that tend to be sober. In fact, using photos that are sized according to standard sizes reflects your seriousness in promoting and selling. There is a professional feel to the little things you do.

What’s more, online businesses rely heavily on product visualization. Therefore, it is recommended that you give more effort in terms of creating promotional content through WhatsApp stories. It would be very good if the visualization that you present can be recorded in the subconscious of potential buyers.

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Have Planning and Target

Like businesses in general, how to sell online in WA also requires a marketing plan and target that you will use/implement. Having plans and targets makes it easier for you to stay on track with your goals when doing promotions.

You can start by determining the marketing strategy, goals, or feedback you want to get. Having a market segment will make it easier for you to find and determine the right promotions to attract audience curiosity increase brand reputation and maybe even affect your monthly turnover.

You can also use the targets to be achieved as evaluation material; in terms of correcting the shortcomings/weaknesses of the staff/employees who work.

Have Many WhatsApp Contacts

Just like the discussion above, WhatsApp’s simple algorithm requires that each user must save each other’s numbers so that WhatsApp stories can be seen by that person.

With this policy, you must keep the WhatsApp contacts of people you feel have the potential to become your buyers/customers. A little difficult and maybe for most people seem troublesome. However, this method is one of the best-selling selling tips that you can try.

Have a List Building

List building is a process of collecting data from your target consumers. In general, the data in question is usually the name and email address of the target consumer. However, in terms of how to market products through WhatsApp and create a strategy for WhatsApp business, the data you need to collect is their contact number.

As the previous point emphasized the importance of keeping numbers with potential customers, you can use list building to get them. If you also have an online store on other platforms or use other media as a means of promoting your business, then you can also write down your business WhatsApp number so that it is saved by people who are interested in your products.

Closing Method

In marketing technique, there is a method known as AIDA which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. In applying this method, you can take advantage of soft-selling where you take a clear approach through the right advertising steps.


Since the pandemic has forced many people to minimize activities outside the home, not a few conventional stores have also shifted their business to the online realm. In contrast to offline stores, there are several techniques that must be mastered when doing business online.

Therefore, new players in the online business world need to learn how to sell online for beginners which will help them understand how the online market works and become superior in their field.

WhatsApp as the most widely used mobile messenger application in the world today has also launched the WhatsApp Business application that makes it easy for you to sell. With a simple algorithm, the presence of business WhatsApp is helpful, especially for entrepreneurs who don’t understand how the marketplace works.

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It’s just that, in business WhatsApp, you must be able to collect as many contacts as possible so that the ads you place can reach your target market and be seen by many people. To do promotions on business WhatsApp, you can take advantage of the features provided such as:

  • Catalog Features;
  • Broadcast Message feature;
  • WhatsApp Status Features;
  • Generated Message feature, and more.

The strategies you can use to make selling on WhatsApp pay off are:

  • Use a business-specific number;
  • Photo quality according to media;
  • Have planning targets;
  • Have a lot of WhatsApp contacts;
  • Have list building;
  • Has a closing method, and
  • Avoid spamming.

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