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58 Ideas To Make Money $2000 Fast This Month

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Housewives can have a lot of free time especially when the beloved children have entered a school age. Instead of sitting around doing nothing, doing small business will be a great opportunity to pass the time and at the same time earning some money. If you don’t know how to make money from home, here are some easy ideas to make money perfect for housewives.

Ideas To Make Money

Table of Contents

48+10 Ideas To Make Money Online and How To Get Started Today

Simple Ideas to Make Money from Home for Stay at Home Moms

work at home jobs for moms

1. Dropshipper

Dropshipper is a common practice in the online shopping trend. In this business, you act as an intermediary agent where you market the products to consumers, and then send the orders to the producers or the online shops where they will deliver the goods to the customers. For this business, you don’t really need capital, and only needs a phone for communication and marketing the products.

2. Purchasing Services

This one resembles the drop shipper one, however, in this business, you are going out to purchase the goods for your customer. Usually, the seller will take advantage of the discount promo in a shopping center and announce them in social media. People who are interested will ask the seller to purchase the goods for them by transferring the money to them, and then the sellers will deliver the good to the customer. Sellers receive income by charging a “service fee” which is much cheaper than if the seller has to go all the way to purchase the goods themselves.

3. Social Media Influencers

Some people might ask how to make money online for free. One of the simple answers is through social media. You can earn money by acting as a social media influencers where you promote some products or events.

4. Ad monetization

The next ideas to make money is through Ad monetization. You can create content on a YouTube channel or Blog and then monetize your account. Of course, you need to create interesting and quality content for your channel to grow. The bigger your audience, the bigger the chance you can monetize your account.

5. Freelance Article Writers

If you are skilled in writing, you can start your career as a freelance article writer. You only need a laptop and internet connection at your home and you are good to go. This ideas to make money is quite simple and easy to carry out at home without interfering your responsibility as a housewife.

6. Open an Online Course

You can offer your expertise in a certain area by giving courses to people, be it sewing, cooking, crafting, making artwork, school lessons, and many more. You can create an online course to get more students outside your local area if you want. Or better yet, you can also create a video or e-book and sell it at a certain price.

7. Catering

If you don’t really have capital money to start a business and wondering how to make money, then you can try a business that doesn’t really need a capital such as a catering business. In this business, you received an order with payment upfront and then start cooking for your customers. Not only it can help you earn money, but it can also hone your cooking skills.

8. Translators

Having a certain set of skills is certainly beneficial for you in the long run, for example translating skills. Just like an article writer, you basically only need a laptop and internet connection to start this business. Make sure to maintain your translating quality so that you have a returning customer.

9. Handcrafting

This ideas to make money requires creativity but doesn’t really need much money to start. If you have good enough ability and skills, you can start creating handicraft and selling them to your local souvenir stores. This can be a promising career especially if you live near tourism-site areas. However, even if you don’t, you can sell them during your local festivals.

10. Laundry

If you wonder how to make money fast, one of the options you can try is by creating a laundry business. This is an inherent activity for all household. However, working parents who don’t have a maid can find these chores to be frustrating. Therefore, opening a laundry business is a good idea to cater to these needs. If this business start to develop, then you can hire people to help you.

11. Selling Home-Made Juices/Cookies

work at home jobs for moms

Selling home-made juices can be a good business idea for a housewife. You can sell it around your local area, among the neighbors, or during special events. Just prepare fresh fruits and try not to use artificial sugar. You can also sell cookies as a side snack for your juice. Opt for healthy cookies to create a “healthy food concept”.

12. Selling Secondhand Goods

If you have a lot of unused goods, maybe clothes or furniture that are still in good condition, you can sell them as secondhand goods. To make it more attractive and unique, try re-purpose these goods and sell it in your local craft and art events.

13. Data Entry Job

Some people might wonder how to make money online for beginners. If you don’t have the experience or skills in working online, then the data entry jobs is a good choice. Try looking for this type of jobs in the marketplace for freelancers. There is usually a data entry job posted in such a marketplace.

14. Gardening

This job is perfect for those of you who love to spend their time with nature. A household with large gardens usually doesn’t have the time to tend their own garden. Offer your gardening skills to them and earn money by playing around with your creativity in a garden.

15. Snack Vendors

The last ideas to make money is establishing snack vendors. This business is quite simple and doesn’t really need much money or time to carry out. In fact, you can tend to your vendors while taking care of your child.

Ideas to Make Money From the internet by creating a website or blog

One way to make money on the internet is to use your website. Create a niche, create traffic, and start selling products and services to site visitors.

If you create a website, you have full freedom to manage and manage the benefits.

In this subchapter, you will learn a number of things, such as earning income from affiliate products, selling physical items, opening online courses, and much more.

Here are 11 ideas to make money from the internet by creating a website.

16. Create a Blog

Affiliate Marketing programs

People use blogs as a means of expressing opinions or platforms that contain their art and creativity.

But it turns out, there are also some people who turn blogs into ‘money machines’ to meet their daily needs. Some even managed to deliver their blogs or sites to become large online companies, such as the Huffington Post.

17. Creating an Affiliate Website

Promoting products is one-way ideas to make money online.

Affiliate sites are made to recommend or review certain products. If there are site visitors who buy products through an affiliate link installed on your website, you will get a commission.

Although the income provided is not so large, there are many sites that base their income only on affiliates. For example, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income earns a monthly income by doing affiliate marketing.

18. Creating an eCommerce Website

ECommerce sites are increasingly popular these days. With a support platform, such as WordPress and WooCommerce, eCommerce sites can be created anytime and anywhere.

19. Become a Web Hosting Reseller

There are many Ideas to make money from the internet, and one of them is to become a web hosting reseller.

Basically, being a reseller hosting means providing dedicated server space in building your own web hosting brand.

20. Making an Online Course

work at home jobs for moms

Lately, online courses have become increasingly popular and have many enthusiasts. So, if you want to share information and knowledge that is owned, making online courses can be one way to earn money from the internet.

In order for your online course to be of high quality and ogled by many users, you must first establish yourself and yourself. You can prepare yourself to be an instructor by enriching knowledge through various online learning platforms, such as BitDegree. BitDegree offers opportunities for those who want to improve their capabilities and share with hundreds of people who are also interested in learning the latest technology.

21. Creating a Membership Site

Who says membership sites aren’t that famous? The proof is this site has its own interest. The management is not too difficult. However, like other sites, membership sites also require high numbers of audience or traffic.

22. Providing Advertising Space

There are already many sites that advertise on their content. Sometimes these ads sound unnatural and seem ‘forced’, but there are also ads that ‘flow’ naturally according to the content.

If your site receives quite a lot of traffic, it is very easy for you to make income online. Therefore, make sure to continue to post quality content so that the traffic increases and your site can be ranked in the search engine.

Usually, the amount of money you get depends on the type of network but does not rule out the possibility of being influenced by the number of clicks.

23. Offering Services

One of the fastest ways to earn money from the internet is to offer services that you have on the website.

There are two methods for offering services:

Create an Education Blog and Offer Services that you provide

Create a niche blog that contains useful information about a topic. Suppose you have a blog that addresses holistic health, and there you have made an email list or even managed to direct high traffic to your site.

Add a service page that explains that you offer training on health that can be accessed by users either via Skype or face to face.

Make a Simple Website and Offer Services that You Provide

Another alternative, create a website that is only intended to offer your services to individuals and companies.

For example, you want to work as a freelance writer.

Choose a niche and online website to start introducing your skills and abilities. Add a few pages that contain information about yourself, the types of services offered, and examples of portfolios or written results.

After that, do things like guest blogging, podcast interviews, and send cold outreach emails to attract the attention of users.

If you want to skyrocket service-based businesses, then you can combine these two methods. Thus, maximum results will be achieved.

24. Create Websites that Offer Job Vacancies

Information about job openings can be a topic for creating websites and attracting many benefits.

With this website, you can ask for payments from individuals or companies that post jobs on your site. Or you can also require users to become premium members so they can access and apply to the desired job.

25. Creating an Online Directory

Nowadays online directories are not as popular as other types of websites, but we cannot turn a blind eye that this option can also bring income to you.

The working system is almost the same as a job search website. It’s just that you do not demand payment from individuals or companies. They will pay you per month to get a directory listing.

If the website you manage currently gets high amounts of traffic, then offering directory listings is a good opportunity.

For example, you create a website intended for website development and design. High-quality content is also produced to maintain the number of visitors and traffic. With a website like this, you can provide listings for web developers and agencies.

26. Selling a Website

residual income business opportunity

Finally, how to make money from the internet if you have a website or blog is to sell it!

Of course, the selling price of a website depends on the type or type of site you are running at the moment.

Ideas to make money from the internet without the need to create a website

Creating a website is certainly the best way to earn income online in the long run. However, having a website is not the only way to get money from the internet. It turns out that you can get money without having to make an online the website.

Here are 20 Ideas to make money from the internet without the need to manage a website.

27. Publish the Own Writing Digital Book

successful online businesses

Did you know that writing a book and publishing it can bring profit? In this advanced era, there are various ways to publish books, including self-publishing. Self-publishing is publishing your own book without the help of a publisher. You can even manage and edit your own script, layout, and even titles.

28. Email Marketing

Often spend time on the internet? So this ‘habit’ must be utilized as well as possible. Ever heard words like getting money from compiling an email list? These words are true.

29. Applying as a Freelance Worker on the Site, such as Upwork

On the internet, there are many sites that offer freelance jobs. On this site, clients will advertise to find someone who fits their criteria. Lately, the demand for freelancers has increased.

Here are some popular sites that offer freelance jobs:

30. Buying and Selling Websites

Buying and selling websites is the same as buying and selling a house. You buy a house that is simple and has little selling value, then you fix it, then sell it to make a profit.

The process of buying and selling websites is not so difficult. But what you need to know, all of this is certainly not free from the risks. Therefore, do not buy a website that seems to have no future or which certainly does not give you an advantage.

31. Buy and Sell Domain Names

A website can be purchased and then resold. However, did you know that the domain can be bought and sold?

Buying and reselling a domain with a higher price is called a flipping domain. You buy a domain at a low price, then look at the potential of the domain, then sell it again at a high price.

32. Selling a collection of photos and videos (footage)

Selling photos on the internet

Do you like photographing or recording something? Selling your collection of works can be one ideas to make money on the internet.

There are various kinds of websites that allow you to upload photos and videos. These sites have large user bases and if there are users who want to use your licensed photos, they have to buy them.

33. Invest in Cryptocurrency

Lately, cryptocurrency has many fans. The fame of this field is certainly not separated from Bitcoin which was booming last year. If you haven’t invested in Bitcoin and or other cryptocurrencies last year, then this is the time. You are not late.

34. Selling Handicrafts on Etsy

Like making crafts? If you are very proficient in this field, then you can make some money by selling various of your works on the internet.

35. Selling Products on Amazon (FBA)

Amazon is one of the largest online retailers and in it, there are more than millions of registered products.

As we explained above when you want to sell crafts at eCommerce Etsy, the same process applies to Amazon-like platforms.

If you are interested in selling items on this platform, you can first find out what items are most purchased on Amazon. After that, you search then sell the cheap version by setting branding first.

There are two methods to sell on Amazon. First, sell goods directly and not through an intermediary. Second, work with the factory that will send the product requested by the client or buyer. In other words, you do drop shipping.

36. Make a YouTube Channel

online business ideas without investment

YouTube is one of the largest and most used search engines. It’s just that this site is not focused on searching websites, but about entertainment, fun, entertainment, or even other informative videos.

To make revenue from YouTube, you can use this platform’s advertising system or direct subscriber or viewer to the website you manage.

Creating and introducing your YouTube channel is almost the same as creating a website. It’s just that, on YouTube, you are required to make videos, not written content.

37. Become a Virtual Assistant

If you are an expert in planning and management, then try your luck by becoming a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are responsible for various tasks, such as bookkeeping or bookkeeping, data entry, email management, research, and much more.

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38. Offering Services or Programming Software

Learning programming languages can lead you to a bigger world. It doesn’t matter if your goal in learning programming is to find work as a freelancer or develop your own software.

If you know how to develop software, it is guaranteed you can make applications for customers, niche applications for websites or mobile phones, or even games on smartphones. The success of a business is determined by the accuracy and success of the software that is owned and developed.

39. Online Tutors for Children

Other ideas to make money from the internet is to become an online tutor for English. The benefits will certainly multiply if you are a native or native speaker of English or maybe who has lived in the country for years as a primary language.

40. Test the Website and Give Critics and Suggestions

Are you careful about design or always pay attention to the smallest thing that affects whether or not a website or application is good? If yes, then you can make money by offering services to test problems that might occur on the website or application.

Spending a lot of time on the internet is certainly a special experience because of course you know several factors that determine whether or not a site is good. For example, does the website contain content that is unclear or incomplete? Does the website layout confuse the user? Is the navigation menu too complex?

There are many website owners who are willing to pay you to test and assess their sites. Generally, your feedback will be delivered in oral, written, or even using screen recording software.

Here are some websites and applications that offer an opportunity for you to become a tester:

41. Become a Website Developer

Did you know that you can make money from the profession of website developers?

If you are not skilled in developing a website, then the first step that must be done is to learn coding or programming languages. After being proficient, it’s time to look for job openings as a website developer.

42. Narrator Audiobook

The audiobook industry has become more popular these days. Apparently more and more people prefer listening rather than spending time reading books. However, most of the books have not been converted into audiobook format. Though audiobooks can come multiple profits for the author. Not only money but also recognition of their work.

43. Become a Graphic Designer

Have basic skills about design or are familiar with tools, like Photoshop and Illustrator? Maybe it’s time for you to use your expertise to earn money from the internet.

Look for special freelance platforms, as mentioned above, then register and create a profile, then start typing the graphic designer to find available positions. You can also test design capabilities first on platforms like 99Designs. On this site, you will compete with other designers to work on certain projects. If the client likes your work, then you will be given a project to complete.

44. Become an Influencer on Instagram

unique online business ideas

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. Did you know that you can earn online income from Instagram? The key is to have lots of followers!

Although it seems difficult to increase the number of followers to thousands or even millions, earning income from Instagram is still worth a try. Famous brands and even most companies are definitely willing to pay you for a post. Simply post a picture or video complete with a caption or a brief description of what you uploaded.

45. Offer SEO Expertise

Having the ability and knowledge to increase the ranking of a website is a very valuable skill.

As long as search engines are still used to search various sources on the internet, SEO analysis skills are still needed.

After knowing and understanding what is needed to increase SEO rankings, it’s time to prove your skills. Usually people will create a website or blog to test their SEO skills, but actually, that doesn’t really matter.

46. Managing Social Media Accounts

Honestly, of course, you spend more time active on social media, right? This hobby or habit can actually make money. The trick is to apply as a social media account manager.

Jobs like this are not so difficult, especially if you are already very familiar with social media and understand how much they influence. You only need to convince people, especially those who are already famous, to hire you as the manager of their social media accounts.

However, if you do not fully understand and understand the influence and power of social media, you can use online articles or guides that are spread on the internet. For example, Hootsuite Academy is a site that provides information about the advantages and disadvantages of social media.

47. Making a Podcast

Like to speak and express opinions, or maybe like to interview someone can be one source of online income. Lately, the podcast market has been on the rise and that is good news for those of you who like it.

Many people like the ease of podcasts because they often travel. Of course, it would be more comfortable to hear podcasts rather than reading newspapers, books, or other online texts.

In order to succeed in earning money through podcasts, you have to make something quality. Not only audio, but the content must also be of high quality. For starters, buy microphones that produce good sound.

If you want to make a podcast with the main theme of interviewing people, then you have to find the source. Start your podcast project by interviewing the closest people, such as family, friends, or coworkers. This method trains you to get used to so that you will not be nervous when you have to interview important people.

48. Become a Freelance Writer

Actually, writing activities have been able to make money for someone for a long time, especially in the online world. You don’t even need to worry if you don’t have experience in this field.

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The first thing you should do is create a niche and decide what type of writing you will take, for example:

  • Do you want to create a complete blog about the SaaS site?
  • Do you want to make a copy of the website for real estate agents?
  • Do you want to make a sales email for the health and fitness website?

In fact, there are still many topics and content that are waiting to be explored. You just need to decide what you want to be a writer in.

After knowing the field you want to pursue, make a few examples or writing portfolios and start attracting clients’ attention.

10 Ideas To Make Money on Internet 2019

49.Blogging, Youtube, Instagram

best business ideas to make money

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet even though it’s not the fastest way because bogging requires patience and a long time to get income this way. The absolute requirement for a blog to make money is the amount of traffic (visitors) to that blog.

There are many ways that can be done to bring traffic to a blog but basically, traffic is brought in 2 ways, namely paid and organic traffic (free). Paid traffic means traffic obtained by paid advertisements, such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Blog Ads, and others. Whereas Organic Traffic is traffic that is naturally obtained, for example sharing useful articles to social media then social media users visit your blog, or through search engines (like Google, Yahoo).

From the experience of some bloggers and my experience, it takes at least 6-12 months for a blog or website to begin to show increased traffic from visitors, assuming there are 2-3 new articles every week.

50. Ideas To Make Money With Freelance

Freelancing or side work is one of the popular ways among online workers because the results can be felt right away and the fees are very tempting. There are many websites where the freelancers and employer gather (the name for the employer) starting from Upwork (,,, and many more.

The results can be quite tempting. Just imagine wages for a designer in Odesk ranging from USD $ 30- $ 50 per hour.

Although it is quite tempting, getting a job on a freelancer site is not an easy matter, the reason is you have to compete with various people from other countries, especially India, Bangladesh, the Philippines who want to be paid lower, besides the main capital such as English, and selling yourself is absolutely necessary by a freelance worker.

51. Photography

ideas to make money from home

Almost all photos can bring additional income. Don’t believe it? Just try to look at the photos on,,

The photo of chili above, for example, you can get in the traditional markets or the nearest supermarket. With enough photography and editing techniques, you can get a photo that you can sell without paying a fee or free :). At Shutter Stock, for example, every photo downloaded will get royalties between $ 0.25 to $ 28. The owner of the photo will continue to be paid as long as the photo he has continues to be used by others, in other words, you can have passive income.

52. Ideas To Make Money With Affiliate

Have you ever heard of the term affiliate or affiliate? means connection or relationship as a member or branch.

You can do some affiliate programs without having to have your own online media (blogs, websites), like affiliate programs from Exabytes, but affiliate programs like Amazon, you need media such as blogs, websites, or social media so people can click on links or banner (provided by Amazon). From that link, Amazon can track the number of people you recommend.

There are various affiliate sales methods, including based on the number of sales, number of click links and number of contacts (personal information) collected.

53. Theme Design

how to make money

Similar to Photography, designing a theme for a website can also bring passive income for you web workers, even its potential can be greater than photography. Theme or theme is an outline of the appearance or shape of a website. Themes on the website can be a collection of colors, icons, fonts, images (or videos). Examples of themes such as Safari (animals), Halloween, children, and so on.

The design of the website theme can be divided into 2, namely the theme for CMS (Content Management System) and non-CMS. The difference is, the themes used for CMS are more likely to sell more because of the larger number of requests, for example, the most popular CMS, WordPress. In 2014, the WordPress theme was downloaded more than 123 million.

Some websites that you can make reference to selling website themes like,,

54. Ideas To Make Money With Job Vacancies Reference

Not many people know that one business that is quite tempting and a requirement with small capital is employee recruitment services (Human Resource Consultants). Armed with a connection with a job seeker company and professionals or employees, this can be one source of income that you can lyrics.

With a little knowledge of using a Search engine (search engine), like Google and Yahoo, you can reach the rupiah coffers that are quite tempting. The way is by referring your friends to a job search company. Many job search companies offer referrals (people who provide references) large job vacancies from 50 $ – 300 $ each person you refer to and successfully becomes an employee at the company.

55. Broker

One of the easiest ways to get extra money from other internet is to become a broker or reseller of a product. Resellers or reselling items are easier to do because you don’t need to focus on producing or making goods. Marketing expertise or marketing of goods is the main capital in pioneering this business in addition to editing or photo manipulation expertise.

There are many items around you that you can sell on the internet. I myself have done this way. At that time I started my first online business by selling craft souvenirs from Malaysia. The results were quite tempting, which made me able to travel abroad for more than 1-week :).

Some websites that you can use to market your merchandise include Kaskus, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba and many more.

56. Ideas To Make Money With Freelance writer

ways for females to make money online

For those of you who like to write, don’t waste your writing just written on Facebook. Try to start entering your writing into a number of media to publish a lot of famous people who started their careers as blog writers,

Like most skills, being a writer requires a little talent, imagination (for fiction writers) and a strong desire because you will compete with hundreds or even thousands of writings every day when you offer your writing in print or electronic media. However, the payment you get for one published article is quite tempting starting from 30 $ to 150 $. Articles that you can write are not only about scientific, fictional stories, poetry, product reviews to the highest pay.

57. Rent room

Are there unused rooms in the house? Just rent it on Airbnb or some similar websites like ZenRooms, RedDoorz, and Airy Rooms. On these websites, your vacant room will be treated like a homestay where you greet your guests and serve guests who stay as well as at the hotel. Guests who are satisfied or dissatisfied with the service during their stay at your place can pour the description on the website.

This room rental business is rife in many countries. Some travelers prefer to stay at a homestay rather than a hotel for various reasons, including a much cheaper price compared to a hotel, a more intimate atmosphere and more personal and special service offered. In addition, guesthouses usually only accommodate a limited number of guests so travelers who prefer peace will choose to stay at the guesthouse.

58. Ideas To Make Money With Online Marketing Consultant

Have you ever heard what is an Online Marketer, Internet Marketer, Digital Marketer? Broadly speaking, they are people who work to market or advertise an item or service on the internet. Advertising on the internet is divided into 2 types, namely advertising without pay (free) or paid advertising. Free online advertising media like Kaskus, Blog. While paid ads like Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and many more.

To become an Online Marketer, you need to know SEO, copywriting, experience in paid advertising (like Google ads and Facebook ads), graphic design and data analysis. It sounds difficult indeed, but in the digital era like today where almost everything can be found on the internet, so business voters are competing to develop their business online (on the internet).

Final Words

These are some ideas to make money that you can try at home. It doesn’t really require a lot of equipment and capital to start this business. You can even do it during your free time after the kids went to school.

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