8 Ways To Improve Communication Skills Instantly

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Improve Communication Skills? You certainly already know that communication is an important skill to have. Communication in this case is not just being able to speak well, but how to process a message and convey it back according to the context of the conversation. But for various reasons, some of us may still have difficulty in doing this communication well. So that it becomes a barrier in certain conditions or situations. Therefore, if you feel you are still having trouble with this, then there is no harm in trying some of the following ways to improve communication skills.

8 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

Learn to be a good listener

“Listening is easy”

Wait, hold on guys, who said listening was easy? Some of us must have interrupted the conversation either intentionally or unintentionally. This could be due to several reasons. However, in fact, we will definitely meet people who have different attitudes and ways of communicating. For example, those who have a different point of view, a slow speaking style, or unclear articulation of pronunciation.

This is where your communication skills are really tested. Are you able to handle the communication process well or not? To do this, try to be more patient, don’t interrupt, and try to take the conversation seriously. Pay attention to your interlocutor, and ask again if you do not understand to avoid misunderstandings. As for doing this, you have shown that you are a good listener and respect the other person.

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Learn to manage emotions and mood

Paying attention to the emotional state and mood in communicating can not be underestimated. When you force a conversation with someone in a bad emotional state, then there’s a good chance you’re creating something bad. Starting from a bitchy response, cutting every conversation can even create conflict.

To get used to managing these emotions, you can take a breath and calm yourself before talking to someone. By doing this you can put your problems aside for a moment and can focus on the conversation that is going on. In addition, you can also create a comfortable and pleasant conversation.

Practice using appropriate body language

Yep, body language can also be referred to as non-verbal communication. This type of communication is usually considered the most honest when you have a conversation. For example, to detect people who are lying, you can observe their eyes and behavior. Generally, they will be reluctant to make eye contact, and their body movements are not calm. On the other hand, body language can reinforce the message you want to convey.

Well, if you feel that your body language is still often stiff when speaking, then it is important for you to practice this. You can practice non-verbal communication by doing the following ways.

  • Pay attention to the body language of the other person
  • Make eye contact when speaking
  • Focus on tone of voice
  • Try adding body movements (hands, nodding your head, etc.)

Pay attention to your interlocutor

One of the factors that affect the fluency of communication is knowing who you are talking to. You certainly agree it would be something strange to use a relaxed and casual way of talking with older people or your boss for example. Therefore, you must be able to know who your interlocutor is in order to create smooth and contextual communication.

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Understand the situation and context of the conversation

In addition to knowing the other person, you can improve your communication skills by training yourself to be able to understand the context of a conversation. The best way to do this is to be a good listener. Instead of sitting around doing nothing, try to join in on a conversation from time to time with a friend or coworker. Try to be a listener first, and try to understand what topic they are discussing. Just respond according to your understanding of the topic.

In addition, you can also observe their body language. For example, when they talk about light topics, it will be seen from their relaxed posture, there is a little smile, and occasionally they laugh a little. Understanding the context of the conversation allows you to respond well to the message conveyed, and the conversation is not going anywhere.

Understand how to empathize

If previously it was more about understanding your emotions, then the next is understanding other people’s emotions. In order for you to have good communication skills, you must be able to apply empathy when talking to other people.

Quoted from Master Class, being able to understand the feelings of those around you is an important part of being a good communicator. Empathy means understanding and trying to feel what the other person is feeling. Having the ability to empathize and build rapport can improve your ability to communicate.

For those of you who are still confused about how to empathize, you can try to show your interlocutor that you see their problems.

You can start by asking them how they are doing,

“Hey, are you okay?” or “You look like you’re worried about something. What happened?”

Then simply be a good listener, by listening, not trying to comfort, advise, or tell them what to do.

Don’t hesitate to ask for feedback and suggestions regarding your communication skills

In addition to practicing some things, you can also ask for feedback and suggestions regarding how you communicate with your friends or coworkers. Don’t hesitate to ask them for help. Because usually, it will be difficult to judge this only from your point of view. Because in reality, it is with them that you carry out the communication process. As for later responses and input from them, it can be used as evaluation material able to improve and develop your abilities.

Practice and do

The last step, practice and apply it to your daily activities. It will be difficult if you only understand the theory without applying it. There’s nothing wrong with feeling awkward at first, the most important thing is that you can continue to develop yourself into a quality person.

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Those are some ways that you can use to improve your communication skills.

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