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8 Perfect Jobs Where You Work From Home

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The Best Jobs Where You Work From Home – Find Your Dream Remote Jobs

The Best Jobs Where You Work From Home - Find Your Dream Remote Jobs

In this age, where technology becomes more advanced, it is easy to access many kinds of things. Because of that, people will rather stay in their homes instead of looking for work outdoors. There are many jobs where you work from home available at all times. Also, the profit can be more than working in the field.

What do you think? Do you prefer to work in your home or go to the office? Most people will prefer to work in their homes. Home is the most comfortable place to do any activity, so no wonder why many people want to earn money just by sitting in front of their computers.

With effort and creativity, you can earn money by just sitting in front of your personal computer. So, in this article, we will talk about the list of jobs that you can work from home.

8 Jobs That Let You Work from Home

YouTube Content Creator

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The first job on the list is worth trying. Becoming a YouTube content creator, a.k.a YouTuber can make yourself a profit too. YouTube is a place where you can watch many kinds of videos from many people. To become a YouTuber, you need to make a name for yourself first by creating and uploading unique and attractive videos. Not just video, you can also promote your channel’s exclusive merchandise, as an example, Pewdiepie’s merch, like a T-shirt with a Brofist picture on it.

YouTube itself has a feature called AdSense, which will be activated if your channel reaches a certain number of subscribers. Not just that, you also need your videos to hit a specific number of views. With that, YouTube will send you a message about activating the AdSense feature in your email.

Twitch Live streamer

If you love video games, this job is probably suitable for you. All you have to do is playing a video game on Live. However, you will need some equipment such as a high-end PC, a microphone, and more. Quite fascinating, right?

You can make yourself some money on Twitch in two ways. The first one is through the Subscription feature, where your viewers who love your gameplay are willing to subscribe to you. Who loves your video paying monthly subscription, you will earn money 50/50. Half for you, and the other half for Twitch. There is also a donation feature where you can encourage your viewer to donate, so you will keep making some attractive content for Twitch.

Virtual Assistant

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There are still many jobs where you work from home, one of them is by becoming a virtual assistant. Because there are so many businesses operated online, no wonder why people will need a virtual assistant to help them arrange the schedule, including other administrative works.

The work that is given can be typing emails, replying emails, making and distributing documents, answering Q&A, making contents, and more. For the profit, it depends. On Average, a virtual assistant can earn more around $365 per month, depending on how many tasks they did.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most translators did their jobs in their homes. Also, they often work under tight deadlines. Even though this job requires you to have a bachelor degree, the most necessary requirement is their language skills, at least bilingual. For the national median wage of this career, you can earn from $730 to $1460. However, it depends on the difficulties and how many papers that they need to translate.

Web Developer

Not many people have such skills or times. Because of that, many people try their luck by building their own websites and blog, then hire some skilled people they know to assist them. As long as you have a PC, fast internet, and skill to develop a web, then you can be a web developer.

Moreover, web developers can earn a high allowance because not all people possess a high-level skill as a web developer. If you can make a complex website, then the offer can be more expensive. As an example, a complex website can be worth $1460 or more on the internet.

Freelance Writer

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A writer is needed to calibrate an article like news, making content, and finding a creative idea that is able to fill a page on every website on the internet. Good experience in writing can help you a lot. However, a writer needs a push, ambition, and ability to find the interesting aspects in every event every day.

Sites like Freelancer and Fiverr are the sites for you who are looking for a job for being a freelance writer. To get a project, you will need at least some of your writing examples, including your resume. For the profit, it depends on who you wrote for, and how many writings you made. Commonly, the client will pay you around $3 to $7 per article, but it can be more.

Social Media Manager

Almost every business in the world uses social media to reach their customers directly. But, not all big businesses have someone to manage their social account. Because of that, many people offer themselves to become a social media manager.

This job is to help the business company to develop a relationship with the customers, also to expand the company’s name and online followers. You can find this job in some job seeker sites such as The JobStreet, Linkedin, and many more. The profit is usually the same as a virtual assistant, around $365 or more.

Full-Time Investor

One more job that you can do at home. From many jobs where you work from home, this one only needs a gadget and fast internet to access information about stocks and sites where you invest your money. Becoming an investor can be promising if you are able to maximize and take every available opportunity. The profit you can earn from this job is unlimited. However, it depends on how your skills are analytical. As an example, the more expert your analytical skills, the more opportunities you can earn from passive income and any other profit.

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