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40 Legit Money Making Apps That Will Pay You Cash

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Smartphones are mobile devices that are now an everyday part of our lives and are considered as primary needs for communication to entertainment. Millennials are the most intense smartphone users, even according to the latest research from Nottingham Trent University in the UK, the average young adult now spends almost 5 hours a day on their gadget.

Well, instead of just doing less productive activities on your smartphone, why not use it as a source of additional income. There are a number of smartphone and tablet Money Making Apps designed to allow users to earn dollars, either sent directly to your Paypal account or in the form of vouchers, cashback or gifts that can be exchanged for certain prizes.

Although this Money Making Apps will not make you rich or become the main income, but at least it can cover your monthly data plan costs. What are some money-generating applications that you can try and download on smartphones based on Android, and maybe iOS? This is the best list this year!

40 Best Money Making Apps That Will Pay You Cash

Best Money Making Apps That Will Pay You Cash

appKarma Reward & Gift Card

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The appKarma Reward & Gift Card app is a fairly popular one. After the
Money Making Apps is installed and open, you can choose available offers to get points, including: installing and playing applications; following Karma Quizzez, which is answering several questions correctly to get money. You also need to achieve “Achievement Badges”, namely the rewards that are obtained when reaching certain targets. For example the target is to install 20 applications, promote the application to a number of friends, and others.

To multiply points, you can also invite friends through referral codes. In Indonesia, you can withdraw money from AppKarma Reward & Gift Card via PayPal only. Please see this application on the Google Play Store


So far, Swagbucks remains one of the favorite producers of money in several countries, especially in America. Known as SB Answer, this application from Swagbucks is very easy to use. Once registered, you can participate in dozens of online surveys that can be filled at any time or during your free time. In addition, SB Answer also allows you to post reviews of your local shopping experience in certain stores around you. You can join the online Swagbucks survey community just by registering through the application.
SB Answer has around 18 million members who receive more than US $ 150 million free shopping cards for their services. SB Answers is one of the best online survey applications to make money in the US and certain other countries. You can withdraw your SB points into cash sent directly to your PayPal account or by claiming a gift card to one of more than 1500 retailers (such as Walmart or Amazon).

Make money

Make Money is one of the most popular Money Making Apps that can be downloaded on any iPhone or Android phone. Make Money app allows you to earn extra money by completing simple tasks such as watching videos, trying free apps, completing surveys, giving opinions, testing services, free product support and testing of products, services, and applications. You can also play the beta version of free video games through Make Money. Your earnings are paid after reaching the minimum payment limit through PayPal.

WHAFF Rewards

WHAFF Rewards is the most downloaded gift apps on the Google Play Store. Just like other applications, here there are a number of offers that we can choose such as downloading, installing, and playing applications that are on the WHAFF Rewards list. The amount of commission received per activity ranges from 0.1-1 dollars depending on the location or country of the user. In addition, there will still be extra pay if you can complete the premium offer. To withdraw the commission, there are three types of choices, namely through PayPal, via mobile operator credit, and also in the form of iTunes, Google Play, Playstation, Steam, LoL, Karma, Amazon, Facebook, Minecraft, Blizzard, and Skrill balances.

Money Making Apps ‘CashPirate’

CashPirate is one of the best Money Making Apps to get money easily. Like other applications, you can download apps to make money, try free products, watch videos & refer your friends. In addition, you can get 10% of the income earned by each of your referrals & 5% of their references. They use the term ‘Coins’ for income & when you receive 2,500 coins, you can easily withdraw your income on your PayPal account. This application is rated 4.5 / 5 of 42,000 satisfied users. That means this application can be trusted.

Google Opinion Rewards

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Google opinion Rewards is one of the best Money Making Apps that doesn’t pay any cash. But this application will give you a gift with Google Play Credits where you can exchange it for purchases on the Android application, Google Music, Books, Magazines and movies on the Play Store. Here you can get the credit by completing a small survey and giving your opinion (opinion) about a product to Google. Google continues to the company to provide data on consumer experience.

After you register, they will give you surveys every week and prizes can be from 25 cents to $ 1 or even more. Besides Google Opinion Rewards, another way to get prizes from Google is to become an information contributor on the Google Map application (Google Local Guides).


The Rewardable application pays real money, unlike other money-making apps like Google Opinion Rewards where you get credit. But unfortunately this particular application is only for users who live in the United States. Your job is to complete the task online or answer a few questions. This can pay you from $ 5 to $ 20 depending on the job you choose. They pay you via PayPal.

Big Time Cash

Big Time Cash is one of the mobile apps that offer rewards for money or rewards in a way that is quite unique. You have the opportunity to reach hundreds of dollars just by playing video games. This application has been used by more than 5 million Android users worldwide with a rating of 4.6. So what are you waiting for? Please get cash prizes or other rewards for free in this application. Prize winners are paid directly via Paypal transfer.


Ibotta is one of the Money Making Apps that allows you to get cashback for everyday purchases. Before shopping, traveling, eating or other transactions, you need to check out Ibotta. Buy through this application, which displays several special offers, will help you save cash. In addition, online stores that have collaborated will also give you a partial cashback on your spending via ibotta.

This app owner has worked with leading brands and retailers to help you save money without the hassle of traditional coupons, discounts or promo codes. Check daily coupons for various products from various brands, stores and applications to make money. “Thanks to our online coupons and rebates, our customers have earned more than $ 220,000,000 in cash,” claims the ibotta website.


Once again here you don’t make money but get points for doing things like scanning items in a grocery store, checking items in shopping centers and other necessities. You also get points by playing games and watching videos. Then you can exchange these points with gadgets, gift cards, and other prizes. This is one of the great money-generating applications for buyers.

Tap Cash Rewards

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Tap Cash Rewards is one of the fast money making apps for Android that appears as a popular app for people to earn extra income during their free time. You can download this application from Google Play on your Android phone. After completing the online registration process, you will be invited to earn money through various activities.

These activities include watching videos and advertisements on your smartphone to rank them, test new applications before they are released to the public and play beta computer games. In return, Tap Cash Rewards offers cash through PayPal and free shopping coupons for several well-known online stores.

Trailers App

Money making apps like AppTrailers can be followed by giving your honest experience about an application that you are using (tested). You need to share reviews about how good or bad the application is. If you watch a video, you get half a penny and try a demo that you can make 10 cents to 1 dollar. You can also earn points for referrals.


Maybe this is one of the confusing money making apps for beginners. There are two applications Slide for making money: One that allows you to make payments online for various purchases, and one that offers cash to complete certain tasks. Slides are very popular in India and Pakistan. Through this application, you can get cash by watching free videos or sharing videos that you make.
In addition, Slide also has a reference program. That is, you get points for each member you refer and successfully register to use the Slide application. Slide pays money through the same application, which can be used for online payments when shopping or recharging your prepaid cellphone credit.


Foap is a money making apps (available for iOS and Android) that allows professional and amateur photographers to make extra money by selling photos taken on smartphones. Basically, this is a crowdsourcing platform for brands and advertising and marketing bureaus to search for and buy images from registration Foap more than 2.5 million photographers worldwide.

You register an account, upload your high-quality photos with clear tags, and photos are ranked by the registered community. The higher the ranking, the higher the photo’s visibility. For each sale, you can make $ 5, and you can make up to $ 100 per sale. There is also a mission where brands and advertising agencies will make special requests for images. And recently, the mission has been expanded to the video field.


Just like Rewardable, the Gigwalk apps is also only available to people in the US and parts of Canada. Gigwalker is one apps that makes money by completing tasks. His job could be taking photos (taking pictures) in various places, distributing flyers or pamphlets or becoming mystery shoppers. This money-producing application might be a bit tiring because you have to go out on the streets. You can make between $ 5 and $ 20.


best money making apps

money making apps If you are a heavy shopper, ShopKick is another best application for making money. You can enter any store and exchange a gift card or coupon. You can make money when shopping. ShopKick pays you a minimum of $ 2 for a gift card. In addition, the best part is that this application is completely free. For the Android platform, you can get it through Google Play.


iPoll is also one of the best survey apps that pay. This is one of the money-making apps for Android that allows you to complete surveys and make money. iPoll will pay you cash and credit for purchases on iTunes and Amazon. You can choose different surveys, some surveys that can be done by everyone and some are limited to certain users.


SlideJoy allows you to make money by checking trending news and unlocking your phone’s screen. Slidejoy pays you with cash or rewards you in the form of a gift card by reading trending news and advertisements through the screen of your smartphone. Use cash prizes to your PayPal account or gift cards to your favorite retailers/brands.

In addition, you can even donate the money you make from Slidejoy to charity.


With the number of applications installed more than 5 million users, Showbox is one of the “smart” money making apps. The average active user can make around 25 dollars or 375 thousand just by playing the game through this application. For those of you who like to play games or often take advantage of free time with ‘playing games’, then Showbox can obviously be an alternative. This application implements a point system, where 1,000 points collected are equivalent to 1 dollar that can be obtained by watching video games, trying out new games released, or by winning games competitions.

On average you will get 30-500 points for each bid that was successfully completed. These points can be cashed when they have reached a minimum of 5 dollars. Disbursement of Showbox commissions can be transferred via a PayPal account or exchanged for gift cards and cellular operator credit.


ChampCash is a newcomer who offers extra money by completing small tasks. Champcash runs a referral program. This means, you download the ChampCash app and refer your friends to follow it. For each successful download by the person you refer, Champcash pays you a small amount of money. But ChampCash comes with the main catch. After you install the application and successfully register, you are paid only to install more applications and download videos.

Therefore, make sure your cellphone has enough memory to accommodate all these extra apps to make money and videos that you need to download before getting the promised rewards. Compensation in the form of shopping coupons for Amazon India and Flipkart, among others.


money making apps for android phones

The fastest money making apps TaskBucks is an online survey and task application that is primarily intended for residents of India and surrounding countries. This application is similar to the Swagbucks American application in several ways. This is one of the easy-to-use money-making apps for Android that allows you to complete online surveys, post product reviews, write down the experiences needed by the application and complete other small tasks. In return, you get paid money into your Paytm account that can be used for anything, from online shopping to recharging your cellphone credit.


Viggle is another app that you can use to make more money. You can make money while watching TV and listening to music. You get prize points by watching TV shows or listening to music albums. With Viggle Live you can earn points by completing polls while watching TV shows directly.

Survey on the Go

The Survey On The Go application allows you to participate in surveys conducted by top Fortune 500 companies and entertainment providers. For your services to voice your opinion, you are rewarded with cash by Survey On The Go. Most of the surveys installed in this application are very simple and can be completed in a few minutes. However, unfortunately this is only available to residents of the United States.

In addition to surveys, you can assess films, TV shows, write product reviews, and shopping experiences, as well as among other tasks. Survey On The Go pays your rewards through PayPal. In addition, several surveys on this application give you the right to receive free samples for testing and reviews before launching on the market.

InboxDollars Surveys

As the name suggests, InboxDollars will pay you to open and scroll emails and answer simple surveys. There is also a registration bonus of 5 dollars. InboxDollar works on a cash-only system, so you don’t need to worry about turning points into cash or just compensating for a gift card. And according to their website, they have paid more than $ 57 million to users who have completed surveys for years.


The Userfeel apps (available for iOS and Android) allows you to participate in usability tests, which means you are paid to visit and explore new sites, perform various simple tasks on the site and offer feedback and criticism. Each test lasts 10 to 20 minutes, and you are paid $ 10 per test in cash via PayPal or Payoneer.

Junkie Survey

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Survey Junkie’s money-making survey apps is a legitimate way to get extra money when you wait for a bus, during a lunch break, or even when you go to the couch. Junkie Survey is 100% free and easy to register. After registration (which takes less than 1 minute), you can start taking surveys anywhere, from anywhere via your mobile!

With Junkie Survey, you can make the most money in the shortest time (compared to other applications). But unfortunately, only users from the US, UK, Canada and Australia are eligible.


For those of you who like to watch videos, the MintCoins application might be a medium of entertainment while earning extra income. To collect the coffers of money through MintCoins, you only need to watch the videos that appear in this application. Besides watching videos, users may also be required to download certain applications. Another task that you might get from MintCoins is to fill out a survey that is quite easy. To withdraw money, you need to do it through PayPal. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is 1 dollar.


As a market research application, Toluna (available for iOS and Android) is quite popular, because users can receive cash payments using PayPal, and also this application offers gifts for more than just taking surveys. You can also create your own survey (for example based on current events, shampoo habits or opinions about the latest technology gadgets) that can give you bonus points.

Daily Cash

By using Daily Cash, you can get extra money through your Android phone. The task is only to do certain activities such as rating apps, watching videos, inviting friends, or downloading recommended applications. The more tasks completed, the greater your income potential. For each task that you complete, Daily Cash will give different points. You can exchange these points for real money. The payment method chosen by Daily Cash is through PayPal.


Tapporo may be one of the senior and reliable apps in paying dollars. This application is even listed in the list of the best money-producing applications in 2015. Based on the web version,, they offer some of the best referral rates of $ 0.60 per register. If you have 100 friends, there is free cash of $ 60 for you. The high level of reference rewards is one reason many people like this application. Prizes can be in the form of cash through PayPal, Amazon vouchers, cellphone accessories, and more.

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Well, that is a series of money-making apps that you can choose to generate extra dollar coffers. One thing to remember is that the application above is only a means of adding pocket money, not as a substitute for your main job. In addition to the list of applications above, you can also try other money-making apps, such as:

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Gift Pool
Kubik News

Just Ceban
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Lucky Day
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