Top 10 Brilliant Money-Saving Tips in 2022

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Money-Saving Tips? Saving is one of the simplest ways to manage money, but if you don’t get used to it since childhood, you will always fail to do it. No wonder so many people are looking for the most effective way to save.

Are you one of them? If so, take it easy. Follow these 10 Brilliant Money-Saving Tips, guaranteed you’ll get used to saving!

10 Best Ways to Save Money

how to save money for students

Saving every day

If you’re afraid you can’t save monthly, try saving daily. Set aside money according to your financial ability. Do it every day for one month.

Prepare a special piggy bank to keep the money set aside, so the money is not used for other things. This method is quite effective. If done in a disciplined manner, the money saved is pretty good, you know!

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Don’t be shy to collect change

Many people underestimate change. In fact, if they are collected, the nominal change can be large.

Not bad for buying spices, right? So never underestimate money, whatever the nominal. It’s better to collect and see how big the nominal money is at a later date.

Prepare a special envelope

This envelope serves to save the money that you have allocated per expenditure post. So for the cost of food, electricity, transportation, internet, everything has been separated in different envelopes.

The goal is for you to stick to the budget, so there is no use outside the proper post. This method makes you accustomed to being disciplined in managing money, so saving is not a difficult thing for you anymore.

Money-Saving Tips With Set a saving date

Saving it should be done at the beginning, not at the end. So the money saved is not leftover money, but the money that has not been used at all. If you usually save every 25th, then the following month must also be on the same date.

This date can be adjusted by yourself, for example at payday. The important thing is that the money has to be saved when that date arrives, so it is not already used for consumptive shopping.

Separate your account

If you think setting aside money in an envelope is too complicated, you can set it aside into an account. As long as the account is separated between personal and expense accounts. So an expense account is for all expenses, while a personal account is for savings and investments.

This way, you are not tempted to spend money outside of your budget. As a result, the amount of your savings always increases every month.

Don’t be shy about buying sale items

When compared to the items that are hung on the hanger, the price of the items on sale is much cheaper. So there’s no harm in glancing at sale items when shopping. Who knows if there is a match, you can save a hefty amount of money, you know!

You can put the remaining money for shopping into a savings account. It’s just that you need to be careful in choosing the sale items. Usually, the items on sale have some defects or deficiencies.

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Wisely take advantage of discounts

Besides on sale, some items sold in malls are often discounted. Take advantage of this discount to reduce the amount of money out, yes! Do not hesitate to use an e-wallet or credit card when transacting if the price of the goods is cheaper.

Especially for credit cards, it’s a good idea to immediately set aside money to pay the bill after shopping. When the bill is due, you just pay and you don’t need to make a special allocation in the coming month. So, saving activities are not threatened.

Get rid of excessive prestige

If you want to be successful in saving, you should lose your prestige because it is useless. This prestige sometimes makes your finances fall. Those of you who previously wanted to save were forced to cancel this desire just because you wanted to join your friends to become a contemporary child.

For example, for hanging out. You don’t always have to hang out at expensive cafes if there is a cheaper cafe, the menu is varied and delicious. The point is that your stomach is full and you can gather with friends.

Bring enough money

If you want to leave the house, you should bring enough cash. Who knows you want to buy something at a stall or grocery store, so you can use this money. No need to swipe here and there that makes your expenses out of control.

But remember, just enough. Don’t overdo it for fear that your impulsive nature will relapse, so you can’t control yourself when you see interesting things around you.


The last most effective Money-Saving Tips is to dare to hold yourself back, both when shopping, hanging out, especially when you are out of the house. Do not often glance here and there so you are not tempted.

Even if you’ve been tempted, take a deep breath and remember your goal, which is saving. Guaranteed the desire to shop at the wrong moment can be avoided.

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Do it for your financial good

smart saving tips

Saving is not a difficult thing, but it takes high discipline if you want to succeed. If you insist on saving, do the most powerful saving tricks above. It’s better to do it sincerely for your financial good, so the process becomes easier.

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