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30 Best Legitimate Work From Home Jobs Hiring Now

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Working from home is the current trend, now i can share for you best legitimate work from home jobs hiring now.

Based on the latest census figures in the US, 13.4 million Americans work from home – an increase of 4.2 million since the previous census. In other countries, the story is almost the same. According to the UK National Statistics Agency, there are 4.2 million home-based jobs in the UK in the first quarter of 2014. No matter where you live, online work from home is on the rise.

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs Hiring Now

Basically there are two types of work from home. Namely those who function as consultants (or freelancers) and work from project to project. For this work you are an independent job. There are also online jobs from home when the employer allows you to carry out work from home as a telekomuter.

In this article, we include work that can be done either as a telecommuter or as an independent job. So which career tends to allow you to work from home? Let’s look at the top ten jobs from home.

30 Flexible Work From Home Jobs That Hiring Now

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs Hiring Now Become a Freelancer

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This is a very wide coverage, basically everything that can be done freelance. Or work on a project. Most of these freelancers have design skills (eg, book design / illustration freelancers, graphics, logos, fashion, architecture, etc.) and IT skills (such as programming, creating websites, making apps, etc.).

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In addition to accepting projects offline or directly, there are also those who are looking for work at sites providing jobs for freelancers. Which is called (I used the local one, hehe), among others:

There are also those who are offered projects after their LinkedIn profile or portfolio has been seen. For design and IT people, it seems important to be diligent in updating those two things.

In other fields, there are also freelancers as finance assistants. Or become an outsourced company employee but work online. Or become a recruiter.

Research Assistant / Freelance Researcher

This can work in a research and development project of a company, or help research lecturers (processing data, writing papers, etc.). Usually adjusting to educational background.

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Legitimate Work From Home Jobs Hiring Now Become an Consultant

real work from home jobs

This is also broad in scope, yes, being a consultant for any field that needs consultation, hihi. Can be an environmental consultant (majority of course alumni of Environmental Engineering), management consultants, business consultants and CRM, communication consultants, human capital and organization consultants, etc. The work can be from home, occasional meetings in the office or outside.

Data Analyst

For this one, the work revolves around data analysis, statistics, et al. This seems suitable for those who like math, processing data, and business.


Those who like to teach, there are so many choices. Can provide tutoring / private lessons for school children, can give talent lessons (such as sports, music, dance, recitation, painting, etc.). There are also those who become elementary / middle / high school teachers, usually in private schools, they don’t teach every day. For those who want to become lecturers, they can also become lecturers in private universities or become non-permanent lecturers, their lectures are more flexible than permanent lecturers.

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs Hiring Now Become an Sports Instructor

Being a sports instructor, in addition to increasing income, also makes you healthy, because sports instructors must definitely be diligent about exercising, hihi. Sports instructors are not only at fitness centers or gyms, there are also those who are called to homes, offices, etc. Many choices are also sports, such as gymnastics, yoga, zumba, etc.

Then I was amazed because there were some who taught special martial arts martial arts. He said that the profession was still a little involved, even though there were many interested people, so they were often asked to teach outside the city. His income was pretty good he said.

Hold a Workshop / Training

Mothers who have certain expertise can really do their own workshops / training related to that expertise. There are so many skills, such as cooking, photography, design, writing, public speaking, etc. It is usually easier to attract people in the community, because there are certainly those who are interested in improving their skills but cannot learn by themselves. The workshop also does not have to be for adults, for children too.

Writing / Publishing Books

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For mothers who like to write, writing a book can be an option. In the ITB Motherhood, many have published their own books, whether they are self-written or have written “keroyokan”. Not only those who like writing, who like to draw and make illustrations, there are also those who publish books. Know the book series Allah Dear Me by Amalia Kartika Sari? That’s an example, hehe.

Contributor Website / Content Writer

If this is still related to writing, but write for another website. Today’s mainstay website is content, so there are many websites out there that need additional writers. Can also be an offline media contributor like a magazine.

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Legitimate Work From Home Jobs Hiring Now Become an Translator

legit work from home jobs for moms

If the ability of a foreign language is good, this can be an option. The types of work are various, can accompany foreigners to translate their conversations, translate books / comics, etc.

Release Editor / Corrector

For those who like to read, this can also be an option. From this thread, I also know that in addition to the editor there is also a corrector. The scope of work is different.

Blogger / Vlogger

legitimate work from home jobs

Blogs and vlogs or videos on Youtube can be monetized. The monetizing methods are also various, not just copying ads or the number of views. Some are in the form of content placements, some are collaborating with brands, some are invited to an event and are asked to write a review, some are participating in blog competitions, etc.

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Legitimate Work From Home Jobs Hiring Now Become an Influencer

There are also those who use social media to become a source of income. Selebgram already know yes from various posts that milling about on Instagram, hehe. Usually more towards reviewing or endorsing products.

Advertising / Paid Promote Services

There are some who share before opening advertising services or paid promoting on line @. Now it seems like I can use other social media too, but I don’t know what the mechanism is, hehe.

Social Media Manager

legitimate work from home

It still relates to social media, if it’s its job to manage social media accounts of a company to promote something. Can promote products, services, brands, and public figures.

Trader or Stock Investor

This is related to the sale and purchase of shares, of course. But between traders and investors the system is quite different. For those who are interested and have capital, this is pretty good, because if you can do a good stock business, the benefits are far more tolerable than other forms of investment. Losses can also be minimized if you understand the system. My husband has been trading stocks from 2016, but I have not been interested, hihi.

Tour Guide / Travel Planner

The tour guide seems to have been done by those who live abroad, as a guide for Indonesians who are traveling there. For those who take a walk, this can be an option to get a guide at a lower cost than a professional guide, hehe.

If a travel planner / consultant is usually consulted with family / company / community who want to take a walk together, arrange a complete itinerary, etc. Very suitable for those who like to take a walk or plan a vacation.

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs Hiring Now Become an Make Up Artist

Which is good at grooming can really take advantage of this skill. Even if you can’t get at the level of make-up artist or bride, there are still many out there who need to be dressed up to attend certain events, hehe.

Photographer / Videographer

This is also a hit because in the era of social media, it’s now okay to need beautiful photos or videos. From those who need for special moments such as graduation, prewedding, application, marriage, maternity, baby; to make a trip. Yes yes, nowadays there are also people who take a walk with their own photographer.

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Radio announcer

There are also some who are radio broadcasters. It doesn’t work every day, and every day’s work doesn’t work.


Master of ceremonies, host, host, let alone the term? I already thought about it, so it doesn’t need to be explained again, hehe.

Making Handmade Products

For those who like to make crafts, really make this hobby a source of income. But if for this, it will be related to selling too. If it’s not sold, it’s not a significant income, just to fulfill your own needs, hehe. This handmade product is not just a small item, can also be large items such as cabinets, kitchen sets, and other household furniture.

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Even though many clothes are sold in stores or online shops, tailors are still needed by people who want to make custom clothes, size fitting on the body, etc. Also sewing the scope is not just sewing clothes, you can also sew other items such as bags, wallets, bed sheets, curtains, etc.

Voice over

As for the voice actor, I am afraid that it will become a film, soap opera, and cartoon on TV. But it turns out it’s not limited there. Can also be a voice advertisement, read documentary narratives, etc.

Giveaway / Quiz Hunter

This is still related to social media, apparently there are those who like to hunt quizzes and giveaway on social media. There are those who share if their friends pursue this, so it’s not just fun, but a dozen. And the results can be quite impressive. But usually what is obtained is more in the form of products / goods.

Graphic designer

If you are artistic or have a talent for design, there are many job opportunities for you. Graphic designers make everything from corporate logos to posters and advertisements.

Graphic designers work from home (illustration).
The average hourly pay rate for graphic designers is around $ 22.00 per hour. Many graphic designers have special training in design. Competition is heavy for this type of work, so if this is your field, make sure that you have a strong portfolio.


Sales people persuade consumers to buy various types of products and services, from real estate properties to consumer products and more. Many sales people work from home and contact clients by telephone, although some sales positions require face-to-face meetings.

Sales professionals often receive principal fees and commissions based on how much they sell. For that reason, compensation varies. Payments on average have a range of $ 35,000 a year for travel agents to more than $ 58,000 a year for all sales representatives.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant jobs

Virtual assistants carry out administrative tasks which include research, answering emails and telephone calls. They also handle many other routine tasks. Companies or individuals employ virtual assistants to handle routine tasks that take up time so they can spend more time on income-generating tasks.

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Software Developer

Software developers make everything from computer programs to run on desktops to applications for mobile devices. Website popularity and growth in the use of mobile devices means there are many opportunities for software developers.

Software development is a field that grows higher than the average payment. The median fee for a software developer is $ 47.11 per hour.

Customer Support and Customer Service

Customer support personnel often work for IT companies to offer technical assistance for computer programs or computer hardware using telephones. Customer service staff handle customer questions that are not related to IT. This work is easily done from a home office with a telephone and computer.

This developing field pays quite well. The median salary for a customer support specialist is $ 24.22 per hour. Customer service specialists usually get $ 15.00 per hour.

Final Words

Do you work from home? Tell us about the work from your home and how you started it in the comments below.

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