How to Write a Resume Online for a Job With Google Doc

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Creating a resume online is now as easy as creating a short message on a smartphone, free, and even made easier with ready-to-use templates. The tools we need are only a browser and a Google account, then you just have to choose the template that you feel is the most suitable for creating an attractive resume.

Free Resume Builder: Create a Resume Online (Fast & Easy)

  • Open your favorite browser, then access the website or click this link.
  • Log in with your Google account, then click Template Gallery.

creative resume maker online free

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  • Then several template options appear.
  • To create a resume, your template choices focus on the Resumes label where there are several options that you can use. You are free to use which one.

  • If it’s selected, you’ll see a filled document like this. Your task is to replace the contents according to your personal data. At this stage, you must be careful not to leave a single word behind.

online resume maker free for freshers

  • After the resume has been edited according to your data, now you certainly want it to be saved on the laptop.
  • To do this, click the File menu – Download – Microsoft Word (.docx).
  • Then a new window will appear indicating the download will be processed.

resume maker for students

  • Alternatively, you can also send your resume directly to the job seeker’s email. To do this, click File – Email as Attachment.

best online cv maker free

  • Next, a popup window will appear like this. Choose the type of attachment you want to send, you can use a PDF if you want.
  • Then fill in the email address of the job seeker company and don’t forget to fill in the email title and message in it. Also, tick send a copy to me if you also want to get a copy of the resume.
  • Finally, tap Send or Send.

best free resume builder

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Done, that’s How to Write a Resume Online with Google Docs and send it to job seekers. Hope you get some good news from them.

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