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Reasons and Benefits Why: I Want to Work From Home

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I Want to Work From Home, You Must Try my Opinion

In the modern era, work can be done from anywhere. In the past work is identical to going to the office every Monday to Friday, even some work must be done until Saturday. Working from home looks special. If you can do work from home, it’s a sign that you have expertise in a very special field, right? Here are the reasons and benefits of why “I want to work from home”.

Can think more creatively

Home is a place to come back, right? Maybe that’s what makes all the creative ideas come to get the job done. When at home, ideas can come because the conditions are more conducive. If you are in the office you can imagine how many people are passing around your desk. Not to mention the invitation to the next table to chat. Your time will be wasted.

Have more privacy

For most people, ‘privacy’ space is the main thing. However, many people also do not understand that everyone has a different portion of privacy. This is the reason why many decide to work at home because they feel they have full privacy when doing and completing work at home. Are you that type of worker? If you feel it like it is you, maybe “I want to work from home” is the best statement.

Looking for comfort

When you work you must feel comfortable. That’s clear because when you feel very depressed, disturbed and uncomfortable, your work and work productivity will be disrupted. Look for a taste and a comfortable place for you to work, even if it’s in your own home. You can redesign the work desk in the room or a special room in the house. Design according to your wishes and tastes. Create an atmosphere that supports you at work. This will make you more eager to get the job done.

Family is the most important things

Who does not want to linger with family? Everyone must be looking for or trying to spend their time off to get together with family. Some workers choose to work from within their homes, the reason being that they want to spend too long meeting with the family. This is also the reason for most housewives who run private businesses, both online and offline. They can work while taking care of the family. With so enthusiasm for work also increased.

More flexible

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The next reason, “I want to work from home” is more flexible. When you work in an office there will be no definite time to bring you within 8 hours of productive time. There will be various activities or additional time until you finally feel home at night. This makes you more depressed and tired. Well, the next choice to work at home is because working at home gives us a flexible time. We can do assignments anytime. What is clear must still be by the given target time. We also need to be consistent with ourselves that we will complete the task on time. You also have more free time. Want to eat, just eat, want to drink, just drink. If you want to rest, you can. You also do not have to spend a lot of money for your transportation to the office.

Can do multitasking or can do more than one job

The advantages and advantages of working at home are the many opportunities to do several things at once. Yes, by working at home, you will not be monitored by the boss when you want to do whatever you like. So if you do work while playing with your children or while calling and other things, you can do it if you work at home. You can even do more than two activities at once if you can do it. But if you work in an office, you will find it very difficult to do two activities besides your work. In the office, you have to focus on one activity, the work itself. If you do two or three things at the office, you will be reprimanded by your boss.

Choosing Work wisely

Thus information about some of the advantages of working from home. With this information, hopefully, you can be wiser when you decide to choose your job. Don’t get hung up with work at the office again. Because now many jobs provide vacancies to be done remotely. Therefore if you can work at home with these advantages and disadvantages, why work at the office?

Do not feel the hierarchy between boss and employee

A very common environment when working in an office is a caste that is formed between the boss and the employee. By working at home, you will not feel this caste because you work individually only with yourself.

Reducing Stress Levels

By working at home, someone certainly has more free time and is free from office pressures. This can reduce a person’s stress levels and make them more relaxed because they are not dealing directly with the boss or coworkers. Homie and comfortable home atmosphere makes us more productive to work and more quickly get work done. The stress of missing work is done, right?

Reducing Expenditures

With work at home, of course, you don’t need to buy clothes often, the latest make-up doesn’t even need to hang out often at famous cafes that can make your wallet scream. Work at home helps us learn to sort which needs are desires. You can learn to cook to save money on food per day and the rest is saved for the future.

Avoid traffic jams

One of the things that can create stress is a trip to the office that is jammed and a waste of time. According to the survey, the average person can spend time just on the road for 4 hours a day. Just imagine that 4 hours of work at home might be used to complete one monthly report.

Develop Your Ability

Also, focusing on work, work at home can focus on yourself, you know! With flexible time you can at the same time deepen and enrich your other abilities. Sometimes, working in the office is very difficult to develop themselves because they are too focused on work matters that eventually forget themselves.


Are you someone who can work well in the morning? Or even vice versa at night? Now, with work at home, you can set the work rhythm that suits you. You can answer your ‘I want to work from home’ with this reason.

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