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How To Sell Products On Instagram? Technology makes things a lot easier. One example is shopping. In the past, if we wanted to buy something, we had to come to a shop or place of sale, choose, and then buy it. But, now, we can buy various things through smartphones, with no need to go anywhere. Just search for the desired product, make payment, then wait for the goods to be delivered to your home.

Technological developments have changed shopping habits from offline to online shopping. In addition to making it easier for buyers, online shopping also makes it easier for sellers. You don’t have to have a physical store to be able to sell. You can sell on e-commerce or social media like Instagram.

If you want to sell on Instagram, that’s perfect. Here are 8 ways to sell on Instagram that you can try. Come on, see!

How to Sell on Instagram in 2022: 8 Essential Steps

How do Beginners sell on Instagram?

Create a business on Instagram

Instagram accounts for business have some feature differences from personal accounts. By using a business account, you can see the insights that Instagram provides. For example, insights from each content you upload and insights overview from your profile.

From this insight, you can also see who the audience is following your Instagram account. For example, city origin, age, and gender. With this data, you can better understand your followers and develop more appropriate marketing strategies and content.

How to create a business on Instagram is also easy, here are some steps:

  • First, create an Instagram account as usual. Create a unique and memorable Instagram username and name.
  • Click the 3 lines in the top right corner of your profile.
  • Select Settings – Account, then scroll down and select Switch to a professional account. Next, follow the steps provided.

On business Instagram, you can also add contacts such as a phone number, an email address contact, or an order link.

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Use Instagram ads

While scrolling through the Instagram feed or stories, sometimes you find feeds or Instagram Stories that have the words ‘sponsored’ on them. Well, those are Instagram Ads.

Instagram ads are an advertising platform on Instagram. By creating ads on Instagram, you can increase the number of followers, brand awareness, and also sales.

Instagram ads can be adjusted according to the budget you have. In addition, you can also determine the reach of this ad. For example, regional reach, user age, gender, and others. You can also set ad placements, just on Instagram or on all applications that work with Facebook. That way, you can reach an audience that is relevant and in line with the brand.

Ads on Instagram don’t always have to be photo ads, you can also create ads in the form of videos, stories, carousels, and others.

Upload quality content

Before buying a product, the buyer must see and be picky first. Not only that, but customers also compare one product to another, from appearance to price.

In order for the selling product to be attractive, of course, you have to upload interesting content too. Therefore, create quality content. Such as layout, lighting, background, and others. To make it more beautiful, you can edit it a little bit. Just don’t overdo it.

Captions are also important. Create informative captions about the product. For example, for clothing products, there is the name of the shirt, price, size details, materials, and others. So, consumers have a clear picture of the product they want to buy.

In addition to selling product content, you can also upload informative or entertaining content once in a while. For example, tutorial content, mix and match, conduct quizzes, Q&A, and more. Interesting content can increase engagement with the audience.

Take advantage of the URL in the Instagram profile bio

You can add a link or clickable link in the bio section of your Instagram profile. Many people use Instagram bios to promote their business. If a customer finds your Instagram, they can click on the link to be redirected to the relevant page.

If you want to include more than one link, you can use linktree. In it, you can include links to go to several sites. For example, links to websites, purchase links via e-commerce, ordering links via WA, customer service, and others. Adding a URL in your bio can also increase traffic to your online store or website.

Create stories and reels content

In addition to creating content for your Instagram feed, you can also create promotional content on Instagram Stories. For example, uploading product photos and including clickable links that lead to purchasing websites, holding Q&A sessions in question boxes, uploading production process content, packaging, and others. Not only stories, but you can also use reels to promote the products you sell in an interesting way, following the current busy trend.

How to add a link to Instagram Stories:

  • Select the photo or video that you want to turn into a story.
  • Click the chain or link icon.
  • Enter the link you want. You can also change the name of the link sticker.

Use Instagram shopping

How can I sell stuff on Instagram?

Instagram shopping is an Instagram feature that was just launched in 2020. With this feature, you can create a digital product catalog as well as provide price tags, product names, product descriptions, and links to purchasing websites. Later, this catalog will appear in the shop column on Instagram.

Reporting from, the main purpose of this feature is to increase sales and engagement. With shoppable content, it makes the customer’s intention to buy the finished product higher. Because products can be purchased with just one click without the need to change applications. To be able to use this feature, make sure your sales account is set to a business account.

Some of the benefits of Instagram shopping are:

  • Customers can view product details, go to the purchase site, and complete the purchase without leaving the app or within the same app.
  • Posts can be shared and reached by new people, especially when they appear to explore.
  • You can tag up to 5 products in one photo. It could be more if you upload carousel content.

Use hashtags

Hashtags or hashtags (#) are used to expand audience reach on Instagram. Using hashtags makes the content you upload appear on the hashtag page. If you use hashtags in Instagram stories, it can also make them appear on relevant hashtag pages.

For example, you sell glasses. Then you use the hashtag #jualkacamata, then when people type it in the search field, your content will appear. You can also add #cheap glasses, #makorea glasses, and #fashion glasses. So that the possibility of the product being found is greater. Because people usually look for glasses with different keywords.

Using the right hashtags can make your posts appear on Instagram explorers and increase exposure. According to Hootsuite, there is no exact number of hashtags for each post. However, 11 hashtags is a good number.

Work with influencers

Influencers are those who can influence other people. For Example, Content Creator, Beauty vloggers, Blogger, and Public figures. Usually, they have good engagement with their followers.

Influencers themselves have levels based on the number of followers. Starting from nano influencers, micro, macro, to mega. If your business is small and your budget is still limited, you can work with nano or micro-influencers.

Make sure you choose influencers that match your brand. Don’t forget to look at the track record and image, because it can affect your business too.

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Well, that was How To Sell Products On Instagram. Hope it helps! In starting a business, you must be patient and consistent. Because nothing is instant, everything takes time and process.

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