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No Longer, You Can Make Money on Facebook While Playing Games!

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Make Money on Facebook – Soon, playing Facebook while earning money is no longer a dream. Want to know more? Let’s learn more!

If we talk about the most popular streaming websites at the moment, many people will immediately answer Twitch or YouTube. However, if the latest program from Facebook can run perfectly, then there will be a new name that has the potential to become your favorite streaming website.

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According to news from Polygon, Facebook is preparing a monetization program that allows its users to earn money while playing their favorite games. Even though until now the program is still in its initial phase, they hope that Facebook can regularly develop into an entertainment service provider such as Twitch and YouTube.

According to the press release regarding the program, the Facebook team said that after the trial phase was completed, there would be various further developments that continued. Although they do not explain in detail what the development is like, we can be sure there will be no bad changes that might occur.

In the initial phase, this program will work using a tip system, where you can support the streamer that you like by giving money. If this phase runs smoothly and can be received by the streamer or the audience, then the next step is to give the streamer the option to get a fixed income through subscriber features.

So far, it seems that the final plan of the program is to provide a variety of options for earning money in a way that best suits each streamer so that everyone can earn a stable income.

This has made the Facebook sound much more interesting than the two rivals, especially if we remember YouTube recently had problems with their monetization thanks to the emergence of a highly controversial video.

Although the above makes the program sound different from the other platforms currently available, it does not mean the streamers are free to do anything. According to an explanation from Facebook, they make what happens to other platforms as a lesson, and each streamer will be monitored to avoid the “Logan Paul” incident happening on their platform.

So far, there still seems to be a lot of things that need to be improved so that this program can compete with Twitch and YouTube, however, creating a new platform for streamers looking for a new “home” is a very worthwhile end result.

If you are interested in trying and knowing more about the program, then you can immediately see it on this page.

Will Facebook succeed in creating a new “home” for streamers? Give your opinion in the comment…

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