Invoice Definition and Examples for Professional Business

Invoice Definition and Examples for Professional Business

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Already know how to create an invoice or document that the seller gives to the buyer? If not, let’s see an Invoice Definition and Examples for Professional Business in this article!

In the business world, invoices are an important part of running a business or business.

The invoice itself is often known as an invoice, which is a sheet containing a list of consigned goods accompanied by a description of the name, amount, and price.

An invoice is created by the seller and must be paid by the buyer or customer.

Transactions recorded in the invoice sheet are proof of sales transactions made on credit.

In general, invoices are made in three copies, namely:

  • the buyer if he has paid the bill;
  • sales department archives; and
  • one sheet for the financial section report.

The existence of an invoice is very important to know the goods and services that have been purchased.

When it comes to finances, invoices are also very important to make it easier to calculate the profit of a business.

To help you make it, here we present an Invoice Definition and Examples for Professional Business that can be tailored to your needs.

13 Invoice Samples & Examples for Every Business

Example of Service Invoice

A service invoice is an invoice issued for payment for something of a service nature.

For example, these invoices are created for translation, design, training, delivery, and other services.

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The things that must be on the service invoice are as follows:

  • The identity of the service provider, such as name, address, contact number, and company logo.
  • The identity of the service user or client, in the form of name and address or institution.
  • The date the invoice was issued and the payment deadline.
  • Details of the service products provided, the amount (if any), the price of the service, and the total service fee that must be paid by the service user or client.
  • Additional notes listed at the bottom of the invoice (if needed).
    The examples are as follows:

Billing Invoice

As the name implies, a billing invoice or bill is a sheet with official letterhead given to customers for certain transactions.

Usually, customers will receive invoices when they have not made a payment that is overdue.

After that, the seller will send an invoice within a certain period of time as a reminder for customers to make payments.

This letter consists of three parts, namely the prefix, the body of the letter, and the suffix.

In addition, the invoice sheet must also include the company logo, date, letter number, subject, and the intended party.

Example of Goods Invoice

Basically, how to create an invoice for goods is the same as creating a service invoice.

But what makes the difference is that this invoice is issued for the payment of goods or goods.

An example of an invoice for goods is as follows:

Sample Hotel Invoice

A hotel invoice is a sheet required for each hotel for payment processing.

When guests want to check-in, the hotel will usually make an invoice as proof of the hotel reservation that occurred.

After the payment process, the hotel will provide a receipt to the customer to indicate that the payment has been completed.

Here’s an example of a hotel invoice:

Sample Travel & Tours Invoice

Travel & Tours invoices are invoices made by travel services for travel services.

In this invoice, there is the code of the selected travel package, the amount, and a description of the price.

The examples are as follows:

Sample Travel & Tours Invoice

Invoice Billing Tool

An invoice for tools is a billing sheet that is made by the seller to bill the buyer for a tool.

In this invoice, there is a description, price, quantity, and information needed.

Here is an example of a rental billing tool:

Sales Invoice Example

Invoice or sales invoices are often also referred to as sales invoices.

This invoice is proof of the transaction in the form of a bill issued by the seller to the buyer.

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This document is usually sent to the buyer at the same time as the delivery of the goods.

Sample DP Invoice

DP invoice or down payment is proof of transactions made on credit.

This invoice sheet serves as a medium for information on the amount of payment for goods and services from the company to consumers.

invoice meaning in business

Car Rental Invoice

Car rental companies must also create invoices for their customers or tenants.

This invoice functions as a bill or document intended to collect the amount of money that must be paid by the user or vehicle tenant.

Example of a Legal Service Invoice

An invoice for legal services is an invoice made by a company that provides consulting services.

This invoice contains a description of the service, time and price to be paid by the client.

sample of invoice for payment

Individual Invoice for Company

An individual invoice is an invoice or billing letter that a person creates for a company.

The contents are tailored to the needs of the sender to the destination company.

This type of invoice is used by individuals to collect payments for goods or services from companies.

The reason is, now there are many companies that use someone’s services or buy certain goods through individuals.

In an individual invoice, there is a number that must be included, such as:

  • reference;
  • date created;
  • due date;
  • TIN number;
  • invoice status;
  • company information;
  • and other.

invoice details example

Invoice via Email

In addition to being given directly in the form of a hard copy, currently, invoices can also be sent in the form of a soft copy via email.

In an email invoice, just like a normal invoice, there is information about the amount of the bill, the due date, and the method of payment.

Currently, there are many companies that send invoices via email.

The examples are as follows:

invoice example pdf

Project Invoice

If you have a house construction project, the business also requires a bill or invoice that is given to the customer, either for a down payment or settlement.

Below is an example of a project bill from a CV that can be an example.

invoice notes example


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These are some Invoice Definition and Examples for Professional Business that can be used for business purposes.

Good luck and hopefully this information can be useful for business

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