Low-Cost Business Ideas With High Profit

33 Low-Cost Business Ideas With High Profit

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Before I give you Low-Cost Business Ideas With High Profit, I should, at least, decode the term and talk about finding the time to work on it.

A side business is a job that you do outside of your full-time job to make extra money.

Many people have been doing this for years and their side businesses make more money than their official job.

With the internet, side businesses have become more realizable and have also become easier. After all, the internet can make you start a Low-Cost Business Ideas With High Profit.

33 Side Businesses You Can Start on Your Own

top 10 small business ideas

Photo Editing

With Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media, to appear confident, many people edit their photos and videos. Photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop is widely downloaded by all YouTubers and Celebrities.

Learning to edit videos and photos can help add to your income. While diving and drinking water can be a side business of editing photos and videos.

Mastering photo and video editing can replace your full-time job.

How much can you earn from video editing?


The blogger profession cannot be underestimated in this era. There are lots of bloggers who generate abundant income with their personal sites and blogs. But behind all that, there are still difficulties to be faced.

A blogger must be diligent and technology literate. We do not say technology in the sense of a robot or the like, but he must understand the technical elements of blogging from SEO, Google Ads, affiliate marketing, and so on. The income of bloggers does not come from articles but through advertisements and product placements – we reveal the recipe.

But in order for a company to advertise on your blog, bloggers do need to create a quality blog, understand keywords, provide relevant articles and provide solutions for their readers.

I recommend using WordPress instead of a free blogging site. Set aside your pocket money to start something that can make more money.

Make sure you look for your niche and build a blog with inspiring content.

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Facebook ADS (Advertisement)

The easiest way to promote your content or business is by means of advertisements. In the past, we used television or newspapers for sponsorship. However, Facebook, Instagram and sponsored social media are better and more targeted than newspapers.

With the existence of demand and supply, many companies pay high fees to optimize their advertisements.

These jobs are trending in the world at this time, many people set aside their free time to work on these businesses.

The pay for creating and optimizing sponsorship on Facebook is very high. If you look at Upwork and Fiverr, they ask $ 50- $ 100 dollars for 1 job.

Selling credit

Pulse sales have been relied on for several years. As long as you live in a village, there will be many people who will buy from you.

The most important thing about these Low-Cost Business Ideas With High Profit is to get cheap wholesale credit prices and fast and precise service.


Do you have a hobby of making cakes? If yes, this side business is perfect for you. Apart from making money, you can also do your hobby.

The income from this work can be said to be very much, what’s more, you have many friends and colleagues.


low cost business ideas

Not all physical businesses (not using the internet) will die. An example is a laundry. The more developed a country is, the less time they have to do homework.

Everyone wants to be concise and fast. Washing clothes takes a lot of time because you need to dry and iron. Even though it can be done by yourself, many people are lazy and choose to use laundry services.

Private lessons

Private lessons have flexible time and can be done anywhere (at your home or at the student’s house). Good private teachers are very expensive, the pay can reach hundreds of thousands of rupiah per hour.

Enough to work 5-8 hours per week. Not too much. If calculated, you only work 1-2 hours per day.


Everyone knows about Driver’s job, I don’t need to explain at length about this business.

The money is not much, but it is stable and during the holidays 100 percent of the target will be achieved quickly. The name is just a side business, the results are definitely not so much for this one.

Take Care of the House

Usually, this work is done during a long holiday, for example, Eid or Christmas, where the office will be closed for 1 week.

Domestic people are bound to feel restless when they leave the house for a long period of time.

How much money do you get? Usually, it is relative but during the holiday season, prices will automatically increase.

Animal Care

If you are a dog and cat lover, this is your dream job. How come? Get paid when playing with these cute animals.

Like housekeeping services, many animal care services will boom (suddenly increase) due to long vacations.

Even though they are their darling, the owners find it very difficult to bring their “child” on vacation.

Very sad if pets are left alone at home.

Your house will definitely be very dirty and they will be sad, angry.

With animal care services, you can vacation in relief and comfort.

The price of these services is very relative, depending on how big and the type of animal.


Infal services can be equated with freelance because they are temporary workers and are paid per day or hourly. Usually, infal power is channeled through the foundation.

However, you can do it yourself for your relatives. If you are trusted, I hope many families will use your services.


Dropshipping is a very popular business opportunity for new entrepreneurs, especially Generation Z and Millennials, because internet marketing skills are much needed than financial capacity. Because you don’t need to have stock or handle the items you sell.

Why dropship?

The dropshipping business does not require a lot of capital. This Low-Cost Business Ideas With High Profit is suitable for students, housewives, even office people.

Home/property broker

Land assets always go up in price. Many people are looking for houses or land.

When they have finished building the house, they will want to sell it immediately. Well, here you can help sell or become a broker.

In addition, if you see people building houses around your home environment. You can offer to become a broker. Remember to ask how much the commission and bonus is.

This Low-Cost Business Ideas With High Profit does not require capital, only trust. Many people have become rich with this endeavor. Always learn to be a reliable property broker.

Content Creators

low cost business ideas with high profit

Content Creator is one of the jobs that many people crave. In fact, many 90s generations suddenly got rich because of Content Creators.

The source of income from Content Creators is with Google Adsense.


This is my favorite for the side business because you only need to build the foundation for a few months and the affiliate program will work for life.

Affiliates that are very widely used by people are Clickbank and Amazon. Even though many have carried out affiliate programs, the prospects for these small capital businesses are very high because they will not delete them.

It’s not hard to get $ 400 to thousands of dollars this way. In fact, many have earned tens of thousands of dollars.

Web Design + Maintenance

As I said above, creating a blog is very profitable. However, not everyone can make your blog comfortable to use.

Even though WordPress has great themes, bloggers need to learn how to design them. Here, web design services will shine.

Unmitigated, web design services are known to be expensive, if abroad, web design can reach hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. Depends on customer requests.

To start this service, you must be able to speak programming languages ​​such as CSS and Java. If you can’t, this job isn’t for you. It’s not easy to learn these languages.

Managing Social Media

Have you ever seen that Instagram and Facebook celebrities look very beautiful?

Obviously, the people who manage their social media are very good at their job. The pay for this job is also very high. The salary from this job can reach $ 5,000 dollars, depending on the account that is managed.

Usually, they have to manage Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube. In addition, they must make social media comfortable to use, intractable and informative.

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Motorcycle / Car Wash

Increasingly, people are getting lazy to do trivial things. Empty time is made for relaxing. 6 days of work and 1 day used to relax.

Where people are looking for supplies, there we can benefit.

Buying Service

This business is on the rise at the moment. Why? because this side business only requires a social media account, internet, and smartphone.

Yes, you heard that right. Only with these 3 tools, namely being able to do the business.

Here, I give an example to Singapore. Tickets to Singapore are inexpensive, only a few hundred thousand if using a budget airline. There, you can sell Irvin, a salted egg fish skin, a snack.

Selling Cheap Food

The food business is an easy tussle business. It’s hard when you’re starting out, it’s easy when you’re already famous.

You don’t need a big place to sell a cheap tavern. In front of your house is enough to start. For beginners, you can sell when you finish the afternoon work.

You can also sell a variety of drinks. The profit from this sale is not small.


You don’t need to bother developing a product from scratch and thinking about branding. In general cases, resellers take inventory and stock of goods from distributors and suppliers. Usually, the price of the goods will also be much cheaper than the retail market price. You can mark up yourself from the original price for profit.

This side job is perfect for those who have wide connections and love to communicate. Don’t forget to always take your goods from trusted and credible suppliers.

This profession is a little different from dropshipping, even though it has many similarities, but a reseller is still required to buy and have inventory in the warehouse.

Selling Used Goods

Selling used goods is a creative idea for those who don’t want to do product development and creation.

You can look for second-hand products or clothes from flea markets or use items from relatives, relatives, family, and your own that are still in good condition for resale.

This business is very profitable and can be done from anywhere. Make sure you maximize online marketing tools and promotion from social media for the best results.

Typing Services

The next Low-Cost Business Ideas With High Profit is to provide script typing services. If you live in an office area, university, and school – this profession will be very profitable for you because the demand is definitely high.

Your initial capital is just a printer, computer, and internet connection.

Photocopy shop

This business is very suitable for those who live in the area around the business district, office, government, schools, and universities.

We all know that photocopying services are needed by actors in the above sector – especially among students who have to complete college assignments, employees for company needs, entrepreneurs, school students, and the general public.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

FMCG is a product that sells quickly, usually at a low price. FMCG is a very fast turnover product. Examples include packaged foods, snacks, drinks, shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, light medicines, cosmetics, and other consumables.

If you have a product that can be offered to major retailers to become FMCG, don’t hesitate to market it immediately.

Graphic Designer

best business to start with little money from home

For those of you who are dedicated and qualified in graphic design and graphic arts, don’t waste your skills!

Already many small and large companies need the ability of graphic designers to design their corporate needs from making pamphlets, magazines, brochures, websites, blogs, catalogs, and business cards.

Make sure you have an interesting experience and portfolio to show your work to the company you want to work with.

Banner and Screen Printing

This type of business is still very relevant. Printing and screen printing businesses usually make big profits during election times, corporate events with lots of sponsorships, and certain office events. Orders are usually entered in large at specific moments.

It also takes a lot of capital to start this business, because you need to buy printing machines and other supporting equipment.

Interior Designer

If you have home designing skills, make it a useful talent for your personal life.

Take this opportunity to open an interior design service or home design service. Not a few people are looking for interior design services today.

Wedding Souvenirs

The merry of a wedding is desired by all couples. Especially for the bride and groom, most of them pay attention to detail and perfection in all aspects of the event.

From decorations, party dresses, emcees, make-up, hair-do to wedding souvenirs. Many brides are willing to pay high prices to get a beautiful and memorable wedding souvenir. The wedding souvenir is a symbol of gratitude for the guests who have attended.

Seeing this opportunity, you can take action to create a wedding souvenir business whose demand continues to increase. When starting out, think about what souvenirs many new couples will be interested in? Look for unique ideas that are not yet on the market, thus, the chances of your business being successful are also greater.

Find good suppliers and create a solid business plan to understand how much initial capital you need to get started.

Coffee shop

Coffee is one type of drink that is very popular. It is enjoyed by all individuals from all walks of life – adults, teenagers, and the elderly.

Because there are so many coffee lovers, it’s no wonder that many coffee shops keep popping up with unique and different concepts.

Good endeavors ultimately depend on management for the duration of the business. Make a solid financial arrangement and integrate it with good service.


This is a professional writing job (freelance writer) that can be done anytime and anywhere. He does sound attractive to millennials because this generation loves freedom and doesn’t like being constrained by time and colleagues.

However, there are still responsibilities and obligations that must be completed, such as submitting articles on time, providing weighty and quality content.

Software Developer

For those of you who are good at coding or like to make various types of games and financial software, then this side profession can be considered. Develop an attractive application and register yourself at Admob.

Get abundant benefits if your software is used by many people via Android phones.

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E-commerce Website Creation

A side business is making e-commerce websites increasingly attractive to many people. The shopping trend has recently tilted towards online shopping and this has spurred the growth of e-commerce site creation.

You can always create a B2C (business to customer) e-commerce website, meaning that you sell your own products directly to consumers by selling your own products. The initial capital is indeed large, but the profit is also good. Don’t forget to hone your skills and do market research, learn SEO and optimize marketing tools for promotion.

That’s a list of Low-Cost Business Ideas With High Profit that you can try now. Good luck!

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