10 Low Budget But Luxury House Design Ideas

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Low Budget But Luxury House Design Ideas? The industrial home trend is now increasingly popular among millennials. This industrial concept house design has a smaller construction cost but still looks luxurious. In contrast to minimalist homes, industrial house designs use materials such as steel, wood, metal, stone, and other materials that give an industrial impression.

Industrial house design

Most industrial houses have unfinished walls (raw without plaster and paint). This is deliberately done so that the industrial impression in the house is more visible. Meanwhile, on the regular roof using aluminum or mild steel, the cost is cheaper than traditional roof tiles.

Apart from the external design, industrial houses also include a variety of classic interiors. Starting from furniture from wood, marble, or concrete floors, to minimalist house doors.

The advantages and disadvantages of industrial houses

As with minimalist homes, industrial house designs also have various advantages:

  • Low budget – industrial homes use raw or recycled materials that are cheaper. At first glance, it may seem far from luxurious, but for some people, a home design like this is what they want.
  • Environmentally friendly – industrial houses as much as possible reduce the use of paints and finishes that are not environmentally friendly. Maintenance is also much easier and energy-efficient.
  • Comfortable and unique – the industrial concept is still very rarely used, therefore this type of house will look different from the others. Especially with the many materials from nature, the cool and comfortable impression will spoil you even more.

There are advantages of course there are also disadvantages. One of the drawbacks of industrial house designs is the challenge of choosing the various materials to be used. With outdated raw materials, we must be able to present the impression of class and luxury. Often the selection of the wrong materials actually makes the house look cheap.

Luxury House With Low Budget

For those of you who can’t wait to have an industrial concept house, here we summarize some examples of industrial house designs that you can emulate.

2-storey industrial house

how to make your home look luxurious on a budget
© source spa architect

With a land area of ​​150 square meters, this industrial concept house was built into 2 floors with a fairly large yard. The first floor of this house carries an open plan concept with unfinished walls, making it look wider.

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Futuristic industrial house

low cost house plans with photos
© source ruangrona architect

This industrial house, named SN house, is a boutique showroom as well as a residence. The shape of the house is not too broad, it’s just made to extend backward with a showroom made on the ground floor.

The industrial concept is clearly seen in the exterior design which uses unfinished materials. Some wooden ornaments on the facade and metal window trellises add to the industrial impression of the house.

Modern industrial house

10 lakh house plan in village
© source tamara wibowo architect

Low-budget industrial house designs with steeply angled roofs can also be an option for you to imitate. Its unique facade design with neatly arranged stone blocks makes the industrial impression even more pronounced. Not to mention the presence of trees that propagate between the walls and the facade, making the atmosphere of the house one with nature.

Industrial house with exposed brick

how to make your home look elegant on a budget
© source archdaily

The key to the industrial house design above is in the neat arrangement of exposed bricks while maintaining the original color. Therefore, the walls of the house are not plastered so that they still display an industrial impression.

But before you choose a house design like this, it is important to know the type of exposed brick used. Because not all bricks have high resistance without being protected with a layer of plaster. Some of the bricks that architects recommend are striped clay bricks, terracotta bricks, sand-lime bricks, and exposed KWD bricks.

Low Budget But Luxury House Design Ideas With Tropical industrial house

budget friendly house design philippines
© source bitte design studio

Industrial house designs with a touch of tropical nuances are indeed pleasing to the eye. The abundance of ornamental plants and some hanging flowers make the impression of a house that blends with nature.

Industrial house with rooftop

low budget house plans kerala
© source blogspot.com

A 2-storey industrial house with a rooftop does give the impression of a luxurious appearance. The main material in this house is dominated by exposed glass and brick which has a distinctive color. On the 2nd floor, the stairs to the rooftop are deliberately made open to further highlight the industrial impression of the house.

Industrial half container house

10 lakhs budget house plans in tamilnadu
© source pinhome.id

Interesting indeed, by using used containers we can make industrial-style houses. In the house design above, some are made of used containers arranged on 2 levels. Modifying it so that it resembles a house and is comfortable to live in is certainly a challenge for you.

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Full container industrial house

10 lakhs budget house plans in kerala 2022
© source instagram.com

Industrial house designs made of containers can also be an option for those of you who have limited funds. In addition to seeming simpler, industrial houses from containers can also be modified in such a way that they are comfortable to live in.

Small industrial house

© source orami.co.id

Have limited land but want to have an industrial style house. The small house design above may be suitable for you. With a mature master plan, you can build an industrial-style house that is spacious and comfortable to live in.

A little modern touch on the house certainly will not be a problem. Don’t forget to leave a little land in the front to be used as a small green garden.

Minimalist industrial house

© source google.com

Minimalist design always eliminates unnecessary parts of the house, making it look flat and simple without excessive frills. In the house design above, almost all the walls are made unfinished with natural colors.

Thus a review of 10 Low Budget But Luxury House Design Ideas. The design inspiration above will certainly help you in determining what kind of industrial house you will build later.

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