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7 Unique Job Interview Tips for Beginners

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For beginner job seekers, a mixture of nervousness and anxiety often appears when facing a job interview. Of course, this is not surprising because it is their first experience.

However, don’t let this feeling of nervousness and anxiety cause you to fail the interview. So, get rid of these feelings and start preparing yourself to the maximum.

To help you prepare, here are 7 Unique Job Interview Tips for Beginners that you need to know.

7 Job Interview Tips: How To Make a Great Impression

first time job interview questions and answers

Learn About the Company

When you get a call for an interview, you can smile happily. But wait, have you prepared yourself to face it?

Don’t get so excited that you don’t equip yourself with enough information about the company. So, study the company you are applying for as soon as possible.

Not just general information, but more details about the company. Either through the official website or news. This is important so that you can know the company’s vision and mission and how your skills can match what the company needs.

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Maximize Appearance

As a beginner who comes for a job interview, then you can’t put your appearance aside. Don’t just come, but give the best appearance and as attractive as possible.

Like wearing neat and clean clothes, using clean shoes, grooming your hair neatly, and wearing a little perfume so that body odor is disguised.

Do not forget to smile. By smiling, you will appear more confident. Conversely, no matter how attractive you look but stingy smile, it will be a minus value for you.

Make Eye Contact

Another job interview tips for beginners is to always maintain eye contact. Give it a look full of confidence but not a smug glare.

Intense eye contact when spoken to shows enthusiasm and confidence. So that it makes the other person believe what you say, as long as it is not excessive.

Try to do this if you always avoid eye contact. It can give the impression that you are not sure what you are saying. It could also mean that you are lying. Of course, this is not good for your judgment, right?

Explain About Yourself

No matter where you do a job interview, the question of who you are will always arise.

This is important to consider whether or not you are suitable for the job. So, tell me your background.

Include the education and skills you have in brief, concise and clear. Don’t go around wildly. From this story, more or less the interviewers will know and know your background.

By the way, when you talk about yourself, show confidence. Don’t give up eye contact and don’t forget to smile.

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Explain the Exact Reasons

The question that is also often given to applicants during interviews is what is the reason you are applying for a job at the company. The goal is that you can provide answers that are in line with the company’s vision and mission.

Give reasonable, objective reasons without appearing to be boasting or “fawning” with a desire to be noticed. If you do then don’t expect to pass the interview. But also don’t just give answers, because just one word affects your score.

Highlight the Strengths You Have

Sometimes beginners feel a dilemma when asked to explain what their strengths are. When facing a job interview for beginners, nervousness is normal but try not to show it too much.

For that, know your strengths that are suitable for the job position that the company is offering. Then highlight your strengths briefly but in accordance with reality. So that the company will feel a loss if you have to miss you.

Don’t overestimate abilities that you don’t really have. Instead of being ashamed of yourself later because what you highlight doesn’t match the facts.

Express Your Deficiencies Balanced

Apart from questioning the strengths you have, usually, your weaknesses are also questioned. The key is only one, namely to be honest and not to give exaggerated answers.

Describe and express honestly what your weaknesses are but in a positive and balanced way. For example, if you are weak in time management, briefly explain the reasons.

Then continue with how you deal with these weaknesses so that later they will not interfere with performance in the company.

The point is everyone has flaws, including you, so don’t lie because no one is perfect. Sometimes the way you convey it and how to deal with it becomes a separate point that attracts you.

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Those interview tips for beginners are not easy. Apart from the first experience, there are many new things that you need to learn because they were never taught in detail in school or college.

However, the most important thing is mental readiness, trying to always be calm and relaxed so that you don’t feel depressed. Plus, live it with passion.

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