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Invest With A Limited Fund, These 5 Ways Can Be Done Right Now

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Invest With A Limited Fund – Many people are put off to start investing because they think that investing requires enormous funds.

In fact, investment can be done with and limited and with very minimal capital.

No need for large funds, you just need to be consistently set aside as a small income each month to be set aside for various investment instruments.


Here I will convey 5 ways to set aside money and invest with limited funds that you can apply right now.

5 Investment Tips With Limited Fund

1. Saving With Cake Jars, Why Not?

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If you have a very low income, the first option we recommend you try is to start saving in a cookie jar consistently.

Do not underestimate this technique, if you are able to consistently apply it, the results will be very remarkable in the future.

You can put $ 20 each week into a jar which means there are about $ 80 every month. Within 1 year, the money collected in the jar is able to reach an amount of about $ 960

The value is big enough and easy to do, is not it?

2. Start Preparing a Pension Fund

Each company will usually include their employees to join the pension plan from the company or from the government.

If your company has this program, then take part immediately to take part in setting aside a small part of the income for preparing for retirement.

The value you should set aside each month is also very low and does not significantly impact your needs and your family.

Although small, the preparation of this pension will be very useful when you stop working and start entering retirement in old age.

3. Investing in Current Mutual Funds

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Mutual funds are often targeted for investments with limited funds. Beginner investors who do not have sufficient experience on investment can set aside some of their funds into mutual funds.

When investing in mutual funds, the money you have will be managed by the Investment Manager, so you no longer need to bother to analyze what investment instruments are most appropriate.

There are various types of mutual funds that can be used as an investment option, such as fixed income mutual funds, money market mutual funds, and stock mutual funds.

Each mutual fund has different levels of risk and returns. Where stock mutual funds have the highest yield potential reaches 15% within a year and also has the highest risk level as well.

While money market mutual funds have the lowest risk with the yield rate reaches 6-8% percent in a year.

The amount of money that should be set aside to invest in mutual funds is also very low.

The most important thing is to make sure the mutual funds that have been selected in accordance with your financial goals and risk profile owned.

4. Online Investment Peer to Peer Lending (P2P Lending)

Much like mutual funds, peer to peer lending is also often used as a choice of investment instruments with limited funds.

This type of investment is still less familiar to the ears of the Indonesian people, but if you know the level of return you will get, you will definitely be very interested to try this type of investment instrument.

Simply put, peer to peer lending will bring you together as an investor with a borrower who needs funds, either for business expansion or for adding inventory in the business.

5. Buying Gold Bars

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Gold is one of the assets that has an ever-increasing value in the long run. If you want to invest, we are more advise to buy gold bullion than buying gold jewelry.

Therefore, the selling value of gold bullion will continue to increase in the future and there is no depreciation value due to usage factors like those in gold jewelry.

No need to buy gold bullion every month!

The problem with investing is not really the funding factor, but rather the willingness to put aside the income to invest.

If you already have an intention and strong will, it is not difficult to set aside money to invest in the various instruments we describe above.

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