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139 List of Business Ideas to Make Money 2022

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List of Business Ideas – Often we ask ourselves about a suitable business to run at this time but always stuck because of the lack of choice of business ideas that we know.

I’ve read from a blog, I don’t know exactly when and who owns the blog. In essence, like this “From 139 List of Business Ideas that we know, there is no way that no one can succeed to run”.

As you learned when you were sitting in your school about probability theory or its algebraic language is a probability. The more often you make a mistake in a matter, the greater your chances of not repeating the mistake.\

Well, referring to the theory above, then I assume that 139 List of Business Ideas that you know, surely one of them is your opportunity to achieve success. Your job is just to try one business according to your abilities and knowledge. If there is a failure, then try another business idea.

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Don’t let go of your failure. Most successful people have a terrible experience of failure, but they remain passionate and believe that from failure there must be something hidden for a better life. The more often it fails, the more likely your success will be.

In accordance with what I described above, then I will give some business ideas that you can make reference as the first step to your success.

139 List of Business Ideas

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  1. Selling fruits in a car
  2. Selling products in the market is shocked
  3. Selling products in spilled markets
  4. Selling Islamic books in the courtyard of the mosque on Friday
  5. Pet dog storage
  6. Selling children screen printing shirts
  7. Animal salons
  8. Haircut
  9. Wall cleaning services from graffiti streaks (usually in public places)
  10. Soccer coach
  11. Cooking services
  12. Plumber service
  13. Buying and selling used computers
  14. Computer service
  15. Translator
  16. Technical book translator
  17. Bike shop
  18. Sell mobile phones accessories
  19. Selling motorcycle accessories
  20. Interior-exterior design services
  21. Car driver services
  22. Driving course
  23. Teach private English
  24. PlayStation rental
  25. Freelance journalists (National media and web blogs)
  26. Child care services
  27. Typing/copy services
  28. Book / novel / comic rental
  29. Website creation services
  30. Cartoonist
  31. Printing / invitation / calendar business
  32. Buying and selling used goods
  33. Pick up school children
  34. Music/art coach
  35. Event organizer services
  36. Freight forwarding service
  37. Photography services
  38. Marriage video making services
  39. Online shop building services
  40. Blog update service
  41. Selling creative design shirts
  42. Selling ornamental plants
  43. Aquarium manufacturing services
  44. Park-making services
  45. Park maintenance services
  46. Cleaning service
  47. Kilo laundry service
  48. Body massage services
  49. Painting service
  50. Architectural services
  51. Used motorbike buying and selling
  52. Buying and selling a property
  53. Realtor property
  54. Reseller of online shop products
  55. Sell pastries
  56. Car rental business
  57. Playgroup services
  58. Sell various ice cream
  59. Document management broker
  60. Baby day care
  61. Selling ornamental plants
  62. Brownies of various flavors
  63. Digital printing
  64. Rent a music studio / Recording
  65. Home interior equipment
  66. Spring roll shop
  67. Wash snow wash motorbikes
  68. Course subjects
  69. Foreign language courses
  70. Music course
  71. Voice filtering / Dubber
  72. Cheese meatball stall
  73. Scriptwriter
  74. Rent a futsal court
  75. Author
  76. Master of ceremony services (MC)
  77. Architecture and interior design consultants
  78. Muslim salon
  79. Business refill drinking water depot
  80. Organic noodles
  81. Patchwork blanket
  82. Snacks / snacks
  83. Multi-level marketing (MLM) beauty/health products
  84. Mukena and painting veil
  85. Educational toy store
  86. Food souvenirs
  87. Property agent
  88. Selling household appliances
  89. Soft drinks / fresh fruit juices
  90. Seafood shop
  91. Craft dried flowers
  92. Wedding souvenir
  93. Parcel
  94. Recycle plastic/paper waste
  95. Book rental
  96. Event organizer
  97. Online store
  98. Buying and selling antiques
  99. Wedding equipment rental
  100. Catering
  101. Talent channel agent
  102. Gym / gym
  103. Sushi/bento shop
  104. Selling baby gear
  105. Traditional tavern
  106. Women’s accessories
  107. Muslim clothing boutique
  108. Website creation services
  109. Computer accessories and peripherals
  110. Traditional massage / reflexology
  111. Factory Outlet (Fo)
  112. Refill phone balance
  113. Gado-Gado shop
  114. Fresh fruit shop
  115. Patchwork Handicraft
  116. Sell pillowcases and bed linen
  117. Pasta shop
  118. Computer programming services
  119. Batik boutiques and courses
  120. Copy services
  121. Pastry shop
  122. Courier service
  123. Translator services
  124. Various dimsum shops
  125. E-book
  126. Video shooting and photography
  127. Decorative lights
  128. Fishing pond
  129. Computer courses
  130. Cooking course
  131. Screen printing digital printing
  132. Freelance singer/musician
  133. Electricity and telephone payment agent
  134. LPG gas distribution agent
  135. Animal shop (Pet shop)
  136. Shoes
  137. Refillable perfume
  138. Laundry
  139. Travel agent

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Please select one of the business ideas above according to your current abilities. Set your heart that I will succeed, I deserve my rights as a successful person.

That’s enough of our meeting this time. Hopefully this article 139 List of Business Ideas to Make Money provides benefits for all of you. We will meet in the next article. Send regards for success

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