Top 5 Common Interview Questions And Answers For a Fresh Graduate

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When the opportunity for the interview you have been waiting for finally arrives, as a fresh graduate you may be confused about what to ask. What’s more, questions for fresh graduates tend to be different.

So, that you don’t get confused, below are some examples Interview Questions And Answers For a Fresh Graduate that can help you.

5 Job Interview Questions and Answers for Fresh Graduates

job interview questions and answers for fresh graduates pdf

“Please tell me about yourself”

Actually, this question is generally asked candidates, both fresh graduates, and experienced candidates. Even so, when this question is directed at you, the main goal is to relax you while telling you about yourself.

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In addition, even though it looks simple and general, this question is actually very important because it will show your character to the interviewer. Through this question, the interviewer will decide how the process or the next question that will be asked to the candidate.

Try to tell your educational background, why you chose that education, and your activities during college. If possible and in accordance with the company and position you are applying for, try to also tell what kind of job you are interested in and why.

Never go overboard in answering this question in a funny or irrelevant way. Remember to stay relaxed and use effective words when describing your journey.

Interview Questions And Answers For a Fresh Graduate “Can you tell us about your goals?”

The next fresh graduate interview question is about your goals or career plans in the future. The main purpose of this question is to find out how ambitious you are for your career. Starting from this answer, the interviewer will find out whether your goals match the job profile in the company.

So whatever your goals are, make your answers simple and design them in a way that fits the job you are applying for.
For example, if you are applying as a Content Writer, you can answer that your goal in the future is to become a good Content Writer and one day become a Content Editor.

“Where do you see yourself in the next five years?”

This is also a common question interviewers ask their candidates. Hiring and training new employees is a big investment of time and money for companies. The interviewer wants to make sure you are serious with them for the long haul.

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Show your ambition, goals, and that you have thought about your future career, especially with the company.

As a reference, use a site like LinkedIn to find people who are seniors at several companies. Search according to the profession you are interested in and how long it usually takes them to reach the position.

“Can you work in a team?”

Regardless of whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, answer this question by showing that you can work well in a team or independently (depending on the task or situation at hand).

Give positive examples that illustrate exactly how you worked as a team.

“Why should we hire you?”

The key to answering this question is to find out in advance about the profile of the company you are interviewing for. Then, tell me about your interest in working at the company and what contribution you can want to make.

For example, don’t answer how you need money so you need this job. Even though your main goal is money, you have to imagine that the progress of the company is more important than yourself.

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Those are Top 5 Common Interview Questions And Answers For a Fresh Graduate. With careful preparation and practice, you can definitely do better during the interview process. Good luck!

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