How to Write Job Application Letter With Example

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How to Write Job Application Letter With Example- In addition to a CV, a job application letter or cover letter is an important thing that must be considered when you apply for a job. Not infrequently some jobseekers only include a CV without a cover letter. In fact, the cover letter serves as an initial screening for HRD before assessing your CV.

A job application letter is a job application document sent with a CV to the recruiter, containing additional information about experience and skills that are relevant to the job being applied for. A job application letter is a self-introduction that contains the reasons why you are interested in working for a company. You can also highlight your educational background and abilities to attract recruiters’ attention.

You can make a job application letter offline or online. Currently, there are many sites or websites that can help you make a job application letter more easily and quickly. In some areas, there are also companies that want job applications to be written by hand.

For those of you who are still confused about how to make a job application letter, let’s see the following explanation. There are examples too, you know!

Systematics of Writing Job Application Letters

How can I write a job application letter?

When writing a job application letter, you need to know the format for making it. Well, here are 8 things that must be included in a job application letter:


Start your job application letter by greeting the recruiter or HRD. You can give a greeting by mentioning the name of the recruiter or the company if you know it. You can greet with Dear Hiring Manager or Dear HRD of [company name].

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Candidate’s name and purpose for sending the letter

Next, write down the name as a brief introduction to HRD. Also, explain your purpose for sending the letter.

Recent educational background

Next, also briefly explain the last educational background. To make it more prominent, you can tell some of the achievements or activities you did while completing your education.

Skills and experience (if any)

When writing a job application letter, you can re-check the requirements or requirements listed in the job advertisement. Match the skills you have with the required qualifications. Just include the relevant skills or experience, yes.

Reasons to apply for the related position

State your reasons for applying for the position. It could be because it matches your educational background, qualifications, or work experience. Avoid writing reasons that are personal, yes.

Contact in the form of email and mobile number

Include an active phone number, make sure there are no typos when writing it. Also, write down your email address to make it easier for HRD to contact you for further recruitment information.


Close the job application letter by thanking the recruiter for the time and attention.


Especially for attachment points, there are companies that only ask for a CV and portfolio. However, there are also those who ask candidates to attach supporting documents such as certificates of training or certain skills.

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Professional Cover Letter Examples for Job Seekers

Tips for Making a Job Application Letter (Cover Letter)

After knowing the format and examples, here are tips for writing a job application letter that you can apply. Auto called for an interview!

Research about the company

What kind of company would you like to apply for? Start-up, corporate, or advertising agency? Each has a different identity. The style of writing cover letters for agency companies may be more relaxed because they want to explore the creativity of the candidate.

Because every company is different, you need to do some research before starting to write a job application letter. Find out more about the company and the position you are applying for. This research can help you write a cover letter because you don’t send one cover letter for all jobs. You can find information about the company through social media, news pages, or the company’s official website.

Don’t copy paste

So don’t be yourself. Avoid plagiarizing the words of friends or other people on the internet. The example above may be used as a reference, but not to be imitated all. Remember, the cover letter is the initial gate before entering the CV and interview stages. Recruiters can tell if you’re lying.

Also, don’t send one job application letter to all companies, okay? Especially if the position you are applying for is different. In your cover letter, you will usually include the name of the company or position you are applying for. Pay attention to this, yes. If you just copy and paste, I’m afraid you’ll mention the name of another company in the letter.

Provide information that matches the qualifications

Are the requirements listed in accordance with the skills you have? If the locker is related to marketing, then you don’t need to include coding skills. Just mention things related to marketing, such as being adept at mastering SEO writing techniques, understanding social media trends, being able to make a copy for various content on social media, and other skills. Even though you are good at coding, you don’t need to mention that skill in your job application letter. It doesn’t connect with the position you’re applying for and it’s in vain.

Short and Clear

The job applications that come in and need to be checked by HRD are certainly not small, therefore, make your job application letter short, concise, and clear.

Check grammar and sentence usage

Before the letter is sent, don’t forget to re-check the entire contents of the job application letter, yes. Make sure there are no writing errors, avoid using abbreviations so that HRD has no trouble reading, then make sure the phone number you wrote is still active and not wrong so that HRD can easily contact you for further information.

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That’s an How to Write Job Application Letter With Example. I hope it will help you to find the job you want.

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