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7 Best Long-Term Investments In 2022

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Long-Term Investments can help you get passive income which will certainly help you in your old age. Interested in investing? Come on, see what types of investments are there!

A long-term investment is one solution to get money or passive income in the future.

This investment is usually chosen by investors who want the value of their money to continue to increase in the future.

Although it takes a long time, this investment will generally provide much greater returns than short-term investments.

Are you interested in having this type of investment?

If so, let’s take a look at the reviews of the types of long-term investments below!

7 Best Long Term Investment Products To Consider

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Gold Investment

It is common knowledge that gold is one of the most profitable types of investment.

Gold investment is quite popular among investors because the price is more stable than the currency value.

How to invest in gold is also very easy.

You just have to buy gold at the preferred gold shop then keep the gold properly at home.

But you have to be careful because now there are people offering fake gold.

Therefore, you must know how to distinguish between real gold and fake gold so that you are not deceived.

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Property Investment

Nowadays, property investment is increasingly being chosen by people.

This is because property investment is a profitable investment compared to other investments.

Property investment has proven to be profitable in the future because land prices always increase per year.

Even the average property investment value has increased by about 20% per year, lo!

Even though it requires a large amount of capital, the return you will get will also be very large.

Bluechip Shares

Shares are proof of someone’s participation or ownership in a company or limited liability company.

By investing in stocks, you are entitled to get dividends or a share of the company’s profits every year.

Bluechip shares are a type of investment in leading stocks with a large capitalization figure of over IDR40 trillion.

This one stock comes from a company with a high reputation that has stable income in giving dividends.

It should be underlined that stocks have an aggressive level of fluctuation, so the risk is also high.

Equity Funds

Equity Funds are similar to investing in common stocks.

However, you will be assisted by the Investment Manager (MI) in choosing the best stock products.

This certainly makes it easier for beginners who don’t know the ins and outs of stock investing.

Similar to investing in common stocks, mutual fund investing also carries a high risk.

But you don’t need to worry because the benefits you can get are quite high too.

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Time Savings Investment

Having a term savings account can increase your chances of getting tempting profits.

If you want to join this savings account, you are required to save regularly within the agreed time from the start.

Term savings have a much higher interest rate than ordinary savings, so the profits will definitely be greater.

However, the drawback is that you cannot carelessly withdraw money, because the disbursement has been adjusted to the predetermined tempo.


An insurance investment is an agreement between you and an insurance company.

If you take part in this investment, you agree that you will pay money which is called a premium to the insurance company.

The insurance company is then willing to bear a number of losses that may occur in the future.

Pension Program

Insurance companies usually have a pension fund investment program.

When the retirement period arrives, investors will get a number of funds originating from the development of the insurance company.

However, this type of investment does not get much interest and the amount of profit is obtained from the amount of profit earned by the insurance company.

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Those are some types of long-term investments that have been prepared by BBonlinemoney.

What, what type of investment do you think is suitable as an option?

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