How to start a business in the field of Clothing

How to start a business in the field of Clothing

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So, you want to start a trendy clothing business? So successful, you have to learn how to run a business, market your products, and make customers stay happy. The following are some basics on how to start a business in the field of clothing and fashion.

How to start a business in the field of Clothing

1. Getting started

how to start a clothing business online

How to start a business in the field of Clothing With Create a business plan that is strong and clear.

Your business plan needs to describe the purpose of managing the effort your outfit. Try to be realistic your time writing this. Remember that it is better to lower your profit and then shocked with the results rather than exaggerating your abilities and end up being disappointed. Think about this aspect in particular:

  • Executive summary – an executive summary describes the vision and mission of the company, as well as to attract potential investors. It is important for all businesses but very important to business suits, which often requires funding from other parties.
  • Description of the company. Company description gives an overview of the effort your outfit. What sets you apart with a competitor that else, markets that you wish.

How to start a business in the field of Clothing With Create a top priority for your company’s financial projections

Your funds are the source of life for the company in the early days. If you haven’t got the funds from outside parties, it is very important to get vehicle finance and mastering some basic knowledge. Here are the things you need to know to get started:

  • How much money did you need to run a clothing business? Do you have the money to run this business, or you need a loan from the bank? Consider taking a loan for SMEs, or other types of loan to start your business. To get the loan, you may need a guarantee.
  • How much does it cost? Read the whole article, then create a list of all the costs that need to be anticipated (raw materials, production, inventory, equipment, advertising, marketing, etc.). Calculate the cost that you need for a year. Whether the profit gained can cover these costs?

Just imagine how long you can do this without getting a salary.

Do you want to do this in full clothing business? If Yes, how long you want to wait until the company can benefit, which will give You the possibility to get a paycheck? Or you just want to do this as a side job? If making money then that is a bonus, but you appreciate the expression of profit. Try to increase your involvement. At the same time, always hoping to not give away your salary during the first year unless you’re really lucky.

  • You will probably be pulled out more money than it is to get money in the first year. After the company established, you can seek funding from investors, artists, and pre-order with an account store.

Do research on the market.

Who are the competitors ‘ current and upcoming? Who is your target market? How much approximate clothing that you can sell at retail and wholesale levels? Ask to your surroundings. Get feedback. Talk to shop owners and potential customers.

  • Is a good idea if could get a part-time job at the store who becomes your target market. Notice what is in buy it by the shop and what to buy from its customers.
  • Search for examples of clothing similar to that you would design, learn where and how selling price. This will help when you are going to sell your clothes.

Tighten up Your legal obligations.

First, define the structure of your business (PT, CV, etc.). In the United States, you need a tax identification number, business license, and the form of running a business in a local bank so that You could receive a cheque written to your company name. You can consider hiring a lawyer to act as a consultant or to help in time of need.

2. Strengthen the Essence

how to start a clothing business with buying wholesale

Consider whether you need employees.

Do you need help to work on Your clothing line? Consider what help you need, how many hours per week do you need, and how much you can pay.

  • If you’re in the production level of the boutique, you might be able to work on own all the cutting, tailoring, and stick. If you have plans to start a business, you definitely need help to do the production.
  • Whether you want to dress You in the production locally? Organically? Are you willing to do the manufacturing overseas to lower-cost money (and lesser quality)? These questions will influence who would you employ.
  • Do you want a retail location? If Yes, then you need to hire help.

How to start a business in the field of Clothing With Start building Your brand.

Now it’s time to make a decision that is associated with the aesthetics! How do you prepare a brand will determine what connected people with Your clothing line, so please choose wisely.

  • Choose a name. What name will represent Your clothing line? You can use your own name (such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Marc Jacobs), a word that you create yourself (such as Rodarte or Marchesa), a Word from a foreign language (for example, Escada means stairs in Portuguese), or words that you like (such as Iceberg, Mulberry or Imitation of Christ). Whatever you choose, make sure the name is unique and easily recognizable.
  • The brand and company name can and should be different. Your company name can be, for example, Your initials or variations of your name, while for the name of the collection should be given a name that is more creative and represent a style that You carry.

How to start a business in the field of Clothing With Create a logo.

Create several different logos, but reduce the choice to become one and make sure you are confident with the logo of your choice. People will recognize you from the logo and if you always replace the logo then it would make people confused. Make sure the name you choose is still available and is not registered as a trademark (most jurisdictions allow and encourage to do this).

3. Make the outfit

how to start a clothing line for free

Create design clothes. This is the fun part for some people, but this section only 10-15% of the whole process! Sketch, get feedback and decide which one would be your first fashion collection. Select the fabric and materials cost is affordable and the latest model.

  • Asked to produce your clothes are their restrictions, as they cannot print certain colors, If you create a design t-shirt, get the following information: the size of the design specifications (size could how big), a type of shirt that will be in print, and weight/quality of the material (for example, select the material that is thinner and cheaper for fashion summer).
  • Detail is everything. When you are working on a sketch, create a layout that shows every detail clearly and use the proper term. If you don’t know the term, search the picture, give it to the manufacturer and ask them their name. Learn the jargon and be prepared to identify the material that you want to use based on weight, contents, and arrangement.

How to start a business in the field of Clothing With Design Your clothing collection based on the season.

Collection of clothing usually design based on the season. Most large stores buy it at least for the next two seasons, while the smaller store buys one or two seasons ahead. You need to make a design, production, and delivery.

Manufacture of the design of the dress.

Bring Your sketches to the tailor, the manufacturer, or printing. Usually, an example made in advance so you can be sure that the clothes are made in accordance with your wishes. Whatever happens, be sure to make a lot of questions, and always make the agreement in writing.

How to start a business in the field of Clothing With Search for Your manufacturer.

Do a search via the internet with the keywords “clothing manufacturer “. Many people are using the services of garment manufacturers from abroad because the cost is lower. Please bear in mind that overseas manufacturers only receive orders in large quantities, so ask about the minimum order before you continue. Belanjalah, and ask about the timeframe and how quickly you can get a sample sent to you. (they must provide examples of your design before it’s been in production for finalization.

  • Please bear in mind that consumers are now more aware of “labor paid cheap ” compared to the past and will punish the clothing company that uses it.
  • If you can sew, you can make your own patterns and examples. Consultation with an expert in sewing clothes is also an option.

4. To market and sell your outfit

how to start a clothing store

How to start a business in the field of Clothing With Create a website to promote Your clothing line.

Make sure it looks very professional and showing your outfit with the look the best. Provide a phone number that can be reached, to anticipate if there are shops or dealers who want to contact you. If you want to provide a function to make a purchase from the website, you need to set up a merchant account so you can accept credit card payments.

Create relationships with websites and blogs that can bring people’s attention to your brand and your website.

This includes selling a line of clothing you through auction websites as well as website arts and crafts that are allowed to sell clothes. Relationship drives sales, whether it is through the information by word of mouth or Exchange that helps. Do not forget it!

How to start a business in the field of Clothing With Promote Your clothing line.

This fee could reach tens of millions in a year. This is what you can do to introduce Your brand:

  • Write an article, submit it to local newspapers and magazines.
  • Buy an ad in the newspaper and the website is read by readers who become your marketing target.
  • A sponsored event attended by targeting your marketing.
  • Get support from artists, or get famous people to wear your clothes by way of giving it away for free.
  • Use of social media, like Twitter, Facebook, and blogs of your own, to spread the word. Make sure you also have a LinkedIn profile which is nice too.

Use yourself as walking billboards.

Wear clothing that you made and ask people’s opinions and record; This will help you to create product designs favored by the people. Take all of the advice of the person; It is like having a team of marketing and design without having to spend a dime. When starting, the Treasury will be mediocre, so take all the opportunities that you can get.

Take the order.

Selling at festivals, markets, and to everyone you know. Make an appointment with a local shop and assure them to sell Your clothing. Offer your outfit over the internet. Print catalog and send it to clothing stores and potential customers.

Follow events exhibitions fashion if you have the funds.

Pay for a booth can be very expensive, but well worth it, in terms of sales and publicity. For example, events exhibitions fashion MAGIC that was held in Las Vegas, or Bread and Butter which were held in Europe, is a great place for your reference.

How to start a business in the field of Clothing Tips

  • sometimes joined with a friend or acquaintance who is also a designer can help you with your clothing line help and ideas more than doing it yourself. But, make sure that you match — just because you are friends does not mean you will be successful while doing business together!
  • Try to think of an interesting name! It really helps lift your business!
  • Make sure Your clothing line represents your own principle. If you care about justice for the employees, a healthy environment, and sustainable way in order, find the line of clothing You inside those principles and also explain to the customers.
  • Make sure what you do or take it to the outside environment is something that can help Your brand and introduce it.
  • Try to get an investor willing to Fund Your brand. You may be able to participate in a television show to attract investors and show Your fashion collections at the same time.


  • Always make sure you can meet the existing order. You will get a bad reputation if it can’t deliver what has been promised.
  • When you’ve jumped into the fashion industry and start hanging out with artists, you will begin to think that you’ve made, please don’t do that. Keep looking for ways to make improvements. Continue to change Your clothing line and looking for ways to move forward. Don’t be in a comfort zone or Your brand will become not interesting!

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