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3 Best Ways to Increase Income up to 78%

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The price of necessities continues to increase, but this is not accompanied by the rate of increase in wages from the workplace. People also have to find ways to increase their monthly income as much as possible. One way is by working on the side according to the skills they have.

Currently having more than one job is not difficult to find.

Many people who already have permanent jobs are looking for ways to earn extra money.

One option is to do side church work.

For those of you who are planning something similar, let’s discuss some of the ways to get additional money below.

Smart Ways to Increase Your Income

how to increase income from home

So many opportunities to increase your monthly income.

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If you choose the right choice of a side job, your income can increase dramatically without draining a lot of energy.

Some of the jobs you can do include:

As an Online Trader

Nowadays, many people work on the side as an online merchant.

With the internet, the marketing of goods sold has become more extensive and efficient.

The benefits you get per day are pretty good.

Become a part-time online motorcycle taxi driver

If you want even more income, try side opportunities as an online motorcycle taxi driver.

Many say, every day the benefits that can enter the pockets of this work reach tens of dollars.

Increase Income by Becoming Freelancers

You don’t need to be tired on the road, you can increase your income from anywhere and anytime by becoming a freelancer.

One of the things freelancers often do is take a side job in the exact same field as the current job.

Believe it or not, this method can make employers hesitate to pay you more or above-average rates.

As an illustration, you are currently working as a content writer at a company with over three years of work experience.

This credibility is a consideration so that you can be paid a higher wage when you become a freelancer.

Calculation Simulation to Increase Income Up to 78%

Let’s try to calculate the additional income that can be obtained from some of the examples of side jobs above!

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For example, assume a current monthly salary of $ 1000.

Advantages of Trading Online

For example, you sell clothes online.

Let’s say the net profit you get per day is $ 8 so that in one month you can make around $ 240.

That means you’ve managed to increase your income by up to 30% of your $ 1000 per month salary. Not bad, right?

Income as an online motorcycle taxi driver

Suppose you drive 25 days a month, the income you get is $ 650.

As a percentage, that means your income has increased 62.5% to $ 1650 per month.

The profits will certainly be greater if you drive for 30 full days.

Blogger Income Calculation / As a Freelance Writer

If the wages for one article are valued at $ 20, then you can get $ 500 if you can do 25 posts in 25 days.

That means your income has increased by 78%!

So Much Income by Regulating Expenses

how to increase income without working more

Besides the reasons for meeting their daily needs, many people want to increase their monthly income so they can buy a house or car.

No matter how big the monthly salary from a permanent or side job, your income will not increase if you don’t manage your finances properly.

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That’s how to increase income, hopefully, it’s useful!

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