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22 Best Jobs For Lazy People Paying Up To $100K

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Getting a job which has potential high income is not always the dream of every human being. Many have achieved their dream of getting a prestigious job with a large income, but have been hit by the busyness that turns shackles their freedom. Here we will reveal the secrets of getting jobs for lazy people which makes your life more passionate and fun as well as your freedom.

Jobs for Lazy People That pay Well with Minimal Effort

Jobs for Lazy People

Professional dog walker

There are many dogs whose owners often leave them for work. When they are not allowed to be taken with them to the office, then the owner desperately needs someone to look after and take his dog to play outside. This is your opportunity to earn extra income. Especially for pet’s lover.

Project manager

As a manager, you are trusted to develop ideas as much as possible without having to do it yourself. You can delegate even your crazy ideas to your subordinates. Isn’t jobs for lazy people that is quite prestigious right?

Event Planner

All event planning depends on your creative strength. But the hard work itself can be done by other people. All you need is having fun to meet new people, visit new places and share ideas so that the program you design is truly festive.


Being a paid traveler is really an easy jobs to do. All you need to do is find out where the new and exciting destinations to visit. Then you take a video of the trip. I feel like I want to be able to be a paid traveler like this also.

Mystery shopper

As if a genuine buyer, you must behave normally like the one. You must be able to keep a secret that you are actually investigating something which requested by a project owner. You must be able to answer all the questionnaires given and answer them according to the real conditions in the field. However, this could be something I do not like at all. I have tried it before.

Food Taster

work at home jobs for moms

It turns out when people are paid just to taste a portion of food? It seems that almost all lazy people like to do this work, particularly once you taste the cuisine you will be paid for in return. What a perfect jobs for lazy people, don’t you think?

Food critic

Similar to food taster, here you will be served a dish then you have to give a critique of what must be fixed from the food. Whether the appearance of the food or the taste that can be an issue to improve.

Court Reporter

Being part of a trial certainly gives the impression that you must have a degree in the field of law. Apparently not. All you need is the ability to speed up writing all the words that exist during the trial. You don’t need to do anything other than writing.

Video Game Tester

This is the most fun jobs for lazy people. Imagine, you only have to lie on your sofa all day just to play a new game that is still under development. You are looking for whether there are bugs or other problems that can reduce game performance. Then you report it and replay it to make sure that the problem has vanished so that ready to slide in the arena.


part time job

You just continue your hobby to share content from the theme of your blog every day. There is no compulsion, no pressure. If you are losing inspiration to post content, you just invite guest bloggers to fill your blog with their contents. You will benefit from advertisements and sponsors who are interested in your blog.


All you have to do is having fun with your life. For example, you are a doll lover, you just take your video or picture while playing with your dolls, then give a little fresh story and share it to the whole world. Sound like a low stress jobs, isn’t?

Subject tester

In the world of cosmetics or pharmacy, a subject tester is required to try a certain product. It could be the form of food, medicine or cosmetics. This is not dangerous, because this product will be launched on the market and has obtained a legal permit from an official institution. You are only asked to give a testimonial and how much benefit you feel from this product. Your response is expected to be honest to maintain the reputation of the business owner.

TV Show or Movie Tagger

If you are passionate about various genres of films and TV shows, you can register with websites like Netflix that are willing to pay their freelancers to tag them according to the genre of the film. You only need to lie down on the bed and watch your favorite movie. What an opportunity jobs for lazy people.

Pool match referee

Do you like swimming matches? If so, then you need to register with a swimming association which is holding a race to be part of the event. All you do is pushing the finish button when the swimmer reaches the finish line. Report the results of your notes to the local committee. Reportedly the fees of a swimming referee are quite tempting.

Newspaper sender

Although nowadays the newspaper is no longer the mainstay of people in searching for news, there is still news written on the paper people are looking for. This is an opportunity for you to earn money as well as train your leg muscles by cycling all morning and breathing fresh air.

Private detective

If you are affected with films of demolishing a secret, it seems you are good to be a detective. There are several opportunities that you can use both individually and in an office. You might get a case of a household investigation or maybe a case of transfer of a house deed.

Jobs For Lazy People Become a Product Tester

jobs for unmotivated

Maybe you think this job is something strange. In fact, in some countries the profession as a tester is not underestimated.

There are many products that usually require a tester, such as video games, beds, furniture, food, hotel rooms, and so on. A professional game tester can get paid $ 18 per hour. It’s only from one game, imagine if he becomes a tester of 10 games in a day.

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A hotel room tester gets the task of enjoying the hotel facilities and services. His review of hotel rooms and hotel facilities became an important input for managers of the hotel. So it’s not arbitrary to be a tester.

A person who is a food tester has the duty to try a food product and provide a review of the food. For example a chocolate product tester. From this profession, it turns out that lazy people can make money of $ 70,000 per year. Many, yes!

Jobs For Lazy People Become a Programmer

In addition to requiring high concentration, the profession of a programmer also requires intelligence and precision in work. Could a lazy person be a programmer?

As mentioned before, lazy doesn’t mean stupid. That is, smart slackers can be great programmers, as long as their interests are programmers.

The richest person in the world, Bill Gates once said that he prefers to employ a lazy but smart person because that person will find a simple way to make a job faster.

Jobs For Lazy People Become a Extra Actor

Extra actor is not a careless profession because there are actually many famous actors who originated from extras. In the United States the profession of being a extras actor turned out to be able to make substantial money. From several sources mentioned that this profession can produce at least $ 300 a day.

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Extra income will be even greater if the person is a member of the Screen Actor Guild (SAG). Besides that, this profession can be a stepping stone for someone to learn to act further than senior artists on the set.

“Screen Actors Guild Award is an award given by the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) to recognize outstanding performance by its members” Wikipedia.

Jobs For Lazy People Become a Professional Foreigner

low stress jobs

Believe it or not, it turns out that in China there is a unique profession that can be carried out by foreigners, especially those with western faces. In China, foreigners can be paid dearly just like celebrities only to attend an event.

The job of a professional foreigner is to behave like a famous and charismatic person, and shake hands with invited guests. Although this profession seems easy and trivial, it turns out that the wages earned from this profession can reach $ 1000 – $ 1,600 in a week.

Jobs For Lazy People Become a Participant in Research Studies

The next job or profession that can be done by lazy people is to volunteer research studies. There have been many studies and experiments conducted to prove a hypothesis of scientists. And this activity requires one or several participants.

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One of the studies in America that requires lazy participation is research on sleep, where lazy people are studied while sleeping. Although it looks simple and trivial, it turns out that the income earned by participants from this activity is quite a lot.

Jobs For Lazy People Become a Pet Walking Friend

easy jobs

In the United States there are many pet owners who don’t have time to take their pets for a walk. To do this, they pay other people for an hourly fee.

For the task of taking a pet for a walk, you will be paid $ 50 per hour. This is just a walk with one pet in 1 hour. What a strange profession.

It turns out that there are many jobs for lazy people that open your mind here. You may choose one of the above jobs matches your interests. Good luck!

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