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How To Start An Online Business Successful For Beginners

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How To Start An Online Business Successful For Beginners

Are you looking for How to start an online business Successful for Beginners?

But you are confused about where to start.

Do you think that online businesses with no money or need capital? time and big costs?

If this question is in your mind, then this assumption is very wrong.

Of course, it is a question that of, then comes to those of you who are new to building an online business.


Why do many people not succeed in building an online business?

How do I start an online business?

For that, prepare when you read my writing. This article is based on my experience when doing business online

Let’s start…

How To Start An Online Business

How to start an online business from scratch

how to start a small online business

The development of this online business is due to technological developments providing opportunities for the business world. when first interested in running this business for several reasons such as.

  • Doing business online has free time and relax
  • Doing business is easier than being an employee
  • Selling on the internet automatically becomes a bestseller
  • Online business can be done without capital and profitable

Actually, there is nothing wrong with the statement but it is also not entirely true. Because after going through online business there are many obstacles that must be faced.

Understanding Online Business

Before we learn how to get started you should understand the meaning of online business first.

Online business is all sales activities, marketing of goods or services through online media. Unlike offline business, online promotion of all sales and promotion activities is done using the internet.

This internet technology also makes someone who wants to start a business does not require large capital.

But this effort requires the ability to read opportunities, ability to manage and creativity to maximize existing resources.

The prospect is a quite large online business because it offers practicality and convenience.

With online transactions, someone does not need to come to the seller’s place. The seller uses images and descriptions to explain to consumers.

Even transactions in cyberspace can be done in seconds. In addition, the development of consumption patterns and lifestyle has a positive impact on online business opportunities.

Benefits of doing business online

  • Does not require a large business place like an offline business. Even you can get consumers only from home.
  • Broader market share because marketing touches various places.
  • Efficient operational costs
  • Promotions are more on target
  • The buyer does not need to visit the seller’s place. Buyers can choose goods from home.

The weakness of online business

  • Requires knowledge and skills to do business through the internet
  • Requires internet connection
  • The process of building an online business is not easy
  • Fair business competition
  • Internet distribution is not evenly distributed

Here are some ways to start an online business,

1. Determine your goals for doing business online

how to start online business with no money

The first thing that must be prepared in running a business then you must establish the intention to start a business.

In addition, you must set clear goals. Write down all the goals you want to achieve in your business. Make realistic and structured targets to achieve.

This goal is made to clarify and simplify your online business process. By identifying a business from the start you will no longer be confused about running an online business.

Sometimes at this stage often found new ideas that will make your business grow and develop more.

Some goals are often owned

  • Obtain additional income
  • Making it as a source of income
  • Fad
  • Just curious

These 4 goals are some of one’s goals when starting an online business. If you are just a fad then you should not spend time reading this article.

When you set goals, you must consider the following:

In the world of online business the culprit can be divided into 3 (three),

  • The product owner is someone who makes the product then sells it
  • Marketing is the person who becomes the power of promotion of other people’s products online. One example is affiliate marketing.
  • Publisher, if you can’t make your own product or don’t understand about marketing, being a publisher is the solution. The task of the publisher is to provide a place of advertising to market the products and places of promotion of the affiliates.

2. Embed the right business mindset

online business ideas for beginners

Business mindset is the main foundation for those of you who want to start a business.

Having a right and positive mindset will provide a strong business mentality. because starting an online business is actually not easy.

If anyone says online business can be done without hassle and easy then it can be said to be a lie.

Based on existing data, 90% of online businesses fail.

Why is that?

This failure occurred due to several things:

  • Quickly give up when facing problems
  • Quickly satisfied
  • Don’t make a business plan
  • Errors in seeing market needs
  • Actually, this problem is the thing that I experienced when I just started an online business.

This is where it is important that you have the right business mindset. Actually, there are many mindsets that must be owned by an online business.

In my opinion, there is some mindset that you must have as a beginner.

a. Dare to start

In my experience, someone does not dare to start a business because of too much information.


When you want to start your business and you start learning many things. This will make you confused because you don’t know where to start.

We recommend learning the main things needed to truly master. To overcome this problem you should learn what you need first.

b. Focus

This point is something I often meet with a beginner. Many people start online businesses but they don’t focus on their business.


When you start a women’s clothing sales business online, you have to focus until your business produces.

The main failure of a person in running a business is that they cannot focus on one business.

Many are affected by other businesses so they change direction when they see others more advanced. This will obviously make your business not wake up properly.

c. Don’t think instantly

Achieving success in business is not easy to achieve. When you decide to start then you must be diligent and consistent to solve any obstacles faced.

You must keep trying and keep trying and keep trying until you succeed. The point is you have to be mentally not easy to give up.


When you face your business not progressing then you have to find a solution. Actually, there is much another business mindset.

But in my opinion, these three mindsets can represent the overall business mindset that must be owned by beginners.

3. Choosing an Online Business Model

successful online businesses

The next step that must be done is to determine the product to be sold. When you choose a product that is sold, you must be careful not to choose the product incorrectly.

this error can make a loss for you. Even today there are many new ways to make money on the internet.

Each existing model can provide promising income opportunities. Of course, this can make everyone have the opportunity to find and run a business on the internet.

But with so many online business models it is puzzling for beginners.

With all the limitations and resources available, you must really be able to choose the right model. Every business model has advantages and disadvantages that you must filter.

You must be able to know and find the right way of doing business so that you are not mistaken so that it wastes time.

The easiest way to choose an existing model is that you can start with a business that you like and consider the best.

and certainly according to your abilities and talents.


What are the online business models?

Let’s start to get to know some online business models

1. Selling your own product

Business models by selling products themselves are the most popular way on the internet.

You can sell products that you produce other people or other people’s products that you stock. Then you distribute and sell via the internet.

Some products that you can sell

  • Selling physical products through websites such as clothes, hijab, children’s toys etc. But on this model, you have to buy physical products first and then you start. You can also sell physical products through marketplaces such as,, etc. In this model, you display products on other sites so that they can increase sales.
  • Selling Ebooks, Electronic books are digital books in the form of PDFs that can be read through a computer or you can print them so that they are easy to read. With this model, you can make a quality ebook then sell.
  • Selling online courses
  • Selling software
  • Etc

2. Selling services

By using the internet we can do anything. Even you can offer skills and skills.

At this time offering expertise or services, we often encounter in cyberspace. Even with the growing number of internet users, businesses

If you have any skills or skills then you can offer it to people in need. The good news is that many people are ready to pay for your expertise.

Some examples of services that you can offer,

  • Author
  • Website making
  • Translator
  • SEO services
  • Etc

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the business of selling other people’s products or services and if there is a transaction then you get a commission. These business actors in the offline world are often referred to as brokers or brokers.

The affiliate marketing method is one of the biggest internet businesses today. Many people who earn large income using this system.

The affiliate marketing system is a way of selling products without us struggling to make products, take care of shipping, management, and other things.

Your job is only to send as many visitors as possible to the affiliate owner’s website. Therefore you must have the best strategy to promote your affiliate products.

Using the best strategy will make you quickly get fast results.

Some types of affiliate marketing payments

  • Pay Per Sale (PPS), this method is widely used in the affiliate marketing industry. Merchants will give commissions to affiliates who make sales through promotions. The amount of commission given is the percentage previously determined.
  • Pay Per Lead (PPL) or Cost per action (CPA), for this method the merchant will give the affiliate a commission if they are successful in inviting visitors to join the merchant program or fill in their data.
  • Pay per click (PPC), this affiliate model gives affiliates a commission for every click from the website to the merchant’s website.

4. Determine your niche or market segmentation

internet business opportunities

Why is market segmentation important?

To answer that question I will try to describe it as follows,

When you start an online business, you must determine the right target. By having the right goals you can focus more.

Of course, this can simplify and save your time. After you know your business model, then you must segment the market for your online business.

Market segmentation can be interpreted as a market division that is adjusted to similarities, similarities, and kinship into one segment.

How to determine market segmentation

  • Determine your target market
  • Find out the needs of your market segment
  • Narrowing the target market to get maximum results
  • Reviewing the needs of your market segment
  • Measuring the quantity and quality of the target market

With the application of market segmentation certainly has benefits for your business.

Here are some of the benefits of applying market segmentation:

  • Make it easier for you in business planning because you already have various data about your market.
  • Save time and money because you already have data about the needs and interests of your target market. besides you already know where to market your product.
  • With these various data will make you get better results by applying the right strategy.

The purpose of this market segmentation is as a way to centralize existing resources into certain market segments so that they can develop profits for that segment.

However, many beginners do not segment the market when starting an online business.

This results in a lack of focus so that it fails.

Errors that are most often done in market segmentation:

1. Choosing the most money-making niche

A new person in an online business has a tendency to choose the most profitable niche. But this is not the right idea if you still don’t have experience.

This is because niches that have high value are usually controlled by experienced online business people.

This will result in you having to compete with experienced online businesses. This competition will aggravate you to make money.

2. Choose a niche without knowledge.

When you want to choose a niche then you must have known about that niche.

Why is that…

If you choose a niche that you don’t master then you will spend time studying it. Surely this will spend your time.

3. Choose a niche that doesn’t have good prospects

Sometimes a person who just started their online business lacks confidence. This lack of trust makes them choose niches that don’t have competition.

A niche that does not have competition usually does not have good prospects.

Therefore you must choose the right niche for you but don’t have heavy competition.

4. Choosing a niche is too general

The best way to maximize your online business is to choose a specific niche.

For example,

When you choose a niche for shoes, try to narrow it down to sports shoes, leather shoes, etc.

After you have the right market segment, the next step.

5. Recognize competitors in your online business

how to start online business from home

The next step that must be done is to analyze the online business competition. Competitor analytical ability is one of the keys to success in business.

What is the definition of a business competitor?

Business competitors can be defined as businesses that produce or sell goods or services that are the same as or similar to the products we offer.

Some types of competition

  • Brands, types of competitors who offer similar products or services to the same customers at the same price.
  • Industry, all competitors who make the same product.
  • Form, Competitors who have products that provide the same services.
  • Generic competitors, competitors who have the same target consumers.

Things that must be identified to recognize competitors,

1. Product type

The first step that must be done is to identify competitors who have the same type of product. Complete identification so that we can find out which competitors have the potential to become major competitors.

2. The size of the competitor’s market

Next, you have to analyze the size of the competitor’s market. This is where the importance of market segmentation is.

By knowing the size of our competitor market we will also be able to calculate our product opportunities when plunging into the market.

3. Identify the advantages and disadvantages

By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of our competitors we can create marketing strategies.
You can learn it from competitors and correct your competitors’ mistakes and apply them to your business.

“A business will never develop without competition”

One reason businesses will develop if there is competition because competition will create creativity and innovation.

This is because each of them will do various strategies to be the best.

But with this competition also has a negative impact and will cause conflict.

An even unhealthy competition will make competition drop each other in various ways.

Of course, this condition will make the competition become unhealthy and your business is difficult to develop.

Therefore, if you want to start an online business, you must take care of the atmosphere of the competition in a positive direction.

6. Build media for marketing

top ten online businesses

The next step is to build marketing media. At this time there are many marketing media to promote.

You can choose paid marketing media up to free ones. Choose the media that suits the product and market segment you choose.

Some marketing media that you can choose,

1. Create a blog

To support promotional media, usually online businesses use blogs to support their promotion.

Using this Blog is different from websites that are specifically used for selling.

This blog is used to contain various articles related to products sold. Articles made are usually in the form of tips or information that is useful for consumers.

Creating a website or blog is the most popular way today. Creating a blog can improve the good image of your brand to consumers.

Besides this blog is used to optimize the main website in search engines.

2. Marketplace

A marketplace is a media campaign by installing our products on websites that are devoted to promotion or selling.

Actually using this marketplace is almost the same as using a website. But by using a lighter marketplace because the marketplace already has many visitors.

Example of a marketplace,

Many online stores use the marketplace to build their product promotion media.

3. Social media

In addition to using a website or marketplace, to support online business promotion, you can use social media.

This is because social media is a medium that is widely used by prospective customers. So that this will make it easier for you to promote.

Some social media that you can use,


At this time Facebook is the main social media choice for online business promotion other than on the website. Besides being popular, Facebook is easy to use for business.

Even large online stores mostly use Facebook in addition to using the website.

Facebook has also provided advertising media (Facebook ads) that can be used to promote.

This ads facility is indeed paid but you will be facilitated by targeting the market when promoting.


Apart from Facebook, Twitter is a social media that can be used in promotion. At first, Twitter was only used as a medium for various statuses.

Almost all online stores have a Twitter account.

Twitter is considered to be able to reach online store customers. Even via Twitter, our products can become trending topics in world and even the world with the help of Hashtag.

Through the hashtag we put into status will make it easier for followers to find us.


Lately, Instagram has become popular for online businesses. Special social media on images is widely used because it is easy to develop.

Even many online businesses rely on Instagram as their main promotional media.

Besides being easy to use, Instagram can bring our products closer to the target market through image media.

And there are many other social media that you can use to support your online media promotion.

7. Looking for the right mentor

how to start an online business for free

When you are just starting an online business, of course, you will face various unknown obstacles.

This is where you need a mentor to guide and give advice.

Why do you need a mentor?

Most of us want to do everything ourselves when we start doing business. You will face new things so that it takes time to understand and resolve these obstacles.

By having a mentor, you can speed up the process of your success in doing business.

Some reasons you need a mentor

Give us skills.

As a beginner, of course, we don’t have the ability or skill to start an online business. For that, you must look for mentors who have abilities that you don’t have.

You can look for experienced mentors through forums or sites related to the abilities you want to master.

A mentor will help you to improve your abilities and focus on you as an entrepreneur and give a warning about the challenges that will be faced.

Reducing the level of failure in online business

Building an online business is a business activity that has many risks. Almost most of the beginner online businesses fail.

This is because beginners jumping into this business do not have the skills or abilities. Therefore, if you are a beginner you should have a mentor to accompany.

Having a mentor will increase the likelihood of your online business success.

This is because the mentor will provide advice and input to you so that it reduces you in making mistakes.

This will reduce your risk of failure.

Helping you to build relationships and networks or networks is one of the keys to success in online business.

A mentor is an experienced online business must have a good network and relationships. His relationship can be a valuable asset for you. Especially for those of you who are just starting an online business.

With the help of a mentor who has experience and an extensive network, of course, you can use it to accelerate the process of developing your online business.

Give advice to you

As a beginner entrepreneur, of course, you don’t have much experience. This weakness can be covered if you have a mentor to consult.

As you know, a business is not something that can be predicted. To deal with this, advice from experienced mentors is needed to deal with it.

With the help of an experienced mentor, you will get input or advice so that you can save your business from fatal mistakes.

Preach priorities in your business.

As a beginner normally, our brains will be filled with ideas and information.

This can make you confused where to start. With the presence of a mentor, you will be directed to a better direction.

Usually, mentors have views and help beginners in making strategies and reading your business opportunities.

Based on my experience, to find a mentor you don’t need to pay for it. I got a mentor from a forum.

At that time I joined and began to be active in it. I tried to help some beginners with the little knowledge I had.

After that, I started to establish relationships with experts in their fields.

After my relationship was close, I started to share my problems and they wanted to share their experiences with me.

If you have more funds then you can hire a mentor or you can attend a seminar.

I think you better join various forums and try to establish a relationship with them. But you have to focus on one thing and practice it until you succeed.

8. Develop plans to start an online business

successful online businesses

At this time many people fail in running an online business because they do not have a mature business plan.

The function of a business plan is not only useful for those of you who are just starting an online business but also helping the development and running of your business.

To make a business plan you can follow the following stages:

1. Make a brief business description

The first thing you have to do is make a general and brief overview of the online business that you will run. make an exam (executive summary) which contains:

  • What products or services will you offer to consumers
  • Finding out the superiority or uniqueness of the product or service that you will offer
  • Ensuring that the product or that is acceptable to the market
  • Compile a team that will run the online business (you can also yourself)
  • Make a financial plan as detailed as possible so that you can estimate the capital needed to run the online business.

Write down everything you need in running a business so that it can help you plan and make decisions.

2. Make a clear online business background

In this section, you can write down all the things that are behind you starting the online business. make the background as detailed as possible so that it can strengthen you in running this online business.

To create a detailed background you can pay attention to the following questions:

  • How long have you planned to start this online business?
  • If you have ever run this online business, what have you achieved?
  • Who owns the online business (own or cooperates with others)?
  • What is your strategy so that your product has advantages over other products?
  • Is your product able to adapt to changes in consumer behavior?
  • Does your business need a lot of employees or can you do it yourself?
  • Have you made the anticipation of external disturbances such as political, social, economic situations, etc.?

You can write various possibilities or obstacles that might occur in your online business.

3. Determine the target market and competitors

One of the important things in making a business plan is determining the target market and competitors. By knowing the target market and competitors, you can find out the ability of your online business to compete in the market.

To examine your competitors, pay attention to the following:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of competitor products?
  • How does your product compare with competitors?
  • What are the processes that you must take to take advantage of the shortcomings of competitors?

Based on the above description actually starting an online business is not difficult.

A failure that arises is usually because many people start but do not have enough knowledge. This is what makes your failure in business.

Many consider online business only to build a business on the internet.

But don’t use enough strategies and knowledge to build a business empire on the internet.

Some things you have to do are,

  1. Have clear intentions and goals
  2. Embed the right business mindset
  3. Determine the business model that suits you
  4. Market segmentation or niche
  5. Recognize competitors in your online business
  6. Using the right promotional media
  7. Looking for a mentor to learn about online business
  8. Make a mature business plan

If you have used these 8 points then you will know how to start an online business from scratch.

This guide on how to start an online business from scratch for beginners is my experience when I was a beginner.

I wrote this guide because many friends asked how difficult they were to start an online business and always failed.

Hopefully, this guide on how to start an online business from scratch for beginners can be an enlightenment for you.

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  1. Point #3 is my favorite because it’s often overlooked to scope out competition. It really does need to be part of your business plan. What would you say about scoping out competition for Ecom stores, and other online boutiques?

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