15 Modern Minimalist House Design Ideas in 2022

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Modern Minimalist House Design IdeasLately, the form of a modern minimalist house is increasingly favored. Some consider the Scandinavian-style design and interior to be the mecca of this concept. There are also those who think of Japan as the root of the minimalist lifestyle, contributing to its influence on architecture and design. There is nothing wrong because more or less there is truth.

Basically, the modern minimalist concept prioritizes efficiency and functionality but can meet the needs of its residents. What is unique is that this concept does not only concern the architectural form of the house, but also interior design, furniture selection, color, lighting arrangements, and home decoration plants.

Designing a house with a modern minimalist concept is not easy, but also not so difficult, as long as you know what is needed. In this article, we will discuss in full the 15 Modern Minimalist House Design Ideas in 2022.

15 Best Modern Minimalist House Designs

1 Floor Minimalist House Design

low cost minimalist house design

Don’t worry! One-story houses can also have a modern minimalist design. In fact, it’s even easier. With a large enough house area, at least you can have two rooms. However, if only one room is not a problem.

Looking at the floor plan below, the front room near the entrance, as usual, was used as a living room. However, it can be used as a dining room and kitchen at the same time.

small minimalist house design

Then, for the back, it can be a bedroom and bathroom and can be used as a play or other relaxing room if you want. Well, while the area of ​​the house only allows one room. No problem!

You can replace the relaxing room with a bathroom at home, or part of the garden behind the house as a bathroom, or move the kitchen there. How simple and reasonable is not it?

2-storey minimalist house design

minimalist house facade design

Having a two-story house is fun. There is plenty of room for movement and placing items that are felt to be important and necessary. However, if you want a minimalist, we recommend dividing the two “levels” of the house properly.

The ground floor serves as a kitchen, living room, and bathroom, as shown in the floor plan below.

While on the second floor is used for bedrooms and bathrooms. You can divide your house into three rooms, one toilet, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. It is according to your wishes.

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3 Bedroom Minimalist House Design

2 bedroom minimalist house plans

With three rooms, it feels like the house should be big and spacious. not really. You can divide the rooms into different points of the house. Rooms do not always have to be attached to each other or side by side.

The bedroom is indeed smaller, but if you can place the right furniture and layout, the house will still be comfortable. You can see the design of this three-bedroom minimalist house in the floor plan below.

minimalist house design interior

2 Bedroom Minimalist House Design

3 bedroom minimalist house plans

Your house can only be divided into two rooms? No problem. With this design, your home will be a comfortable location that you will always miss. For a two-bedroom house, the point is to take advantage of the widest space to divide it into two rooms.

Launching Athayasimple, the size of the two rooms can be the same, or different in terms of width or length, it doesn’t matter. The point is that the room is made to accommodate beds, cupboards, and other furniture.

From the floor plan above, it can be seen that the two-bedroom house looks spacious. As long as you know the right angle and size, yes.

Minimalist House Design 1 Floor 1 Room

Are you the type of person who wants one room and uses another part of the house as a multi-purpose room? With a minimalist home design, you can make it happen even if you only have one floor. You can see the reference to a minimalist one-story house plan with one room in the floor plan below.

In Ulrihome, it is stated that this one-story and one-bedroom house actually makes the house more spacious and comfortable, why? Because you will have an open kitchen, large living room, laundry room, toilet, workspace, and even a lounge.

Minimalist House Design 3 Floors 2 Rooms

This house design is suitable for you who are a new couple. A house that can be used as a place to live as well as a place to work. Today, the home can be a creative location for people to get inspiration while working.

Well, this three-story house can be used as a workspace, meeting room, and even as a start-up business. A new couple trying to start their small company fits perfectly into this house.

From the floor plan below, it can be seen that each floor is used as a good space. Ground floor as a living room and meeting room or small office. Then, on the first floor (or two), it is your private property. As your kitchen or living room.

Minimalist House Design 1 Floor 2 Rooms

The most minimalist and reasonable is if one floor has two bedrooms. You can take advantage of this modern minimalist home design as your reference. You can have rooms such as kitchens, restaurants, bathrooms, kitchens, and a little open space behind the house. An example can be seen in the following diagram.

Picture of a Minimalist House Type 21

A minimalist house with type 21 has an area that is not too wide, ranging from 3×7 m2. Usually, this type is the smallest type that is often offered by housing developers. This type is intended for small families or newly married couples who do not have many family members.

This minimalist type 21 house, can be designed but can still meet your needs. For example, with this area, you can get two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, a toilet, and a carport. For reference to the type 21 house design, see the floor plan below.

Image Minimalist House Area Type 36

Type 36 house which has an area of ​​6×6 m2 is one type of house that is quite ideal. This is because the area of ​​​​the house is not too small, but not too wide. This type of house is usually hunted by newly married couples or families with not too many family members.

Usually, they buy this type of house as their first home. This is because the price is quite affordable and the area is right. As shown in the floor plan below, this house can be designed with two bedrooms, a living and family room, a toilet, and a minimalist kitchen. These rooms are the main rooms needed by a house.

Picture of a minimalist house type 72

If houses type 21 and 36 are intended for small families, type 72 houses can be intended for large families. This is because with an area of ​​72 m2, at least you can have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a family room, a living room, and a fairly spacious kitchen. In addition, you can also still have a small garden in front of the house.

Minimalist House Image Type 90

If you have a type 90 house, with an area of ​​90 m2, you will be more flexible to design your dream home. With this type of house, you can determine how much space is needed according to the needs of the family. If the main rooms such as bedrooms, toilets, kitchens, living rooms, and families are fulfilled, you can add a beautiful garden in front or behind the house.

Modern Minimalist House Design Ideas With Industrial Style Minimalist House

The concept of a minimalist house with an industrial theme can be a different alternative from the others. Industrial style is usually synonymous with unfinished designs. Through this style, the house is built by exposing some of the basic building materials such as brick and iron as its unique side. In addition to applying to buildings, you can apply them to interior design in bedrooms, living rooms, to kitchens.

Modern Minimalist House Design Ideas With Japanese Style Minimalist House

Japanese culture which is synonymous with minimalism and tidiness of space has inspired many people and applied it to their respective homes. In addition, the concept of a Japanese-style house is also getting more attention along with the popularity of Japanese culture itself.

To make a Japanese-style house, you can place Japanese ornaments or Japanese furniture that uses natural materials such as bamboo and wood in pastel colors.

Modern Minimalist House Design Ideas With Scandinavian style minimalist house

Another home design theme that is no less popular is the Scandinavian style. This design is synonymous with minimalist nuances and neutral colors inspired by homes in Scandinavia such as Sweden and Denmark. In addition to having a minimalist design, the Scandinavian style also puts forward an efficient but aesthetically pleasing space function.

If you want to turn your home into a Scandinavian style, choose paint with neutral colors such as pastels, white, or brown. In addition, mix and match with furniture that has the same color pattern. Apply it to the bedroom, kitchen, the bathroom, so that the Scandinavian feel is more pronounced in your residence.

Modern Minimalist House Design Ideas With Natural Style Minimalist House

Currently, many minimalist homes apply natural style as the right combination. Natural style means incorporating natural elements into your home. You can include plants as home ornaments, to home furniture that accentuates natural accents in both color and texture.

In addition, to make the house feel more natural, you can place large windows as access for light and wind so that you can save electricity for lighting and cool the room.

Lots of natural light and shapes that seem limitless to the outside world make the house feel more open and airy.

Tricks for choosing a minimalist house for residence

Basically, a modern minimalist home design prioritizes efficiency and functionality, but can still meet the needs of its residents. What is unique, this concept does not only concern the architectural form of the house but is also influenced by the type of house, building materials, to the selection of the right furniture. Want to know more about modern minimalist home designs? Check out the following tips.

Pay attention to the type of house

When applied to large-area dwellings, the concept of a minimalist home form can make the dwelling easier to maintain, organize, and not messy. Clean lines, according to the characteristics of a minimalist design, make the house look modern, sometimes even giving the impression of being sophisticated and futuristic.

If applied to narrow and limited land, the form of a modern minimalist house can give the impression of being spacious, concise, neat, and clean. This can provide residents with freedom of movement and the function of the room is not reduced.

Check Building Materials

It is undeniable, hearing the shape of a modern minimalist house that is imagined is a residence that is dominated by white and gray or black monochrome colors. This often happens if you choose walls and floors of exposed concrete or cement which are gray in color.

However, if you don’t want a white or gray residence, you can still get a modern minimalist home with the choice of pale and soft wall paint. Want to use more than one color is still allowed. The key is in the colors in one palette. For example, pink or light green, use gradations of those colors.

Modern minimalist homes can also use any flooring material, be it wood, vinyl, to ceramics. The color factor is also a determining factor, with pale, neutral, and uniform colors as a must. Therefore, natural marble and granite floor patterns which are usually not uniform are not suitable for the application.

Choosing the Right Furniture

Prioritizing simple but functional forms is the hallmark of minimalist furniture. Not infrequently, to increase efficiency, minimalist home forms prioritize furniture that has several functions at once.

For example, a coffee table that also functions as a storage shelf, a bed with storage drawers at the bottom, and a folding dining table. In addition, it would be even better if all the furniture in the form of a minimalist home has a harmonious color.

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Well, today’s modern minimalist house is not just a dream, right? You can try it with the reference plan and tips above.

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