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Social Media Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

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Marketing Strategy for Small Business – Want to use social media to market your small business? but not sure where to start? Here’s a social media marketing strategy to market your small business.

Usually, small businesses, do not have enough resources to run social media marketing strategies that require the substantial cost.

However, using social media in small business marketing can provide many benefits and benefits. In fact, some of these strategies are quite simple strategies.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Here are some social media marketing strategies for small business, which you can practice later.

Social Media Marketing Strategies by Building Credibility

types of marketing strategies for small business

Building credibility for your business in social media is not as complicated as it sounds. Want to know why?

Because you do not have to have a large follower/follower to do it!

As a local business, rather than connecting with many people, you just need to connect with the right people.

You can begin this process by building what is called brand awareness. The best way to do this is to create online visibility which is a perfect representation of who you are both online and offline.

Start by describing your brand identity through visuals. From your website, blog and social media logos, you need to design the look and feel that match your business persona.

Find someone who can help create graphics that match that essence. Create compelling and professional visuals that represent you and your business.

There are so many people who can help you with this process, and you will be able to find someone regardless of what your budget is.

Or, if you have more time than money, you can choose various tools (many of them free) and learn how to make your own.

There are many free tools available online to create your business logo like Logo Generator by Spaces, GraphicSprings Logo Creator, Logaster.

Attracting Potential Customers

business marketing strategies examples

If you want to learn how to use social media marketing strategies for small businesses, you can use Facebook and Instagram to attract new prospects.

If you want to do this for your local business too, the first step is to make sure the geotagging setup on your Facebook Business page is correct.

You want people to be able to check in when they’re at your place, like a cafĂ© for example. Whenever someone does that, it can be a free ad for because all their friends will see them check in.

The average Facebook user has 100 friends, and you have the opportunity to attract them into potential customers.

Plus, this type of post is a better promotional form of boost post due to a check-in from a real customer (not boost post or ad).

You can also offer special incentives/bonuses for people who check in at your business place.

For example, if they check-in get a 10% discount when they make the next purchase. You can give whatever bonus you want!

You can also update your Facebook cover and add Instagram posts.

By doing these 3 things, it can be said no cost, you are able to promote your business.

This is a great example of how your small business is able to attract the right customers.

Instead of trying to throw a wide net and attract a group of people who may or may not be interested in your business, you can focus on connecting with your target market.

Even small changes can make a big impact on your social media marketing!

Building Relationships in Social media

marketing ideas small business

In the social media world, connections are everything.

Whether you’re on LinkedIn building your professional network or responding to tweets on your business Twitter, it’s important to establish connections with other business partners or even those already experts in social media.

As a small business owner you might imagine, spending precious time with colleagues in social media will be useless.

Do not worry! There are some great suggestions for you in order for you to build your successful relationship

A time to schedule content on social media for the next week. You can create a special time to work scheduling your content, such as Friday. Then, why does this help you?

Your content has been set up for next week so you can check social media 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening to respond to comments, answer questions and other times You can build connections with your peers.

Distinguish Your Marketing Efforts

online marketing strategies for small business

There is a saying that says, “Do not put all your eggs in one basket.”

Just like with your offline marketing, you should definitely be able to differentiate your online marketing efforts.

Does this mean you have to appear in every social media? That’s not necessary.

The maxim is you have to really focus on who your target audience is.

Instead of focusing on your customer demographics, consider focusing on the customer you want to get.

This information will tell you which social media should be given more time to manage it.

As you learn more about how to use social media to market your small business, which social media you should use will become clearer.

If you do not have a clear understanding of which social media you need to use, this is an overview of some social media websites you can consider.

Social media that you can use for your business.

  • Facebook (be sure to setup geo-targeting)
  • Instagram (great for small business)
  • Twitter (listening to conversations on Twitter will give you a good insight)

Once you decide which social media you will use, you can promote your content across the social media you have chosen.

By diversifying your online marketing, you will expand your business reaches more than you can even imagine.

Repurpose Your best content

marketing for small business

As you learn how to use social media marketing strategies in your business, you will very quickly see how creating new content can take a lot of time.

For that, you can be a master repurposing !! repurpose this content is to re-adjust the purpose of your best content.

Repurposing content is a brilliant way to put new forms of existing content. Let’s explain.

Let’s say you tweet about something you and your audience like.

Did you know that you can reuse tweets into at least 13 other content? Yep, you can!

Have you ever seen someone in social media who seems to keep creating new content?

Do not get confused between repurposing content with duplicate your posts on any social network.

If you duplicate, people will have no reason to follow you because they will see content that is exactly the same as before.

Instead, learn the hallmark of every social media platform. This social media strategy is powerful enough.

Give people a reason to keep abreast of you! Do not duplicate your content exactly.

Look at each piece of content in different ways for each social platform.

For example, use a quote from a blog post that keeps people reading with tweets and creates a quote chart for posts on Instagram.

Or take helpful tips you gave to someone on Facebook and use it to create a 2 minute tutorial on Facebook Live Video. You can even include the video on your blog post. There are many ways of repurposing your content.

Take Time and Money into account

As a business owner, you know time is money.

If you want to use social media marketing strategies for your small business in the most efficient way, it is important for FOCUS every time you manage your social media.

Sure, there’s a time to post cute pictures, but when it’s during your working day, be sure to focus on your goals!

Here are 4 simple ways to stay on your social media goals.

  • Describe your goals
  • Write your goals
  • Make plans to clearly create strategies, objectives, and tactics.
  • Set the deadlines of goals that you can achieve realistically.

If you feel out of the way as you reach your goal, you can look back at the plan you’ve made and go back to the plan you’ve set up.

When you start making a profit, you can use Facebook Ads by setting your budget (which is very workable for small businesses).

You can keep your budget and the ads keep working for you!

Direct traffic to your Website / Blog

marketing strategy for small food business

Website/blog is the foundation of all your online marketing efforts.

This is where potential customers decide whether to buy or not your product or service.

That’s what people will remember when they think about your business.

Use the right tool

As a small business owner, the right tool can be your best friend.

The tool will help you ease your work. Using the right tool will save you time and money.

Some of the tools you can use are:


Small changes can make a big impact on the success of your social media marketing.

You do not need a large follower or always exist or appear in any social media.

You just have to do a little research, process some data, create strategies and use tools to simplify your work.

You can use social media marketing strategies for your small business without feeling overwhelmed or spending much of your business budget.

Have you already used some social media marketing strategies for your business?

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