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How To Start Dropshipping Business For Beginner

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How to Start a Dropshipping Business in 7 Easy Steps

How to Start a Dropshipping Business

What is a drop shipper?

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For those of you who are looking for ways to make money from home, being a drop shipper is one way you can try, but actually, what’s that drop-shipper? What is the difference between a reseller? And how to start a dropshipping business? Dropshipper is almost the same as the reseller, it’s just that the difference lies in you not interacting directly with the merchandise. You are a bridge between consumers and producers. So delivery problems and others, are not your responsibility.

At first glance the drop shipper seems good, only push-push the phone to get money. Though there are things that must be prepared if you want to seriously become a drop shipper. Many consider the risk of being a drop shipper almost non-existent because there is no need to buy wholesale first, do not need a place, do not need production, do not need packing, no need to lift goods to the courier and so on. Because of that many drop shippers are not responsible and are detrimental to the product owner.

As a middle man, the drop shipper has almost no control over the processes that occur, other than the flow of money. Therefore, if something happens, for example, late delivery or damaged goods, the drop shipper can only go back and forth on the phone here and there.

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Must be observant in choosing the products to be offered

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Being a drop shipper means that you will not hold the form of the product directly. So choose a product that you at least understand or like. So you can be more observant in choosing which you will make a business partner. Besides, you can also research product details, such as what are the specifications, and others. This is important to guarantee that you make offers to consumers. You also have to ascertain whether the producer is working on orders with a ready goods system or using pre-orders first.

Does being a drop shipper have to be in the same area?

Dropship doesn’t have to be in a city. What’s important is that communication between the two must be smooth and transparent. Indeed, then there are questions about the efficiency of shipping costs and others.

To be honest, the product owner and drop shipper need each other and are profitable. The product owner can still sell it himself. But maybe he could not reach the market in the drop shipper circle. Dropshipper helps product owners reach a wider market.

Think about the payment system

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How to start dropshipping business, in the beginning, may also have to deal with payment problems. If you ask to be sent first, many product owners do not want to, because of reasons of trust that have not yet been built. But if you have to pay first entirely by yourself, even worried producers who can not commit. It is better if it is fixed with a certain product owner, try placing an order. Watch how their service and product quality reach you as a consumer. This is to avoid producers who cheat.

If the service and product are excellent, then approach to become a drop shipper. After that, start accepting orders with a limited amount first while doing the adaptation. If you already get a good synergy with the owner of the goods, then accept orders in large quantities. For large orders, you can try to put a 60% payment and the balance must be paid before shipping. Other product owners might apply different things. So as not to worry, ask for photos of the product’s progress. And pay only if there is photo evidence that the product is ready to send.

Have a polite and pleasant chat with the manufacturer

Another tip for starting a drop shipper is to use polite communication as a start. Imagine, for example, that you are a producer, then an unknown person without further ado ask for the price of the product. Do you want to immediately give him access? Of course not. Likewise, if you ask for opportunities as a drop shipper. Start a relationship with a pleasant and friendly chat. Because it is not that easy for producers to divulge the original prices of the products they handle.

Therefore make it a habit to start with small talk and find out about the business as well as existing products. This will be more fun than asking for prices without permission.

So, in approaching the product owner, introduce yourself well. Inform the name, city of residence and intention to become a drop shipper. Better yet, if you already browse in advance about the product, at least you already know the city of production and what products can be made. If ordinary consumers can still be accepted that inaccuracy, but if it is done by someone who intends to become a drop shipper, wow the product owner has imagined the hassle of dealing with a drop shipper that doesn’t update.

Must have complete tools

Being a drop shipper means playing on the internet. So, you must have a smartphone and internet package. Thank God for having a laptop and an adequate camera. But a smartphone is enough. You have to equip yourself with several tools to become a drop shipper.

Make storefronts on the internet, such as websites, Instagram, Facebook and so on depending on where the product’s consumer pockets are. We recommend that you use a separate account with a personal account even though personal accounts often share. The advantage of a separate account is that personal friends don’t like seeing drop shipper promos constantly, neater documentation and product branding.

Download supporting applications such as photo editing, making banners and courier rates. Choose a courier who has a good track system since the drop shipper may not be in the same city as the production site. Even more crucial is that the courier is easy to contact and responsive.

Must prepare for complaints and other problems

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It is true, the risk of being a drop shipper is small but that does not mean there is none. Dropshipper has no control over some important matters, especially on product quality and delivery. For example, just like the goods produced turned out, and can not be sent immediately, because they have to wait for the first manufacture. Some consumers want to understand, but some are even angry and say no good.

Complaints can also occur in the shipping process, while you are not responsible for that process. Everything becomes the responsibility of the expedition or courier used. But of course, you must learn to negotiate with these consumers, so as not to give a bad impression and in the future, you still want to make a purchase.

How to start dropshipping business isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your best. You need commitment and strong effort so that later your business develops into a bigger, and you can create your opportunities without just being an intermediary.

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