7 Common Leadership Styles & How to Find Your Own in 2022

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Leadership style is the way a person leads many people, whether in an organization or a company.

Each company usually has a different leadership style. This is influenced by the company’s system, the number of workers, and the targets that must be achieved.

If you want to be a leader in the office or company where you work, you need to know the different styles of people in leading.

Besides being equipped to be a leader in the future, you will also know how to deal with superiors with different backgrounds.

There are various kinds of leadership styles that you can understand carefully. About anything, huh? Don’t worry, BBonlinemoney will explain them in this article one by one.

7 Leadership Styles Examples That You Need to Know

Democratic Leadership Style

4 leadership styles

Carrying the concept of democracy, this one leader always discusses his subordinates when they want to make a decision.

This leadership style is inversely proportional to autocratic leadership, where the leader takes over all decisions without involving subordinates.

Reporting from Hubspot, a leader who is democratic is one of the leaders who is still a favorite and can be applied to this day.

This is because communication between superiors and subordinates and vice versa can be established effectively and efficiently.

There is creativity, honesty, and effort that will be seen clearly through a democratic concept.

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This one leader is usually filled with plans and ideas for the future. He is passionate about designing something for the future of the company.

In fact, it has not occurred to his staff and other colleagues at all.

Reporting from The Balance Careers, in general, a person with visionary leadership has three characteristics, namely having the courage to take risks, active listening, and also being responsible.

Visionary leaders are not afraid of the risks they face related to the ideas that are being developed for the future.

In addition, he also did not hesitate to listen to various kinds of input from several people, even if it was a criticism of him.

Lastly, he is always responsible for the ideas he offers to his employees. As much as possible, these ideas can be implemented properly for the sustainability of the company’s business.

Usually, people who apply the concept of visionary leadership will always invite employees to meetings and training.

This was done to discuss future plans and update the insights of employees.

Multicultural Leadership

As the name implies, this leadership style is usually applied in offices or companies whose staff have cross-cultural backgrounds.

For example, multinational companies will certainly apply multicultural leadership in order to reach employees effectively.

A simple example of multicultural leadership is the leader approving and supporting the celebration of holidays from various backgrounds that are packaged in such a way that all staff can join in the celebration happily.

Lunch together on the first day of work on New Year’s or year-end gift exchange celebrations are some examples of activities resulting from a multicultural leadership style.

There is no special uniform in the office that is actually a product of a leadership style that is tolerant of various cultures.

In developed countries such as the United States, most organizations or companies have adopted multicultural leadership because the staff there come from various nationalities and races.

Strategic Leadership

leadership styles in management

All parts of an organization or company can contribute to their best performance if the leadership style used is strategy-centered.

The not only top management has the power and an important role, as workers, those of you who want to improve the quality of life or the company can also take a role.

This leadership style is certainly needed by research and strategy teams in various types of companies, especially in designing dynamic patterns to follow market or target developments.

Through strategic leadership, everyone in the company should have the opportunity to contribute ideas and ideas.

Especially if there are new opportunities that can be adapted to market needs, this will be a great opportunity for a company to develop.

Collaboration between democratic and strategic will produce reliable products. Moreover, in the digital era like now.

Are any of you lucky enough to have a leader like this?

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Leading While Teaching

This leadership style is very beneficial leadership for employees.

How not, this type of leader immediately intervenes to guide his employees in adding skills and insights.

If you want to be a leader who moves while teaching, it takes a willingness to put in the best of your time.

Because, of course, your time will be divided into various focuses, one of which is assisting your employees.

This type of leadership is needed in regular training so that staff development can also be monitored.

In addition to time, leaders will also devote motivation and support to the employees under their supervision.

The HRD division and training centers in offices are one of the places that need to apply this leadership style in every activity because its objectives are very relevant.

Leader as Facilitator

This Leadership Styles is almost similar to the previous style, but there are significant differences, namely in terms of application.

This type of leader usually focuses on results, not too concerned with improving the skills of his employees

As long as the workflow is secure, the boss will likely not interfere too much.

However, if there are parts or employees who cannot function properly, this leader will not hesitate to step in directly to monitor the process.

The positive thing about a leader who also serves as a facilitator is that he does not overly restrain employees in completing work.

If employees have their own methods that are considered more effective, the leadership will not complain as long as the work is still in accordance with the predetermined flow.

This style is usually carried out by business people whose businesses already have many branches and do not need to be monitored too closely because there are already SOPs or standards that the staff needs to meet.

Team-Centered Leadership Style

best leadership style

Work with all your heart and mind must be applied by every employee who is involved in the work environment with a team-oriented leadership style.

Unfortunately, mutual trust and cooperation among team members do not really matter because the focus is on achieving the mission.

This Leadership Styles is actually quite effective to use if each staff does not have many personal obligations or targets, so they can focus on achieving the team’s targets.

A team-focused leadership orientation also needs a clear vision. So, you know the direction and goals of the work that are the responsibility of you and your co-workers.

In terms of results, it is also quite possible that this leadership style will not succeed if the quality of the leadership is not yet fully qualified.

Those are seven leadership styles that you can use as a reference. So, when it comes to leading, you already know the style and characteristics that you will live with.

However, that was not enough. You need to understand specific strategies to be a good leader.

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