4 Marketing technology Every Company Must Use in 2022

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The development of the marketing world is one that is fairly rapid, especially for digital marketing. This condition is certainly influenced by many things, one of which is the number of companies that are now transforming to an online sales system. This is also offset by the high demand for services in the field of marketing. In this digital era, you will be familiar with the term marketing technology which is commonly referred to as martech.

Marketing technology is a system and also a tool that is made in such a way to help marketers in carrying out their duties. Marketing technology is one of the “weapons” that will make marketing activities run successfully. The use of marketing technology in marketing is intended to maximize the company’s marketing strategy so that it can run more effectively and efficiently.

In practice, marketing technology uses an automated system that can shorten the time for marketers in carrying out their duties, because some jobs no longer need to be done repeatedly. In addition, the use of machines in marketing technology will also provide accurate results in a faster time. This condition allows marketers to more easily focus on various other tasks. Not only for digital marketing systems but marketing technology can also be used for offline marketing systems.

Marketing technology: What it is and how it should work

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Types of Marketing Technology

In general, marketing technology can be divided into several types, including:


Marketing technology is often used in marketing activities (advertising). This can even be seen from the number of companies that ultimately provide various tools for this activity. Call it the biggest technology company Google which has provided a lot of tools that can make advertising on the internet much easier and more effective. For example, Facebook Ads and Google Ads are already so popular and widely used.

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Not only applied, the marketing system that has been used must also be measured for its success by marketers. This is important, to see how effective the performance of the system is and what needs to be improved to make it optimal. The data processing and analysis process is very easy and can be done using various analytical tools. Currently, there are many popular and widely used analytical tools in marketing technology systems, such as Amplitude Analytics and Google Analytics, and others.

Content management

Content is one of the steps that can be taken to get more consumers. Content must be managed optimally so that potential customers can more easily find what they are looking for. If you want your business to be found easily by potential customers, then take advantage of the right and quality content. To manage these contents, a content management system is used which is part of marketing technology.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Marketing success will also depend on the CRM system. If this system is used effectively, then the marketing objectives carried out will also be successful. Basically, CRM will be able to increase ROI within the company, so that it can generate significantly larger profits. There are several CRM systems that are popular and widely used, including Marketo, Salesforce, HubSpot, and others.

Benefits of Marketing Technology

Marketing technology has several benefits in marketing, including:

Improve marketing efficiency

Automation in the marketing system is the main benefit that can be obtained from marketing technologies. A work system that is like making various marketing activities easier and only takes a short time. All of these conveniences will certainly increase productivity in the marketing line and can run according to what has been planned from the start.

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Generate more precise leads

Getting qualified leads is something important in the world of marketing. The use of marketing technology that can automate data will make it easier to group various criteria that are important to use in finding leads, such as firmographic info, demographics, and others. This will make it easier for marketers to find the right sales-qualified leads for the products being marketed.

Reach multiple marketing channels at once

Marketing technologies can also connect many marketing channels at once, especially social media. This will make it easier and faster for marketers to understand the behavior of potential consumers. All of this will make it easier for marketers to carry out their duties, including adjusting various strategies implemented in the marketing system.

Facilitate cooperation between marketing and sales

Marketing technologies will also make work more effective, where cooperation between all marketing departments can run more efficiently. This allows sales and marketing to work well together so that sales targets can be achieved more optimally. This condition will also automatically increase profits within the company.

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Marketing to the max

Many changes can be obtained by using marketing technologies in the marketing system. Not only simpler, but this one technology can also save a lot of time and energy for marketers. On the other hand, the application of marketing technology will also help companies achieve various sales and profit targets.

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