How to source investment income

How to source Investment Income?

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How to source investment income? Do you want your investment to be one of the sources of income or earning your finances? Read this article to help you gain insight on how investments bring in big profits.

Investing in Income Sources?

The investment is one way to let ‘ money work for you ‘. Not uncommon someone off from his regular job and just rely on the profits of the investment. This way is known as the source of investment income. Investing for income source began to bloom because of the difficulty of getting a pretty decent job live out daily necessities.

Basic concepts of investing for income sources are forming an investment portfolio that consists of a collection of stocks, bonds, or property to which this portfolio will generate maximum income with minimum risk. The revenue generated by this investment will be used as salary or benefits from the effort.

As a novice investor, maybe this sounds very hard, looking for the right investment alone is complicated enough, let alone make the investment as a source of your income. But in ways below, You can better understand how the right investment.

How to source Investment Income

Method 1: do not ever run out of money

One of the basic rules of investing for income source is Your portfolio not to run out of money. Although you can withdraw your money from the investment, the amount of money you pull must be adapted to your portfolio.

Ideally, the maximum money that you can pull is 4% per year. 4% is the middle number in which a drastic shortfall in the money market, 5% is the level that can make you lose all your money in 20 years and 3% is the rate at which you will never lose money virtually.

Method 2: How to source investment income With Select the combined investment In your portfolio

When you want to invest for income sources, surely you should not arbitrarily choose investment products. Although investment products may be lucrative, you need a regular source of revenue to finance your life. Here are 3 examples of investment instruments that have potential.

How to source investment income The stocks distribute dividends

Dividends are working like the profits distributed to the owners or shareholders of the company. Dividends are distributed based on the number of shares owned by the owners, and this Division will reduce the cash available on corporate profits was detained. When you choose a company, you should pay attention to some characters:

  • Do not choose a company that shares a dividend ratio is too high and leaving too little funds for its development. Doing so will damage the company’s position among its competitors. The payout ratio is 50% or less.
  • Please choose a company that has a positive income without any losses each year with a minimum of 3 years. In this way, the risk of investment for the source of your income will be more secure
  • Please choose a company that has a track record an increase in the dividend. This shows that the company is mature enough and prioritize shareholders than building a giant company.
  • Shows the ROE (Return on Equity) with a high total debt is low or nil. If a company shows a high ROE ratio, this means the company has a business that’s better than average.


Bonds are long-term bonds (minimum 3 years) and the options are diverse, ranging from government bonds, companies or institutions. The giver of the bonds has a particular obligation to pay interest periodically and at maturity, as well as the obligatory payment of the loan principal (principal).

Although technically, the bond will generate smaller profits than shares, on the bankruptcy situation, you have a greater opportunity to obtain damages for your investment. But it’s not that bonds have no risk.

One of the biggest risks is the bonds owned by the duration of the bonds, you should not select bonds maturing over the year because 5-8 if the movable fluctuating interest rates, bonds, you will experience a decline in prices which is quite a height. In addition, you should not invest in bonds abroad unless you know the correct foreign currency exchange rate.


Investment property allows you to get income regularly from rent or use the property as a place of kos. Income from these properties works like passive income streams.

One of the advantages of owning property is an investment that will not be consumed by inflation. In addition, the investment property is reasonably safe if you understand the local market and understand the price of a House. For those of you who already have other sources of income, you do not need to fear and even you may be able to double your monthly income.

In addition to providing revenue, You have investment property also makes you calmer because psychologically you have investments. However, you should not put the entire your funds on investment property because if the property market precipitously, a loss that you receive will be bigger again.

Way 3: How to source investment income With Giving the exact Allocation for each of the investment products

Percentage allocation you should give to each asset will depend on personal preference as well as Your tolerance for risk. Asset allocation is something personal that should be tailored to your ability. The simplest way is:

  • Allocating assets to stock dividend 1/3
  • 1/3 allocate assets to bonds
  • And the rest of property investment.

Way 4: How to source investment income With Saving

Saving is a vital thing in investing for income sources. Saving with investing is something different, where a diversified investment portfolio well will generate revenue that pretty much, but you should still have a stash of emergency funds.

There are several ways that can be done

The four ways mentioned and described earlier, are some examples of ways that you can do. There are other ways that you can do. Choose investment products to suit your needs and your abilities. There are investment products that provide huge profits but have a very high risk. There are also products that have high risk but provide little advantage.

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