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Top 5 Most Profitable Korean Food Business Ideas For 2022

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If you intend to dive into the culinary world, there’s nothing wrong with making Korean food an option. Guaranteed, this will be a unique business and have many customers.

Not only the drama, but a variety of Korean food also managed to attract the interest of many people. The taste is unique and different from other foods, making Korean food always sought after.

You will have a wide market opportunity for this one business, especially if you can get a strategic location. Start planning your business right now, so you can start it right away.

The following are some Korean food business ideas that you can take into consideration:

List of Successful Korean Food Business Ideas


Noodles have always been a favorite food for many people, even from various parts of the world. This noodle-based Korean food will be the first business idea that you can take into consideration.

Basically, ramen is no longer a “weird” food for some people, especially young people who usually enjoy culinary tourism. But even though it is quite popular, you will still have a good market opportunity for this one business.

Ramyeon is a soupy dish made from processed noodles and some additional dried vegetables, including eggs and pieces of meat as a topping.

The savory spicy sauce will make ramen a suitable food to eat at any time. In addition, the chewy and savory texture of the noodles will make it easy for people to like. You can be creative to produce ramyeon that people like, for example by adjusting the toppings or even the taste of the sauce.

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If you want to do a Korean culinary business that is simple and not soupy, then this one dish will be the right choice. Kimbab is one of the most popular foods in its home country, so it is quite well known.

This sushi-like food is also quite popular because it is filling and comes in many variants.

Basically, kimbab is a food that is processed using pork stuffing. But if you want to run a halal business, then there’s nothing wrong with replacing this kimbab filling with various other halal food ingredients.

You can experiment using more varied fillings, such as chicken, meatballs, shredded beef, and others.


korean street food business plan

Tteokbokki is another Korean food that you can make as a business choice. Although not as popular as ramen, this one dish is also quite popular. The spicy taste will suit the tongue of Indonesians, especially young people who mostly like spicy food.

Tteokbokki is a rice cake that has a soft and chewy texture, so it will be easy for everyone to like. This dish is served in the famously spicy Gochujang sauce.

But for people who don’t like spicy food, tteokbokki can also be mixed with just a little Gochujang seasoning. This unique food is much sought after because it is often present in Korean dramas.


Kimchi is one of the other Korean food business choices that you can take into consideration. Although it looks simple and only in the form of vegetables, this kimchi has a lot of fans.

This food is usually used as a complement to other foods, more like fresh vegetables or vegetables eaten together with other foods.

You will be able to get these kimchi ingredients easily, even in very fresh conditions. In addition, the processing is also fairly simple and easy. This is a perennial vegetable, so it can be produced from the start and doesn’t have to be sudden when it’s about to be sold.


This is another choice of Korean food business ideas that you can consider. This unique cake is also quite popular and quite unique. The savory taste will immediately be liked by many people, especially if it is served warm.

Bungeoppang is a waffle-type snack that has a delicious taste and is quite filling. Usually, this cake is filled with red beans, so it tastes sweet and savory. But if you want to experiment, then you can choose other fillings that suit the tongue of many people.

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Choose the Right Business Idea and Start Your Business Immediately

Running a Korean food business can be a consideration for those of you who want to immediately jump into the world of the culinary business. Besides being unique, Korean food is also popular and liked by many people. Choose the right food business idea, so you can immediately start the business in the near future.

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