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Best Websites to Hire Freelance Writers

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Looking for Freelance Writers to Grow Your Business?, These the Best List

Looking for Freelance Writers to Grow Your Business?, These the Best List

Quality contents help you to build up the reputation of your company’s online. Looking for freelance writers? A smart company starts to understand that hire content makers become an important aspect of their marketing and sales engine as well. Growing up blogs were also a combination of having the right tools and making incredible content. Before going to websites, then there are several things that you can consider when deciding the best freelance writing websites.


Guru is a platform dedicated to wide ranges of freelance fields. This website has a million members from around the world. One of the coolest features here is the ability to manage your content creation projects without leaving this site since you can use a built-up manager app. You can make agreements, deciding tasks and milestones, communicate and share documents. All those features are necessary to complete your blog post, contents or email. Posting a job on this site was free but there is a fee which been reduced from the payment. It’s all depending on your membership plan. The hiring cost in the freelancer is pretty affordable for most small business owners.


This is the biggest freelance platform in the world. Anyone who has hired a freelancer or working as a freelancer has so familiar with this site. In this site, then you can find so many writers here. There are some requirements and filters which help you to narrow down the number of candidates. There is also a filter that helps business owners to find writers that fit with their budget and expertise. There are many features allow you to find native writers, freelancers from around the world and more. If looking for freelance writers, you can find them here.


This site allows you to manage your workflow related to your writing projects and get new orders from writers who meet with specific qualifications. There are different degrees of pricing. On the lowest level is the payment when you going on the pricing structure when you will pay per word starting from 2 cents each word. When you go up, then you will pay as much as $2 each word. It’s all depending on your level.


This is also the first marketplace on the list and specifically dedicated to find out writers and content creators as well. This website also offers several options on the price points for small business owners. Are you looking for freelance writers? This article helps you.

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