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7 Interview Tips For Success Your First Work

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You know, the impression in the first 30 seconds of the interview can be one of the determinants of whether or not you are accepted for work. That’s why it’s important for you to give good impressions and answers during the interview.

Well, here are some interview tips and things you need to pay attention to in order to be successful in being accepted by the dream company.

Interview Tips: Boost Your Job Interview Skills

Use clothes that are polite and in accordance with the office culture

how to interview someone for a job

The dress that is polite and in accordance with office culture can help you make a good impression. So, you need to think about your appearance when you come to the interview.

So, you should prepare clothes that are polite and in accordance with office culture. If the office has a casual youth culture, try not to dress too formally and stiffly.

However, if the company that invited you to interview is a company with a formal culture, make sure you look neat and professional.

Remember, your appearance is one of the first things an interviewer can see and judge on you.

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Try to be relaxed and calm

If you are nervous because it is your first interview, or because you are looking forward to the job, try to be more relaxed and calm.

You can take a deep breath to relieve the racing heartbeat and make you nervous.

In addition, also pay attention to whether your hands are sweaty or not. If your hands are sweaty due to nervousness, try to always wipe them dry before shaking hands.

Also, pay attention when you shake hands with the interviewer, do it with confidence and confidence so that they can judge a positive impression.

Find out about the industry the company is applying for

It’s good, before going to an interview with the company that gave you the opportunity, you first find out about it.

You can try to examine how the company’s position is in the industry, who its competitors are, what its advantages are, and how best to make the company progress better.

Try to research the company in-depth and thoroughly so that when the company asks what you know about them, you can answer it perfectly.

Practice answering interview questions yourself

Practice answering interview questions yourself

The practice may not always make your answer to the interview perfect, but it will really help you make a good impression.

You can find out what common interview questions are asked, then practice answering them using a mirror.

That way you can see and manage how good facial expressions to show when talking to the interviewer later.

So that you can create a better impression and the interviewer will not misperceive your expression.

Be on time

When you will attend the interview session try to arrive early, about fifteen minutes earlier than the appointed hour.

By arriving early, you try to commit to a set schedule. Conversely, if you are late it will indicate bad things in the eyes of the recruiter.

Therefore, to make it easier for you to find the interview location, it is better if the day before the interview you go to the location to find out the exact location of that place.

So you can predict how long it will take you from the house to that location.

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Clarify your selling points during the interview to make it more convincing

Good job interview tips that don’t go unnoticed is to clarify the selling points you have. Therefore, consider thinking about three points out of five things that make you different from other candidates.

For example, when you apply to be marketing and say you have good communication skills, also say that you are good at persuading customers to buy your product.

Not only that, prepare the best answer when the interviewer asks you the reasons why you are interested in working in the field being applied, including your interest in the job, the salary factor, and the abilities you have.

Be assertive and participate actively in the interview session

no work experience interview questions and answers

Sometimes, you may hesitate to take part in speaking activities in the interview session because you are worried about crossing the boundaries of being polite.

In fact, there is a big difference between being polite and being passive. Being polite means not interrupting the speaker when speaking, passive means you will only speak when asked.

That shouldn’t be the case, you must be able to be more active in contributing to an interview. Good job interview tips are to have good communication between you and the interviewer.

Because you need to remember that interviews are the same as other conversations. It’s just that this session focuses on yourself and your strengths that can convince the interviewer.

Being assertive and contributing to the interview means you need to ask questions too. In an interview, it is not only the interviewer who asks you a question.

It’s a good idea to be more enthusiastic by asking some questions related to the company or the work to be done.

That way the company will think that you are genuinely interested and want to work with them.

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So, those are some good job interview tips that can help you get a positive impression from the interviewer.

If you apply the methods above, surely you will easily get the job offer that you have been waiting for. Do not believe? Try to see for yourself, yes!

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