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52 Ways to Make Money From Internet For Beginners

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In this era of the internet, it seems like people are really eager to make money from internet. Those who are familiar with business on the internet may have countless ideas of what kind of business they can build to make money online fast. But for those who don’t, the idea of making money online seems a little bit risky. After all, you don’t have the guarantee and benefit you get when you are working in a company.

To give you a little insight into an online business, here are 15 ideas to make money online that you can start today.

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52 Easy Ways to Make Money from Internet


1. Writing a Blog and Monetize It

The blog is not only a media good for your writing hobby. In fact, it is also a great potential source of income. Of course, this type of method needs time to work. You don’t just write a blog and expect money to come right away. You need to write consistently, and more importantly, your blog should be entertaining as well as educating people. Once you write consistently, you can monetize your blog.

2. Start Copywriting

Copywriting is the art of delivering words strategically in order to persuade other people to take some form of action. This type of writing is really needed in the marketing, sales, and blog content field. If you have great writing skills, try to apply for a freelance job of copywriting. With this type of job, you are free to work at home or anywhere you like as long as there is a strong internet connection.

3. Building Niche Sites

The next idea to make money from internet is by building niche sites. Niche or a specific type of sites with good keywords will help you get a good rank on Google. This will make you receive a good traffic report which you can turn into earnings through affiliate offers.

4. Create a Podcast

Podcast has gained a lot of popularity these days, and this can become a great source of revenue. You can create your own podcast related to the topic you most concerned about. Once your podcast grows, you can start selling your own products or services, and also offer paid sponsorship.

5. Learn SEO

Another way to make money from internet is by learning SEO or Search Engine Optimization. When you are skilled in generating SEO, many companies, whether they are big companies or smaller one will look for you and willing to pay you for your service. This is because, through SEO, you can make the website ranks higher and get more relevant traffic and in turn generating more revenue.

6. Become a YouTuber

If you want to know how to make money online for free, one of the answers is by creating a YouTube account. Videos are becoming more popular and thus the popularity of YouTube also keeps increasing. You can create a vlog or other type of content. When your audience grows and receives a lot more traffic, you can start earning money from ad revenue or selling products to your audience.

7. Instagram Sponsorships

The next idea to make money from internet is by utilizing Instagram. Take pretty photos and upload them to your Instagram. Great photos and contents will help you gain a lot of followers. Once you grow your following, you will receive sponsorship offers related to the topic you are uploading on your Instagram.

8. Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you make money from internet by receiving a commission from selling someone else’s products. To conduct this business, however, you may need to make an initial investment first. But there are also some other companies which will give you free products and then will take part in the profit only.

9. Transcription

You can also work this job at home as long as you have a laptop with a good headset and a strong internet connection. Sometimes you can also use transcription software to make your job easier. The biggest challenge in doing this job is that sometimes the sound recorded is difficult to interpret. It can because of the fast speech, loud background noise, or also a strong accent.

10. Translation

Although there is a translation software, sometimes it doesn’t work as accurately as manually translated by a human translator. If you are skilled in several languages, then you should try to become a freelance translator. Many types of business or individuals need translator service. Sometimes there are businessman need to translate marketing materials, an author who wants to translate their novels, or individuals who are going to work abroad so need their documents to be translated, and many more. Translating is not only changing the language of a text but also setting the tone correctly.

11. Editing

Editing is checking and modifying existing text. The responsibility of an editor includes correcting the texts in case there are errors in it, condensing, and reorganizing it. While editing, you are not only changing the text, but also have to make sure that the original data or message remains intact and well delivered.

12. Proofreading

Different from editing, proofreading involves scanning the right grammar, checking the syntax errors, and then correcting them. As a proofreader, you should be able to read a text carefully to find both grammatical errors and also misspelling, also other mistakes commonly found in a text.

13. Group Buying

Group Buying offers you to receive discounts but only if a group of buyers orders a certain deal. Once the deal lives, you will receive the voucher via email. Example of this type of website is Groupon and Wowcher UK.

14. Bazar Sites

The next one is the flea markets business that you can start online. The growing flea markets among popularity nowadays makes a great opportunity for you to work online. Create a Bazar site for a place to sell your preloved or secondhand products. However, don’t charge for additional fees when someone asked you to sell their preloved goods

15. Direct Sales

Lastly is direct sales where you approach your customers directly online from your website. Sometimes a company will also ask you to host your online store on their website. The better your marketing quality, the bigger the chance you will be hired.

How to Make Money from Internet by Creating a Website or Blog


One way to Make Money From Internet is to use your website. Create a niche, create traffic, and start selling products and services to site visitors.

If you create a website, you have complete freedom to manage and manage the profits.

In this subchapter, you will learn several things, such as earning income from affiliate products, selling physical goods, opening online courses, and much more.

Here are 10 ways to Make Money From Internet by creating a website.

1. Creating a Blog

People use blogs as a means to express opinions or platforms that contain their art and creativity.

But apparently, there are also some people who turn blogs into “money machines” to meet their daily needs. Some even managed to deliver their blog or website to a large online company, such as the Huffington Post.

Unfortunately, not all bloggers succeed in making the site famous and making money. However, if you persevere and find the right method, getting money from a blog is possible.

By utilizing a blog, you must have a long-term vision and mission. Keep in mind, you will not immediately get money once the blog is active. However, along with the increasing ability to write and choose quality content, your site will be flooded with traffic. Of course, this gives a good opportunity for you.

If your goal is to make a blog that makes money, then consider the following tips:

  • Choose a topic that will never “expire”, for example about health, finance, relationships, hobbies, or self-development.
  • Always trying to present content with quality and quality resources.
  • Learn more about SEO and increase your site’s ranking in search engines.
  • Establish relationships with popular bloggers and other influencers.

The four tips above will help you to stay on the right path. After the blog gets a lot of traffic, the opportunity to earn income from the internet is more wide open. You can also do some of these things:

  • Paid advertising;
  • Offering online courses and learning materials;
  • Selling affiliate products;
  • And much more!

With a blog, you can do almost anything to get income.

2. Make Money From Internet With Creating an Affiliate Website

Promoting products is one way to get money from the internet. How to? You can become an affiliate member on various sites

make money online fast

Affiliate sites are made to recommend or review certain products. If there are site visitors who buy products through an affiliate link posted on your website, then you will get a commission.

Although the income provided is not so large, there are many sites that base their income only on affiliates. For example, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income earns a monthly income by doing affiliate marketing.

Another example is the WireCutter. This site, basically, is a popular website that reviews products. This site then brings more profits after being bought by the New York Times for $ 30 million.

Start creating affiliate sites and earn income by recommending and recycling various products. Or, you can integrate affiliate marketing into blogs that have been created before by displaying the resources that you recommend.

For example, suppose you have a website dedicated to discussing how to eliminate or reduce fat in the stomach. Some things you need to do is make a post that reviews related products and supplements and includes an affiliate link every time the product is called.

3. Make Money From Internet With Creating an eCommerce Website

ECommerce sites are increasingly popular these days. With a platform that supports, such as WordPress and WooCommerce, eCommerce sites can be created anytime and anywhere.

Do you currently want to sell a variety of physical products? Create an online your business and reach many customers.

There are two methods that can guarantee the success of online stores:

  • Selling niche physical products to a group of dedicated buyers.
  • Buy items made in factories at lower prices abroad, then repack them, then sell them at a higher price.

If you choose the first method, you have to do a lot of research, product development, and testing.

Don’t worry, the effort never betrays results. The proof is that large companies, such as SkinnyMe Tea, BeardBrand, and Ratio Coffee, are able to establish their position as a successful online store.

If you are not comfortable or feel the first way is too risky, then choose the second method, which is buying factory output abroad. For this method, you don’t need to go abroad, just open a license plate like AliExpress, choose a product, and resell it at your online store.

Besides selling, you also need to think about how to deliver products. You can handle the shipment yourself or use the popular method, namely, drop shipping. With drop shipping, the factory or company will deliver the items ordered by your client.

4. Make Money From Internet With becoming a Web Hosting Reseller

There are many ways to get money from the internet, and one of them is to become a web hosting reseller.

how to make money online for free

Basically, being a reseller hosting means providing dedicated server space in building your own web hosting brand. By becoming a reseller, you can do:

  • Create a web hosting account that has been equipped with cPanel;
  • Set custom resource constraints (disk space, bandwidth, etc.);

5. Make an Online Course

Lately, online courses are increasingly popular and have many enthusiasts. So, if you want to share information and knowledge that is owned, making online courses can be one way to earn income from the internet.

In order for your online course to be of high quality and attract many users, you must establish yourself and your personality first. You can prepare yourself to become an instructor by enriching knowledge through various online learning platforms, such as BitDegree. BitDegree offers an opportunity for those of you who want to improve and share with hundreds of people who are also interested in learning the latest technology.

make money online with google

Guides and online course learning materials come in various formats, ranging from PDF downloads to video courses with hours of duration that present yourself as the instructor.

Online courses will certainly provide excess benefits, especially this service is under your supervision and you also manage the finances.

As well as how to make money from internet that we mentioned earlier, online courses can be integrated with various types of blogs, such as blogs, eCommerce sites, and affiliate sites.

If you really intend to open an online course but haven’t got the right topic, then you can do a poll. Ask the audience what topics are right for your online course. You will be surprised because they can tell the topic that many users want to learn.

For example, the online course Learn Scrivener Fast is fully dedicated to helping writers learn the advantages and disadvantages of the Srivener software. The founder of this course, Joseph Michael, determined topics inspired by comments written on Michael Hyatt’s blog. Until now, Learn Scrivener Fast has emerged as one of the best online courses.

6. Make Money From Internet With Creating a Membership Site

Who says membership sites aren’t that famous? The proof is this site has its own devotees. Management is not too difficult. However, like other sites, membership sites also require high amounts of audience or traffic.

For example, Mark Manson manages a blog about self-development. On the site, there is a specific page that contains membership so that users can access online courses, videos, and articles that are useful for the learning process. For followers, membership or membership is a rare opportunity.

People access your site because they like the things you share. So, you should add a membership page for clients who want premium content. Of course, to get access, they must pay first.

Surely there will be some people who consider membership pages not to be very beneficial for them, but for some people who follow the information and content you share, of course, seeing this membership as an opportunity that should not be wasted.

The type of membership you offer depends on the type of site you manage and how much premium content is provided.

7. Make Money From Internet With Providing Advertising Space

There are already many sites that advertise on their content. Sometimes these ads sound unnatural and seem to be ‘forced’, but there are also ads that ‘flow’ naturally according to the content.

If your site receives a lot of traffic, it is very easy for you to make income online. Therefore, make sure to keep posting quality content so that traffic gets higher and your site can be ranked as one of the search engines.

Usually, the amount of money you can depend on is the type of network, but it does not rule out the possibility of being influenced by the number of clicks.

Choose an ad network as needed.

You are certainly familiar with Google Adsense. To use it, open this ad network and create an account. After the account is successfully registered, you can start advertising on the site. Keep in mind, pay for Adsense ads is not so big unless your site is crowded with visitors or accessed by millions of visitors per month.

Other ad networks that can be used are Ezoic and These two ad networks can be used after you go through the site registration and evaluation process. Ezoic and can also be used to optimize revenue from advertising.

If you are not very familiar or may not like working with ad networks, then you must try to advertise the site in a manual way. If your site targets certain visitors, then how to get money from the internet with the ad network is very easy. Let’s just say the site that you manage is currently focused on discussing the benefits and optimization of sleep. Instead of activating ad networks, as previously mentioned, you offer space or space for mattress companies to advertise their products.

The last option if you don’t want to take advantage of ad networks and provide advertising space is to write paid content or sponsored content. In this case, a company will pay you for the sponsored content that you write. This content is then published on your site. The sites that implement this method are Buzzfeed and Millo.

8. Make Money From Internet With Offer Services

One of the fastest ways to get money from the internet is to offer services that you have on the website.

There are two methods of offering services:

Create an Education Blog and Offer the Services you provide

Create a niche blog that contains useful information about a topic. Suppose you have a blog that discusses holistic health, and there you have created an email list or even managed to drive high traffic to your site.

Add a service page that explains that you offer health training that can be accessed by users either via Skype or face-to-face.

Make a Simple Website and Offer the Services You Provide

Another alternative, create a website that is only intended to offer your services to individuals and companies.

For example, you want to work as a freelance writer.

Choose a niche and online website to begin introducing your skills and abilities. Add a few pages that contain information about yourself, the types of services offered, and examples of portfolios or written results.

After that, do things like guest blogging, podcast interviews, and send cold outreach emails to attract users.

If you want to skyrocket service-based businesses, then you can combine the two methods. Thus, maximum results will be achieved.

9. Make Money From Internet With Create a Website that offers job vacancies

Information about job openings can be used as one of the topics to create a website and attract lots of benefits.

make money online paypal

With this website, you can request payments from individuals or companies who post jobs on your site. Or you can also require users to become premium members in order to access and apply to the desired job.

But there is the most important thing to remember, make sure your website has high traffic. A company will not believe it even wants to post job postings on your website when traffic is low and there are minimal users with the right and best criteria.

Let’s look at the ProBlogger Job Board as an example. Here, both companies and individuals are required to pay a fee if they want to post job openings. Meanwhile, applicants will not be charged for accessing or even applying for a job. Because ProBlogger is an official site with high traffic, companies or individuals who post job openings will get prospective employees according to the expected criteria.

Once again, if you want to make money from a job vacancy website, make sure your site first gets a lot of traffic. This is like mutualism symbiosis where the company gets the expected employees and you get the reward that is worth it.

10. Make Money From Internet With Create an Online Directory

At this time online directories are not as popular as other types of websites, but we cannot turn a blind eye if this option can also bring you income.

The working system is almost the same as the job search website. It’s just that, you don’t demand payment from individuals or companies. It is they who will pay you per month to get a directory listing.

If the website that you manage is currently getting high amounts of traffic, then offering directory listings is a good opportunity.

For example, you create a website that is intended for website development and design. High-quality content is produced to maintain the number of visitors and traffic. With a website like this, you can provide listings for web developers and agencies.

Not only official backlinks, with directory listings, but you also provide the right traffic or source for the clients’ business.

In general, clients will pay a subscription fee per month so that the directory can be registered. In fact, you can also implement a premium fee system where individuals or companies can list their listings at the very top of the directory so that it attracts more attention.

11. Make Money From Internet With Selling a Website

Finally, the way to make money from internet if you have a website or blog is to sell it!

make money online without investment

Of course, the selling value of the website depends on the type or type of site that you are running at this time. Although it’s not how much, selling a website can generate a number of $.

The average selling value of your website is multiplied by income per month. These multiples certainly depend on various factors, but don’t worry, you can sell websites with conditions ranging from 12 to 30 times.

The following factors influence the multiple of the selling value of the website:

  • Website age;
  • Domain authority or ownership;
  • The amount of traffic the website receives;
  • The amount of profit made by the website;
  • Income diversification;
  • Income stability;
  • Website development is their progress or even ‘on the road’.

If you want to know how much your site sells, you can find out on Empire Flipper listings.

Make sure you have calculated the good and bad of selling a website because you will no longer receive a monthly income.

How to get money from internet without the need to create a website

Creating a website is certainly the best way to get online income in the long run. However, owning a website is not the only way to get money from internet. It turns out you can get money without having to create a website.

Here are 20 ways to make money from internet without the need to manage the website.

12. Publish Your Own Writing Result Digital Book

Did you know that writing a book and publishing it can be profitable? In this advanced age, there are various ways to publish books, including self-publishing. Self-publishing is publishing your own books without the help of publishers. You can even manage and edit your own script, layout, even titles.

Because self-publishing is so popular these days, it doesn’t rule out if you will face many competitors or competitors. However, if you are committed to writing a book with quality content and successfully satisfy the curiosity of the readers, you can succeed only by doing self-publishing.

Publishing your own digital book means that there are various aspects that are handled by yourself. As mentioned above, publishing your own book means that you are responsible for writing, editing, composing, making covers or covers, selling through websites, such as Amazon, writing book descriptions, and marketing.

Behind the hard work done to publish and market books, you will get a profitable share. Depending on the price point the book has, you will get a profit of 70% on each sale.

Here are some tips for successfully publishing your book:

  • Do market research. Make sure the topic of the digital book that you want to write does not have many competitors but still has a market and readers.
  • Write a book that contains quality information, and do not hesitate to hire a professional editor.
  • Also, hire a designer to make a cover and write a brief description of an interesting book. Remember, these two elements are one of the most important factors your book sells on the market.
  • Write a serial book, of course with knowledge, or information, or stories that attract market attention.

Your success as a writer is entirely determined by yourself. Write a book with the best content possible and make a list of emails from potential readers who you think are worth contacting. The more often you publish books, the more money will be generated.

13. Make Money From Internet With Email Marketing

Often spending time on the internet? So this ‘habit’ must be utilized as well as possible. Ever heard words like making money from compiling an email list? These words are true.

Recall how many emails entered your inbox. Most of these emails are newsletters that you have agreed to subscribe to. There are users who like to get an e-mail like that, but there are also those who are confused? How come this e-mail is in my inbox? ‘

Creating a niche email newsletter can be one of the best options for targeting a group of people to create a solid and sustainable business relationship. Various websites with millions of dollars in income, for example, The Skimm, have written and made e-mail newsletters every day.

Creating an email newsletter is actually not difficult. You can use tools, such as ConvertKit, Drip, MailChimp, and Aweber.

Here’s the process:

  • Set the niche or topic you want to offer, then specify your email style;
  • Choose an email marketing provider;
  • Create a simple landing page and direct traffic to the page;
  • Send ordinary e-mail based on the list or list of e-mail owners you have created.

The purpose of making an email list is to build trust so that they can read information from you every day.

After knowing how many people opened and read the e-mail that was sent, you can start looking for money via e-mail. How:

  • Selling digital products;
  • Offer online courses where you must be a member first;
  • Submitting affiliate offers to subscribers;
  • Offer sponsorship.

14. Make Money From Internet With Apply as a freelance worker on the site, such as Upwork

On the internet, there are many sites that offer freelance jobs. On this site, clients will advertise to find someone who matches their criteria. Lately, the demand for casual workers is increasing.

how to make money online for beginners

Here are some popular sites that offer freelance jobs:

To be successfully hired, you must build a niche. The worst thing that can be done is to consider yourself a generalist or expert in several fields. Because of the tight competition, inevitably you have to confirm your personality as the only expert in a particular field.

For example, are you a WordPress developer for a SaaS company, or a cryptocurrency writer, or a startup founder in the ghostwriter field?

After setting your specialization, it’s time to create a profile, include some examples or portfolios that are relevant to your abilities, and start introducing your skills.

If you want to earn money through platforms like Upwork, you can first read the information and details on Freelance to Win. This site is dedicated to helping you become a professional freelancer.

15. Make Money From Internet With Buying and Selling a Website

Buying and selling a website is the same as buying and selling a house. You buy a house that is simple and lacks selling value, then you fix it, then sell it for profit.

The process of buying and selling websites is not so difficult. But what you need to know, all of this is certainly not independent of the risks. Therefore, do not buy a website that seems to have no future or that certainly does not give you profit.

Here are ways to buy and resell sites to get profit:

  • Look for a website that has a high rating but is not so famous. You can check the website market on sites, such as EmpireFlippers, Flippa, and We Sell Your Site.
  • Do site research to find out about revenue and the amount of traffic, link profiles, and the real reason behind the purpose of selling a website.
  • If it is attractive and has a high selling value, immediately buys the website.
  • Fix sites to maximize traffic and revenue or revenue.
  • Sell sites and start earning profits!

16. Make Money From Internet With Buying and Selling Domain Names

Websites can be purchased and resold. However, do you know that the domain can be traded?

Buying and reselling higher priced domains is called domain flipping. You buy a domain at a low price, then look at the potential of the domain, then sell it back at a high price.

Following is the process of buying and selling domains:

  • Use tools like Just Dropped and buy unique domain names.
  • Re-register the domain name.
  • Wait for prospective buyers.
  • Sell and get profits.

Some people have succeeded in generating hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year by implementing the right strategy.

17. Make Money From Internet With Selling a collection of photos and videos (Footage)

Do you like photographing or recording something? Selling your collection of works can be one way to make money from internet.

how to make money online without paying anything

There are various websites that allow you to upload photos and videos. These sites have a large user base and if there are users who want to use your licensed photos, then they have to buy them.

Here are some famous photography websites:

If you are a videographer, here are some sites that can be used:

When creating a portfolio, take your time first to browse or find out what kind of photo or video style is most widely used.

Create a niche and upload photos and videos that you create as often as possible. The more portfolios you make, the greater your chance of success.

Apart from being a place to make money, the sites mentioned above can also be a place for people who admire your work.

18. Make Money From Internet With Invest in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has many fans lately. The popularity of this field certainly cannot be separated from Bitcoin which was indeed booming last year. If last year you have not invested in Bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies, then this is the time. You are not late.

Invest now and get profit by becoming an early adopter.

Actually, investing in cryptocurrency is the same thing by investing in other fields, and of course, offers a number of risks. However, by learning more about cryptocurrency, you can successfully make long-term investments.

The first step if you want to do cryptocurrency is to deepen your knowledge and abilities. BitDegree is the best resource that offers a number of online tutorials and courses so you can understand correctly and precisely about cryptocurrency.

There are many approaches or methods for making money through cryptocurrency, such as:

  • Invest in coins before the IPO or before the value goes up.
  • Learn how to program and work with blockchain.
  • Become a writer or cryptocurrency writer.
  • Apply for jobs at startup companies in the cryptocurrency sector.

Because cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is still at an early stage, you can learn the skills needed for success.

19. Make Money From Internet With Selling Handicrafts on Etsy

Like making crafts? If you are very proficient in this field, then you can make some money by selling various of your work on the internet.

make money online surveys

Etsy is one of the biggest platforms that you can use to sell a variety of handicrafts, ranging from iPhone casings, simple shelves, to rings, and much more.

The advantage of using Etsy is that you don’t need to run a website or even create a profile like social media. Etsy already has a lot of followers that of course, you can use. In addition, if you already have a regular customer, you can start creating your own online store website that sells superior products.

In order to successfully market handicraft products on Etsy, you need to listen to the following tips:

  • Research to find out how many requests for work that are of the same type as your product.
  • Calculate how long it will take to make and produce each item. Are the time and material costs comparable to the set selling price
  • Think about what makes your handicrafts superior when compared to other products. For example, your craft has its own unique style. Of course, you can take advantage of this advantage while continuing to meet the expectations and expectations of clients or buyers.

20. Make Money From Internet With Selling Products on Amazon (FBA)

Amazon is one of the largest online retailers and contains more than millions of registered products.

As we explained above when you want to sell handicrafts in eCommerce Etsy, the same process applies to Amazon-like platforms.

If you are interested in selling items on this platform, you can first find out what items are most purchased on Amazon. After that, you look for then sell the cheap version by setting branding first.

There are two methods for selling on Amazon. First, selling goods directly and not through intermediaries. Second, work with the factory that will send the product requested by the client or buyer. In other words, you do drop shipping.

21. Make YouTube Channels

YouTube is one of the largest and most widely used search engines. However, this site does not focus on website search, but rather about entertainment, fun, entertainment, or even other informative videos.

To make revenue from YouTube, you can take advantage of this platform’s advertising system or direct subscribers or viewers to websites that you manage.

Creating and introducing your YouTube channel is almost the same as creating a website. It’s just that, on YouTube, you are required to make videos, not written content.

If you prefer to act on camera and want to try your luck by making a video, then determine from now the topic and content of your YouTube channel. Generally, there are two types of YouTube channels (which of course bring benefits to the author):

  • Entertainment content This video will later include web series, comedy videos, prank, videos containing demonstrations of a game or game, and much more.
  • Content is educational. The video will contain information on how to “how to”. For example, a video about ‘how to raise SEO rankings’ or ‘how to make or manage tomato gardens’. If you have a wealth of information or even abilities that you want to share through video, the best solution is to create a YouTube channel.

First, create a YouTube channel and specify a unique and interesting name. Second, follow these tips:

  • To record video, use a high-quality camera;
  • It never hurts to change styles, formats, and editing techniques until you find what is really right.
  • Optimize video titles, descriptions, and cover images so people are interested in clicking and watching your videos.
  • Create and announce video publish schedules so subscribers can clearly know when to watch your video content.

22. Make Money From Internet With becoming a Virtual Assistant

If you are an expert in planning and management, then try your luck by becoming a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are responsible for various tasks, such as bookkeeping or bookkeeping, data entry, email management, research, and much more.

By becoming a virtual assistant, not only does the income increase but your connection increases. In addition, the opportunity you are hired to become a virtual assistant is more open sheets.

Instead of looking for permanent employees, business owners now prefer to hire virtual assistant services.

You can find virtual assistant jobs on job search sites, such as Fiverr, Upwork, and

23. Make Money From Internet With Offering Service or Software Programming

Learning a programming language can lead you to a larger world. It doesn’t matter if your goal of learning programming is to find work as a freelancer or develop your own software.

If you know how to develop software, then you can guarantee you can create applications for customers, niche applications for websites or mobile phones, or even games on smartphones. The success of a business is determined by the accuracy and success of the software that is owned and developed.

Although there are many software developed by large companies, when viewed on Google Play or the Apple Store, you can see that there is also popular software created and developed by ordinary people like you.

If you want to make money from software or applications that are self-developed, there are ways or methods that should be considered:

  • Conduct market research to find out the need for software or applications;
  • Create an MVP version of the software that you developed;
  • Get feedback from early users and beta testers;
  • Collect all feedback and launch the first version of your software or application;
    Start marketing your software.

The story of the founder of ConvertKit, Nathan Barry, who is successful in introducing his software startup can be one of your references.

If managing then selling the software yourself takes a long time, then you can make money from the programming skills that you have. How you apply as a freelancer in the field of programming.

Look for as much information as possible about freelancers on several platforms, such as Upwork and Freelancer. You can also access the site which highlights various programming positions that you can apply for and work at home.

24. Make Money From Internet With Online Tutors for Children

How to get money from other internet is to become an online tutor for English. Advantages will certainly multiply if you are a native or native English speaker or maybe who has lived for years in a country with English as the main language.

Opportunities will be more wide open if you complete a resume with an ESL certificate.

The average income made from the profession of online tutors who teach via Skype is around $ 25 per hour.

Interested in getting to know this profession further? Find out the complete information on some of these sites:

25. Make Money From Internet With Test Website and Give Criticism and Suggestions

Are you careful about design or always pay attention to the smallest things that affect the good or bad of a website or application? If so, then you can make money by offering services to test problems that might occur on the website or application.

Spending a lot of time on the internet is certainly a special experience because of course you know several factors that determine whether or not a site is good. For example, does the website contain unclear or incomplete content? Does the website layout confuse the user? Is the navigation menu too complex?

There are many website owners who are willing to pay you to test and rate their sites. Generally, your feedback will be delivered in oral, written form, or even using screen recording software.

Here are some websites and applications that offer you the opportunity to become a tester:

26. Make Money From Internet With becoming a Website Developer

Did you know that you can make money from the website developer profession?

If you lack expertise in website development, the first step to do is to learn coding or programming languages. After becoming proficient, it’s time to look for job vacancies as a website developer.

Make a profile on Upwork and Freelancer and focus on web development!

So that hire opportunities are more wide open, determine the right niche, improve your profile or resume, and include related portfolios.

For example, you want to create a website for real estate agents and property management companies. Or maybe you want to focus on creating e-commerce websites based on WooCommerce and WordPress.

27. Narrator Audiobook

The audiobook industry is increasingly popular these days. Apparently more and more people prefer to listen than spend time reading books. However, most of the books still have not been converted into audiobook format. Even though audiobooks can get multiple benefits for the author. Not only money but also recognition of their work.

Is your voice good and likes to read? Get the chance to become an audiobook narrator.

One of the easiest ways to start this career is by registering on ACX. This service connects the audiobook narrator with book writers.

The following things you must prepare besides registering for ACX services are high-quality microphones and recording software as well as portfolios or samples of your voice recordings.

If you want to expand the opportunity to be hired, you can also create a profile at Upwork, then find a job as an audiobook narrator.

28. Make Money From Internet With becoming a Graphic Designer

Have basic skills about design or familiar with tools, like Photoshop and Illustrator? Maybe it’s time you use your expertise to earn income from the internet.

Look for special platforms for freelancers, as mentioned above, then register and create profiles, then start typing the graphic designer to find available positions. You can also test design capabilities first on platforms like 99Designs. On this site, you will compete with other designers to work on certain projects. If the client likes your work, then you will be given a project to complete.

Another way to introduce your profession to the public is to approach it manually. Try to come to the local business owner or community and offer your expertise. The opportunity for you to show off in designing something is more wide open – will you be asked to design a new logo, brochure, or even a company uniform.

Another alternative is to visit a co-working space that is currently trending. In this place, you will meet various people who come from startup companies and other companies that certainly need design services.

29. Make Money From Internet With becoming an Influencer on Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. Did you know that you can earn income online from Instagram? The only key is to have a lot of followers!

Although it seems difficult to increase the number of followers to thousands and even millions, earning income from Instagram is still worth trying. Famous brands, even most companies must be willing to pay you for a post. Simply post a picture or video complete with a caption or a brief description of what you uploaded.

Usually, the cost of posting content depends on the number of followers and how active they are to open an account and view your posts. However, if you really intend and pursue this field, it is not impossible that you will generate hundreds or even millions of dollars per post.

The number of followers who are still few at all is not a barrier for you to move forward. You can increase the number of followers by uploading photos. Surely the photo must first be filtered and edited. Don’t forget to post it regularly.

Here are some readings that contain information on how to increase the number of Instagram followers:

30. Offers SEO expertise

Having the ability and knowledge to raise a website’s ranking is a very valuable skill.

As long as search engines continue to be used to search various sources on the internet, SEO analysis skills are still needed.

After knowing and understanding what is needed to raise SEO rankings, it’s time to prove your expertise. Usually people will create a website or blog to test their SEO skills, but actually, it doesn’t really matter.

In fact, you can immediately get clients without having to convert the website.

First of all, create an account on freelance sites, such as Upwork and

You can also try other ways, namely by starting to promote your services and services to local companies or businesses that want to increase their site ranking.

31. Make Money From Internet With Manage Social Media Accounts

Honestly, surely you spend more time actively on social media, right? This hobby or habit can actually make money. The trick is to apply as a manager of a social media account.

Jobs like this are not so difficult, especially if you are already very familiar with social media and understand how much influence. You only need to convince people, especially those already famous, to hire you as the manager of their social media accounts.

However, if you do not fully understand and understand the influence and strength of social media, you can use articles or online guides that are spread on the internet. For example, Hootsuite Academy is a site that provides information about the advantages and disadvantages of social media.

After being convinced that your abilities and expertise are better than before, be a member on freelance sites, such as Upwork and Freelancer and start looking for suitable job openings.

Apply whatever you learn to get more clients. In addition, the information obtained can also be used to manage your brand and develop the company’s social media.

32. Make Podcasts

Like to talk and express opinions, or maybe like to interview someone can be one source of online income. Recently the podcast market is on the rise and that is good news for those of you who like it.

Many people like the convenience of podcasts because they often travel. Of course, it will be more comfortable to hear podcasts than to read newspapers, books, or other online texts.

In order to successfully earn money through podcasts, you have to make something quality. Not only audio, but the content must also be quality. For starters, buy a microphone that produces good sound.

If you want to make a podcast with the main theme of interviewing people, then you have to find the source. Start your podcast project by interviewing the closest people, such as family, friends, or colleagues. This method trains you to get used to not getting nervous when interviewing important people.

As a reference, you can listen to top podcasts on iTunes to get a general overview, such as the quality and topic of the podcast. Listen to all podcast episodes and make indicators or small research that shows similarities and differences in each podcast, such as:

  • Does the podcast that you listen to tell stories about interesting stories?
  • Does the podcast you listen to include elements of comedy or humor?
  • Do the podcasts you listen to provide interesting perspectives or views?
  • Does the podcast that you listen to involve typical interviews?

From the best podcasts that are often heard, you will know what should be included and avoided when producing each podcast episode.

By creating a podcast, you are able to make a certain amount of money, of course, this depends on the amount and interaction of your audience. The more audience you have and the more podcasts you download, the more income you will get.

Here are some tips to make your podcast more profitable:

  • Make sales of the products and services that you are talking about in the podcast;
  • Include membership sites or mastermind on your podcast backend;
  • Offer sponsorship that you should emphasize when the podcast takes place;
  • Let the audience know that your podcast is open to donations.

33. Make Money From Internet With becoming a freelance writer

Actually, writing for a long time has been able to make money for someone, especially in the online world. You don’t even have to worry if you don’t have experience in this field.

The first thing to do is to create a niche and decide what type of writing you will take, for example:

  • Do you want to create a blog that reviews the full SaaS site?
  • Do you want to make a copy of the website for a real estate agent?
  • Do you want to make a sales email for health and fitness websites?
  • In fact, there are still many topics and content waiting to be explored. You only need to decide what you want to become a writer in the field.

After knowing the area you want to pursue, make a few examples or writing portfolios and start attracting client attention.

The fastest way to make money from the internet is to register on a freelance site. Also, include several portfolios and upload them to sites like Medium or LinkedIn.

Read a few articles below if you are interested in working as a freelance writer:

34. Make Money From Internet With Selling Your Art and Design

Do you like to design something? Why not sell your artwork? Of course this way you will get a lot of money. No need to rent a gallery, you can register and create an account on sites like Society6 to upload the best designs and sell them with several versions or options, such as smartphone casings, t-shirts, rugs, and much more.

Society6 provides an opportunity for you to earn income online without demanding an advance.

Online a shop itself, upload your best design and select the item or product where you want to display your design. In addition, make sure to send the product that the client buys on request.

If there is a design that has captivated people’s hearts and attention first, then you don’t need to make a promotion anymore. This can be the best way to earn income.

35. Make Money From Internet With Micro Jobs or Small Jobs

Microtask or micro job is a task or job that requires precision and human intelligence to be completed. Even in this all-automatic era, there are certain jobs that can only be done by humans.

The work in question is a small and simple job and does not require any technical skills. For example, you are asked to review search results for given keywords, translate paragraphs, or classify the tone and feel of an article.

Actually, micro jobs are very easy to do and all you need is a computer and an internet connection. One platform that provides micro jobs to complete is Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Ready to work and get paid? Register and create your account right now!

36. Make Money From Internet With Conduct an Online Survey

For now, conducting an online survey is not yet the best way to make a lot of money. However, if you need money quickly and do not require anyone to have special expertise, then online surveys can be considered.

Online surveys are the same as offline surveys that are often done. Take surveys on the internet and get compensation in the form of cash, coupons, prizes, or gift cards.

In order for a survey to be conducted, you must first enter demographic info, for example about backgrounds and hobbies. Now you can make money through surveys.

Here are some popular online survey sites:

37. Make Money From Internet With Sell Your Expertise on Clarity.FM

Just like when offering your services for freelance or freelance work, you can also sell your knowledge and expertise. If you are an expert in a particular field or have special knowledge, then you can make money from these skills or expertise.

In addition, you also do not have to spend the time to create your own website and platform.

Some sites, such as Clarity.FM,, and, have many clients who are of course looking for skills like yours.

Although the income you make will not be so much and limited, selling your expertise on several sites can be one of the most effective ways to earn money on the internet. You only need to make an account to start sharing knowledge and advice to other users.


These are some of the methods you can try to Make Money from Internet. Aside from the 52 ways mentioned above, of course, there are a lot more opportunities you can try including joining the online surveys for money. Try finding one that is best suited for you and work for it persistently and patiently.

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