How to Write a Job Application Letter

How to Write a Job Application Letter With Simple Example

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As you know, job application letters are the first door to getting a job. The better the cover letter you make, the better your chances of moving on to the next test.

Unfortunately, from a number of application letters sent to several companies, you have not received a single call. It could be one reason is that your job application letter is not good and correct in the eyes of company personnel.

I believe this condition makes you angry, restless, and tired. However, please don’t give up.

Here’s How to Write a Job Application Letter. For this purpose, carry out the following steps.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job

simple job application letter

Pay attention to job advertisements

The first step is to look at the job ad that contains the position you are looking for. You may get the job advertisement from print media or job vacancy sites.

Regardless of the source, peruse the responsibilities and qualifications the advertiser demands. Thus, you are not misinformed that can have a fatal impact on the job application letter that will be made.

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Identify your relevant skills

After examining the job advertisement, identify your work experience and skills that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

Write an outline of these experiences and skills on blank paper or in your pocketbook so you don’t forget them. If possible, collect documents or certificates that support your experience and skills.

Know the components of a job application letter

The third step is to know the components of a job application letter. Generally, a job application letter consists of seven components, namely:

  • Letterhead – The letterhead (heading) generally consists of your name, address, telephone number, and email. It’s on the right.
  • Date – The order of writing the date is the month, day and year. Before the year, a comma is inserted (for example, January 11, 2022).
  • Intended Address – This component will usually be the name and division it addresses, along with the company name and address. Writing in a straight form (block format) which is placed on the left side.
  • Greetings – Greetings are commonly used in all types of letters. Usually, the greeting is ‘Dear Sir / Madam,’.
  • Letter Body – The body of the letter is the main component of a job application letter. This component
    generally contains four paragraphs.

The first paragraph contains the position you are applying for and the source of application information. The second and third paragraphs explain the reasons why you feel capable and worthy of the position. Meanwhile, the fourth paragraph contains your expressions of gratitude and hope.

  • Final Greeting – A closing greeting is placed on the section of your cover letter. This greeting is generally a ‘Sincerely,’.
  • Signature Block – The signature block consists of your original signature and your name typed using a computer.

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Type your job application letter

The fourth step is to type your job application letter using a computer or laptop. In this day and age, it seems irrelevant to make a job application letter for a bona fide company by typing it on a typewriter or writing it on paper.

Reread the job application letter made

The final step is to reread the job application letter you just created. Do it at least 3 times so that you can see whether the application letter you made is correct or not.

In addition, this activity will also help you identify typos that can hurt your job application letter.

Sample job application letter

Still, confused about How to Write a Job Application Letter? Don’t worry.

Below I provide a sample job application letter for an accounting staff position.

                                                                                   Farhad Babas , S.E.

Street No. 000

Nevada 00000

phone. 0813000000

Nevada, October 4, 2022

Departemen Personalia

PT Maju Mundur Lestari

Street No. 00A

Paris 00000

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to apply for the post of Accounting Staff which you have advertised in (company) on September 30, 2022.

I believe I meet all the requirements listed in your advertisement. With over two years expericence in accounting, I offer immediate value to your company. I have good command of all the required sotware programs, including MS Word, MS Excell, Zahir, and Accurate. I am proficient in general accounting, payrol processing, data collection and analysis, banking activities, and tax reporting. My financial strength include budgeting, reporting, auditing, month-end closing, and managing annual budget process.

For your further consideration, I have a bachelor degree in Accounting from united state University. I am hardworking, have good command of English, responsible, trustworthy, and able to work well under pressure.

Thank you very much for your attention. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Farhad Babas Susanto, S.E.


How to Write a Job Application Letter that is good and correct requires skills. Try to apply the steps I’ve outlined in creating any job application letter.

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Don’t hesitate to modify the sample job application letter above so that the job application letter you make is better.

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