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8 List of Freelance Jobs with a Great Prospect

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The Best List of Freelance Jobs to Do from Home

Nowadays, becoming a freelancer is more and more popular. People decide to be a freelancer because they can work anywhere they want. The most important thing is that they earn money from it. If you have a plan to be a freelancer, it is good to know the list of freelance jobs that gives you more projects and income. Later, you can choose one of the best freelance jobs you can do to earn money.

8 List of Freelance Jobs For Long Term Passive Income

List of Freelance Jobs For Long Term Passive Income

Fiction Writing Jobs

Do you enjoy writing fiction? If it is so, you can start to think about doing it for money. You can be a freelance fiction writer so you can manage your time well. Nowadays the chance to get freelance fiction writing jobs is bigger because there are a lot of publishers that search for freelance writers to write on a particular theme or genre. You can also check online newspapers or magazines that have a fiction section. Send your story there and if it is qualified enough for their brand, they will accept and publish your fiction story and earn money from it.

Magazine Writing Jobs

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Magazine companies are also a potential place to find freelance jobs. Sometimes, the company needs a temporary journalist or writer to cover a particular topic or theme. This is the time for you to get one of the freelance magazine writing jobs offered. Commonly, you are writing for the online version and this is your great opportunity to introduce yourself. A lot of people will read your article and decide whether it is interesting enough or not. Some of the readers can be your next clients. The best way to get a job is by following their social media account, visit their official website, or buy the magazine. You can also learn the style of the articles so you are ready when there is an offer as a freelance writer.

Resume Writer

Writing a resume seems simple and the good news is that some people can’t write their resume well. This is your great opportunity to introduce yourself that you are ready to accept freelance resume writer jobs. Freelance job boards have an important role to connect you with your potential clients. You may visit particular online freelance job boards such as Freelance Writing Jobs, Blogging Pro, Flex Jobs, and LinkedIn Jobs. There are so many writing job opportunities for you including working as a resume writer.

Fashion Writer

For those who are passionate about fashion, love anything about it, and having good writing skills, you can try to find freelance fashion writer jobs. You can find the jobs on the fashion magazine companies, fashion stores, fashion photography business, fashion websites or blogs, and many more. Most companies want to boost their popularity and promote their brand or products so they need someone that can write an interesting and attractive article. Just make sure that your writing meets their qualifications and style. The idea is just to make sure that you are the one that they are looking for. You can send your portfolio about your fashion writings. If it is necessary, you can explain what you can do to help their company or business to grow with your writing skills and experience.

Legal Writer

It’s your luck to have a particularly difficult knowledge such as law. Not all people can write anything related to legal documents well. The writer needs to understand the law and legal documents well to write a correct and accurate document. Some attorneys or companies often have difficulty finding a qualified writer and this is the reason why they have an offer on freelance legal writing jobs. If you have skills, it is the best time to show that you can write legal documents professionally just like what the company is expecting. The amount of the salary is various and it depends on your skills and the level of the companies. The bigger the company, the higher the payment. That’s why this job is included on the list of freelance jobs with a higher payment.

Writer and Editor

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Writing and editing become one of the best self-employment opportunities. What you need to do is promote your writing or editing results and it is easy to do now along with the help of the internet. You can promote your portfolio on social media or trusted websites and let your potential clients know you. The more you promote yourself and the portfolio the more writing and editing jobs opportunity come to you. Some specific online freelance job boards such as Freelance Writing Jobs, Blogging Pro, Flex Jobs, and LinkedIn Jobs are facilitating writers and editors who need to find freelance writing and editing jobs.


A designer is also one of the most promising jobs due to dynamic development. Nowadays, you can be a web designer who designs logo, website themes, infographics, posters, brochures, pamphlets, and many more. One thing for sure that there are a lot of freelance design jobs online you can get as long as you want to give your effort. Some online portals such as Behance Jobs, Fiverr, and 99designs are trying to connect designers with potential clients to get jobs. Don’t forget to impress your clients to get more jobs.

Technical Writers

It will be great if you are a writer with specific skills such as skills related to technical things. By having this combination, you can find technical writing jobs easier because you meet the qualifications of the company. Even, this job is more comfortable because you can do the technical writing jobs from home. You just need to prepare a laptop or computer, internet network, and email. Your client will send the details to your email and you just need to finish it based on the requirements and deadline. What a great way to make money, right?

The information above shows that there is always an opportunity for you as long as you have skills and knowledge. Instead of working at the office, you can be a freelancer. The most important thing is that you know the best freelance job sites and the list of freelance jobs that can give your money and projects frequently.

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