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3 Principles to Make Money From The Internet (and 5 Steps to Getting Started)

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Make Money From The Internet – I know who you are …

If you find this article from Google, you fall into one of the following categories:

Internet hobby. Then one day find information that from the internet you can earn income. Because you don’t currently have income or are just barely enough … you want to be rich in your hobbies: the internet.
or this:

Have already tried several “online businesses” that promise rich in a day/ week/month. Everything fails … You have lost a lot of capital, so now you are desperate.

If yes .. I will help you.

Make Money From The Internet

3 Principles Make Money From The Internet that you need to know

make money online fast

These three things will open your eyes to the reality of building a business and earning income online.

You may miss these 3 principles …

… but you will forever have the wrong mindset about online business.

If you want to open your eyes and really start trying to get income that can support your life, please read everything.

1. Stop looking for “how to make money” from Google

If you just came from Google, I hope this will be the last time you use Google to search for these keywords.


make money online

Because almost everything you meet teaches the wrong thing.

I even dare to say that many websites lie to you. Claiming to get hundreds of millions in a day, even billions.

At first, glance sounds tempting …

… but then you are told to register for a program.

Yes, the system works like MLM.

They are given commissions every time they succeed in recruiting new victims, including you.

So that’s why they inevitably made the offer tempting. So you join their referrals.

To be clear, I explain 2 real examples.

First is PTC (Paid to Click), we are paid every time we click on the ad.

At first, glance sounds good … but look at how much income.

Only 0.2 $ per click.

And there are 2 other things they don’t explain:

First, you can only click about 5 ads that are worth 0.2 $ per click in a day. This means that for a maximum of one day you only get around 1 $.

Second, you are only paid when you reach a certain target.

For example, if the target is $ 10, you should every day routinely click 5 ads for 10 days. After that, the money is sent.

Most people will feel bored in 2-3 days. Because the income is too small, not worth the time you set aside.

So that’s why they are looking for referrals, so they can be given additional commissions.

Then the second is the ads that are not necessarily clear source, system, or background.

But I will not discuss it, because I’m sure you are smart can easily distinguish where the original ads to profit, with which ads that only plunge

2. Forget the words “from the internet”

Online and offline are the same …

… if you want to get money from the internet, it makes no difference with no internet. By working with others, or building your own business.

The internet is not a magic object that can print money while you sleep.

If anyone says it can, it means as above.

Too exaggerated, or 100% lying.

So that you have an idea for an online business, these are some ways that really can give you income from the internet:

  • Become a freelancer – write articles, design logos, etc.
  • Work remotely (remote work: work that doesn’t require you to come to the office)
  • Selling goods, services, or services to others online
  • Do micro work, such as clicking on the advertisements discussed earlier (the income is very small unless you have a lot of referrals)
  • Become a blogger
  • Make paid applications / software / programs

Roughly that.

Nothing WOW. Because it’s the reality like that.

If you want to get money to be able to support your life and your family, then you have to work.

But so you are not disappointed, I tell you one thing:

Starting a business and starting working online now is much easier (and cheaper) than offline.

The way I start will be explained below.

3. Work real, build the real business

I will not deny that there are ways that can make money without working hard or in the short term.

Maybe there is…

… but it won’t last long.

Either because the income is small, or because of the way it is illegal, or can only be used in the short term.

It’s useless if you can get the money quickly, but the amount is small.

It’s useless to earn huge sums of money, but not in the long term.

Because we will still live for decades to come, then you should build a business or work that can generate income throughout your life.

Work that can support life.

After this, I will introduce you to the world of online business. So you can start building the real business online.

5 Steps to build an online business for Make Money From The Internet

ideas to make money

I need to explain 1 thing first:

I just choose one of the many online businesses that I think can be done by everyone.

But this type of online business is not just 1 of these alone.

If you are confused about choosing which one or do not know to want to start from, please follow these steps.

From here you can also learn the concept in general.

Let’s start.

Step 1: Make Money From The Internet With Find your interests and expertise

Anyone who has run a business must agree with me that doing business is easiest and fun to suit our interests.

If not, then you will find many difficulties.

And as a beginner, we certainly want the easiest level first.

Unfortunately, something like this often comes up:

“I can’t do anything … where can I start my own business?”

In fact, everyone has at least one skill.

Even the average man actually has 500-800 skills. But most of us are not aware that we have these skills.

Because of that, I will help you realize your own abilities.

Then from this ability, you will be able to find business ideas.

Now, take 1 sheet of paper and 1 stationary

how to make money online for free

Then write your 20 skills.

No matter how small, just write down everything that comes to your head.

To simplify the process, please answer this question:

  • What help do your friends often ask of you?
  • When looking at other people’s products/services that are being sold, does anyone ever make you think “ah can I”?
  • Do you have skills that others want to learn?
  • Have you ever attended a course/training?
  • What abilities often make other people admire you?
  • When working with other people, what is your job normally?
  • What experiences have you gone through?
  • What do you do when you’re bored?
  • What achievements did you get?

No matter how silly the answers appear, don’t miss.

Write down all that comes to mind.

No need to feel that you have to be really an expert. As long as you feel your ability above your friends, write it down.

For example, if you have lived alone, then you should have the ability to clean the house. If you have a baby, then you have the ability to care for the baby.

I exemplify for myself an answer:

  • Write articles
  • Creating a blog
  • Lose weight
  • Presentation techniques
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • English
  • Cleaning shoes
  • Discipline time & productivity
  • Start and grow business

Of course, this isn’t all, just a few. You must have far more than this too.

Step 2 – Make Money From The Internet With Determine the type of business based on the expertise

how to make money online without paying anything

This stage is very, very easy

If you want, I can explain to you in less than 60 seconds.

The most common choices are 3:

  • Product
  • Service
  • Services

Choose one to start, depending on your taste.

Almost all the abilities that you wrote earlier can be transformed into a form of business by selling the 3 options earlier.

For example, the ability to “lose weight”:


  • Ebook guide to losing weight
  • Ebook healthy eating
  • Training guide/exercise pattern video
  • Calorie tracking application for smartphones


  • Create a blog containing guidelines to lose weight
  • Create online courses (and offline) to Make Money From The Internet
  • Diet, diet, or fitness consultation


  • Trainer / coach

Of the 1 capability alone you already have 8 business models.

Because everything is your skills and interests, so you should not have trouble getting started.

As long as you want a little effort.

In the beginning, I said that I will teach one of the many types of business. The type of business that can be done by anyone.

Not only that…

… this business model can also be the foundation for you to build other businesses.

Here is what I mean:

Step 3 – Make Money From The Internet With Create a website in the form of a blog

make money online with google

Creating a blog.

For those of you who do not know, blogs are content-based websites. As you are reading right now.

What is the reason for choosing a blog?

First, making blogs easy.

Blogs also do not take high costs. It can start for free and if you want to look a little more professional it only costs less than 5 $ a month.

But that’s not what’s important …

The blog is a container that can make you known by many people.

Blogs can make you considered an expert by others.

Thus, you can sell any product/service to readers who are loyal to you.

Basically, the blog is indeed not a business. But blogs can be the foundation to build any business you want.

In my opinion, this is the best choice if you are confused about where.

The steps are like this:

  • Start blogging
  • Creating useful content
  • Get lots of loyal readers
  • Launch a product, service or service

The results will be MUCH more effective than if you sell products now without any reputation.

Because they believe in your reputation.

But there is 1 problem …

Usually, people who are blind to technology will find this difficult.

Though not, making blogs today is the same as writing in Microsoft Word or even typewriters.

Step 4 – Make Money From The Internet With Develop a blog already created

creative ways to make money

Again I need to tell you that the internet is not a magic item that can create money while lying down.

After creating a blog, you will not immediately get the money.

You should try to develop the blog, so many people who come.

Just like a business in general.

How do these 2 things:

  • Create content that is useful to others
  • Promote the content to people in need

It’s not difficult …

… unless you really do not move at all.

Therefore, please read the guidelines to create a blog that had been mentioned. Then immediately create your first blog.

Step 5 – Make Money From The Internet With Sell your product/service

earn money online without investment

We jump ahead.

After you create a blog, after people come to your blog, you can start selling products or services through that blog – Make Money From The Internet.

Like a shop huh?

It’s one that distinguishes online and offline businesses.

If an offline business, we make shops, stalls, and the like first. After that, then we do marketing so people come.

Online business, on the contrary.

We bring in the people first, then we sell them.

This is why I say starting an online business is easier.

Because we do not need to spend a lot to create a store and provide products first. Both are done later.

Thus, the risk becomes zero.


How, easy?

With 3 of the 5 steps above, you are already superior to the other 95% who want to do business online.

Especially because you already know which online business is good, and which is a waste of time. So after this, you will not be trapped again.

Before we end, I want to remind you of these three principles:

  • Don’t get stuck with how to Make Money From The Internet that is not right
  • The internet is not a magic item that can print money while lying down
  • Build a real business, a business that can support your life

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