List of Cloud Mining Bitcoin who still trusted and Paying

List of Cloud Mining Bitcoin who still trusted and Paying 2018

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List of Cloud Mining Bitcoin who still trusted and Paying – This time the admin will list the company site cloud mining Bitcoin anywhere that is still trusted and paying up to the 2018 year since their inception. However, the admin explained here is not free but the mining site is a site intended for you who want to do with the method of mining the cloud (cloud).

Scientific understanding of the cloud so that you better understand mining will I take the following conclusions:

Understanding Cloud Mining

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Cloud Mining (mining in the clouds) is a mining services provider site bitcoin capability or resources to mine devices such as ASIC Bitcoin Miner or using a supercomputer of this source (hash rate) using the VGA Card or commonly called Mining Rig. To build a mining rig and how the range of costs that must be incurred please search the articles in this blog titled Assembles Mining Rig.

Why is there a cloud mining site but we can also mine own with the free use of a mining rig your raft! Following consideration of the bitcoin miners using the company website of cloud mining.

  • Budget or the cost to build a mining rig is very expensive and not worth the revenue so it requires long periods for the repayment of capital.
  • The cost of electricity if the mining itself is very high especially electricity costs in Indonesia is very expensive once per Kwh.
  • Mining bitcoin itself has greater risks such as the burning of the processor, VGA Card, power supply or other components and requires a huge cost if this occurs.

A provider of cloud mining will understand all of the above if doing solo individually or mining requires a very large cost.

Then with some of the above reasons they make a mining with large capacity with the use of a resource that is relatively cheaper as it uses solar power or nuclear power in order to be more efficient and affordable by its users.

Enterprise cloud mining sites will offer you to do mining in a cloud. Now they have to offer is a type of digital currency which would you mine and how much speed you use.

In addition, they will give a calculation about the costs of the treatment that you have to pay are deducted automatically from your bitcoin income.

The income you receive is net income and will be paid to you via wallet belongs to you.

When you buy Hasrate then you will see on the calculators they provide when the time period your money will be returned. The average payback (ROI) as hash rate package you use, the higher the rent then you hash rate the faster return on capital. Fastest typically 3 months with contract period 7 months so you’ve got an advantage for 4 months in the future. And most of the old 10-12 months at the time of contract period expires.

The other advantage of using the service cloud mining sites is that they often offer that the funds that you use will be returned to you 100% when the contract period is up. Make it a habit to read the provisions of the contract period has to offer before you buy the contract hash rate.

There is also offering contracts all the time where you will be paid as long as the cloud mining sites stand. The capital is back but each month you will be paid, very Legit instead!

Risk Factors Of Cloud Mining

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Every effort there is certainly risk factors that you have to face. The risk that you will encounter if doing a contract with cloud mining site as follows:

  • The existence of a new policy that will have an impact on the income and capital returns. As was the case in the year 2017 which many of China’s mines are closed down by the Government.
  • Of course aside from legit currency bitcoin target becomes the hacker or cracker to get or steal bitcoin on cloud mining sites and this often happens. However, generally, the provider of cloud mining will always consistently pays you.
  • Another risk factor is when their resources are not accidents such as fire and suspected of other events.

The miners actually do hash rate contract already understand will factor all risks when conducting mining in cloud mining and for them, this is something that is natural for them. So for those of you who recently played bitcoin requires courage when starting an investment in world bitcoin.

List of Trusted Cloud Mining Year 2018

The following is a list of sites that still cloud mining paid are considered trusted and paying the current year until 2018.

  • Hashflare

A company that was founded in 2013, which is known for the manufacture of mining equipment sales and cryptocurrency. Extensive experience and a good response from customers build confidence and guarantee the security of investments.

  • Genesis

Genesis is a leading provider of mining coin SHA-256 (Bitcoin), Zcash, Litecoin, Ethash (Ethereum), X 11 (Dash) and Monero, while payment/withdrawal of the result mining genesis is done automatically by the system and done when have reached a minimum the withdrawal has been determined. Genesis Mining offers mining the cloud that is priced affordably with a period of mining contracts, lifetime is provided at certain times (not every day).

  • Hashing24

Hashing24 has been involved with mining Bitcoin beginning in 2012. They have a facility in Iceland and Georgia. They use modern ASIC chips from the company BitFury that provides maximum performance and efficiency. Hashing24 included in bitcoin cloud mining and mining in the world


OXBTC provides an SHA-256 coins mining (Bitcoin), Equihash (Zec), and Litecoin. Payments/withdrawals can result in oxbtc mining is done manually by the user if it has reached the minimum withdrawal.

  • Minergate

MinerGate is bitcoin mining which was created by a group of fans crypto coin.

This is the first mining provides services for mining combined. This means that you can mine the different coins simultaneously without reducing the hash rate for coins.

  • Hashnest

Hashnest is a cloud mining that can be reliable because there is real and genuine cloud mining property Bitmain that actually produce the bitcoin. They can also show the cloud mining. Mining pool used to mine Hashnest is a pool of their own, IE Ant Ant Pool, the Pool can be used by the public so that the pool can be ensured is the original.

Many companies cloud mining more however that admin give is as reference material that the cloud provider to the 6 mining has the best reputation of the cloud miners mining both national and international. Silahkah your own review site cloud mining cheapest anywhere with high income.

For admin yourself anyway almost all have in common, however, if the admin may choose to suggest using company genesis cloud mining because it’s already very popular pay and trusted. But sometimes hash rate very limited availability, as well as other mining companies cloud and you, have to be patient because of so many devotees. Hopefully Helpful

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