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12 Low Stress Jobs for Introverts 2021

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Being an introvert is definitely not someone’s personal desire. This trait is usually congenital from birth.

However, a quiet character can develop or survive, depending on the people around him.

Those who are quiet tend to be less confident or shy. Like being afraid to compete in getting the job you want.

If you are a quiet or introverted person, don’t be discouraged.

There are a number of professions or jobs that are more suitable for quiet people, aka who don’t talk much. Want to know what these professions are?

Here are 12 Low Stress Jobs for Introverts, which may be just the right one for you.

The 12 Most Amazing Jobs for Introverts


While working, an accountant will often run into numbers and numbers. It was rare to meet other people who forced him to talk.

What an accountant need is an accuracy and thoroughness. Miscalculating, the company’s balance sheet can fall apart.

This profession also needs consistency so that every result of its work has a balanced calculation.

Because they need a lot of focus, accountants are suitable for those who are quiet. They will work without speaking much and just trying to get the job done.

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In the past, writers used manual typewriters, notebooks, and pencils. Now, books and computers are writers’ weapons.

Plus a modem or internet connection that is used to find materials and ideas on topics to be written.

All the tools the authors use are private. Barely connected to other people.

Because there is not much interaction with other people, being a writer is the right choice as a profession for quiet people.

When on the move, writers generally need a quiet and comfortable room. They will be silent and think a lot to create quality and useful writing for many people.


Maybe not many people know this one low stress jobs for introverts.

In their daily duties, librarians will deal more with books and storage racks.

They only occasionally interact with other people when someone needs help finding books. Apart from that, a librarian almost spends his days with books and books.

Therefore, this profession is suitable for those of you who have a quiet character.

Graphic designer

Graphic designers will spend more time at the computer.

They use all their abilities and imagination to produce a graphic design that is attractive and in accordance with the needs of other parties.

The interactions that graphic designers make with other people only occur during meetings with clients or fellow graphic designers.

This meeting usually aims to equalize the perceptions and intentions of the design to be designed.

Furthermore, they will return to work at the computer. Sometimes they lose track of time because they are too engrossed in designing a design.


Painter is a very individualistic job. It is rare to find painters who work with several people at the same time to produce one painting.

Surely the tendency is one canvas for one painting from one painter.

When working, painters also usually need a quiet and comfortable place for themselves so that all their imaginations can appear optimally.

They do not need the presence of other people at that time.

From starting to work to finish a painting, no interactions are made with other people. New interactions occur when they carry out exhibitions and explain the meaning of the paintings they make.


One of the Best Jobs for Introverts that is quite fitting is to become a translator. How not, translators will only meet paper and writing.

Even if there is another version, it’s pages on a computer screen.

In fact, this work has almost no direct interaction with other people. Communication is limited to telephone or sending e-mails.

The rest focuses on translating sentences from one language to another. Of course, by making adjustments to make it easier to read and understand.

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Financial and Stock Analyst

Have you ever seen workers on the currency market or stock exchange?

Even though the room was very crowded and packed with people, they actually worked individually. Because every analyst works for different companies and clients.

They will be struggling more with numbers and data. Especially regarding stocks and bonds whose value changes almost every second. There is hardly any time to interact with other people while they are working.

Interaction is carried out only as necessary. Because you have to inform one important thing to the client.

The rest, they will return to viewing the data on the computer screen while analyzing the possible value of the stocks they are handling.


For some reason, the programmer figure always seems quiet and stiff. In fact, this job is perfect for those of you who are quiet.

Designing a computer program or application requires a strong focus, so there is very little interaction that can break your concentration.

What’s more, they tend to prefer to spend their time tinkering with complicated and confusing programming languages.

Not only complicated for ordinary people but sometimes also confusing for the programmers themselves.

Because of that, they prefer to meet people rarely rather than rarely to meet computers.

Information Technology Expert

Not much different from programmers, those who work in the field of information technology often have a quiet character and character.

While working, they will be engrossed in computers and network systems that they must maintain in order to keep them running properly.

They will communicate with other people when they need it.

Such as communicating with fellow IT experts who are in the central server or control room which is different from where they work.

Laboratory Technician

Another Low Stress Jobs for Introverts is a laboratory technician. They mostly work with chemicals or natural ingredients that will be made for one particular ingredient.

Although it is possible to work together, the fact is that each laboratory technician will do their job individually.

There is indeed communication with other people. But this is usually nothing more than discussing one material or material to be used.

To then return to wrestle with various experiments to prove a hypothesis.

A laboratory technician won’t mince words much. Focus on work that demands high accuracy.

Film or Audio Editor

Those who work as a film or audio editors also rarely have interactions. Even if there is usually only at the beginning and at the end of the work.

In the beginning, we were briefed about the film material that had to be edited, and then gave the results when it was finished.

Throughout the day, they will focus more on observing and editing the films the client asks for.

At work, a headphone will definitely be attached to his ear. So that it barely opens opportunities for other people to interact with him.


An archivist is indeed similar to a librarian at a glance. But the duties and responsibilities carried out turned out to be heavier.

The reason is, an archivist must be able to store and compile records from the company where he works in the right position.

When other people ask their help to find certain files, they usually don’t talk much.

Because if you work while talking a lot, he will tend to be unfocused and have difficulty finding the file you are looking for.

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Those are a number of Low Stress Jobs for Introverts that you can consider when looking for a job. Maybe not everything fits your wish.

So, choose a job that fits the character and abilities you have. So that you can produce something of high quality and recognized by many people.

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