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4 Ways To Mine Bitcoin for Beginners – Easy & Simple

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How to mine bitcoin is not an easy thing, especially for beginners because it requires qualified equipment and devices. If you are interested, check out the following guide!

Are you interested in bitcoin investment?

Bitcoin is becoming one of the best investment alternatives that is increasingly popular.

Currently, there are several ways to get bitcoin, especially for beginners.

One way to get new bitcoins is to mine bitcoins.

For some people, mining bitcoin is not an easy matter.

It’s just that, if you do it seriously, the opportunities you get will be profitable.

However, it’s a good idea to know what bitcoin is if you’re interested in diving into this one investment!

What is Bitcoin?

how to mine bitcoin on pc

Quoted by the BBC, bitcoin is described as a cryptocurrency, namely virtual currency or digital currency.

Bitcoin owners can use digital currency as a means of payment to buy products or pay for services.

The inventor of bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto which was first launched on the internet in 2009.

Bitcoin is not controlled by banks but is supported by decentralized peer-to-peer technology.

The way bitcoin works is quite unique.

Each bitcoin chip is basically a computer file stored in a digital wallet application on your phone or computer.

Bitcoin owners transact by sending digital money through the digital wallet.

There are three ways that can be done to get bitcoin, namely:

  • Buy bitcoin using money
  • Sell ​​goods and accept payments with bitcoin
  • Mining bitcoin using a computer

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What is Bitcoin Mining?

The term mining is closely related to how to get bitcoin.

Mining bitcoin or mining bitcoin is like mining gold.

Mining can be done with computers and software on a bitcoin mining server.

For mining bitcoin, miners need very powerful computers, large electricity, and super-fast internet.

This is because bitcoin mining activities require large computing power.

There are at least four ways to mine bitcoin, namely:

  • Mining in the mining pool
  • Cloud mining
  • Solo mining
  • Bitcoin trading platform

Beginner´s Guide to Mining Bitcoins

how to mine bitcoin fast

Mining in Pool Mining

One way to mine bitcoin is to mine in a mining pool.

This method is simply that you join forces with other miners in a pool for mining bitcoin.

Later, you share the rewards for the results obtained from mining the bitcoins.

In this way, first, you have to register for a pool or pool.

Furthermore, all miners who are in the same pool agree to share any bitcoin rewards with the other pool members.

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Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is a bitcoin mining method that does not need to have sophisticated computing tools.

You can use cloud mining provider services.

For example using genesis mining, hashflare, hashing24, and so on.

The advantage of this approach is that there is no need to have in-depth knowledge of mining hardware.

In addition, there is no need to buy expensive and unaffordable equipment.

It’s just that, how to mine bitcoin with cloud mining has a high risk.

Solo Mining

Solo mining can be an alternative to mining bitcoin.

This way, you don’t have to share your income with anyone else.

However, you must provide advanced equipment.

For example PC, motherboard, graphics card, hard drive, RAM, and so on.

You will also have to provide a large amount of electricity and solve complex mathematical algorithms to generate bitcoins.

Solo mining is usually done by experts so it is not easy for beginners to do.

You can use ASIC (Application Specific Circuit Chips) hardware for mining activities.

You also need to use bitcoin mining software, including Bitcoin miner, BTC miner, easy miner, CG miner, and BFG miner

Bitcoin Trading Platforms

Another way to mine bitcoin is to use a bitcoin trading platform.

This option can be an alternative because you can simply download the application on your cellphone.

A number of bitcoin mining applications include:

  • MinerGate
  • Eobot
  • Crypto Miner
  • Cryptotab
  • Bitzfree
  • AA Miner
  • NeonNeon Miner
  • Droid Miner


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How? Ready to mine bitcoin?

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