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10 Most Expensive Application on PlayStore

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Most Expensive Applications – Already know, if PlayStore is indeed a warehouse for apps and games specifically for Android users? In PlayStore, Android users can find various kinds of applications and games, some are paid and some are free. The free application, of course, more enthusiasts than paid applications.

Now for a paid application has a varied price with a price range of tens and rarely paid applications are pegged to prices of more than 10 $. But this does not apply with the 10 most expensive applications on this PlayStore. Yes, these applications are pegged at a price that is super expensive and certainly makes it poor. Intrigued by the application? Read on in this article, yes.

10 Most Expensive Applications on PlayStore

1. Abu Moo

abu moo collection

Are you a collector of gems like diamonds? If so, can you try downloading the application that is supported by Abu Moo. Well, the developer Abu Moo itself developed six applications that will display descriptions and descriptions of different gemstones. For example, the Amethyst application will explain about Amethyst gemstones, as well as other applications.

However, to find out the explanation of the gemstones in this application made by Abu Moo, you must prepare 550 $ for each application, while Abu Moo has 6 different applications, you can calculate how expensive this application is.

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What function? There is nothing special, you can only know about gems and every image in the application made by Abu Moo can be used as wallpaper. How, interested in knowing gemstones and using wallpapers from Abu Moo?

2. The Most Expensive App

google play store

If you want to buy the most expensive application on PlayStore, then download the Most Expensive App. As the name implies, this application is indeed expensive and even the price can buy an Android HP, which is $ 550.

Although expensive, the Most Expensive App is claimed to be able to access all applications on the PlayStore, including paid applications that are on PlayStore. Can you really access all paid apps on PlayStore? Nobody knows yet. Interested in buying?

3. I Am Rich (Most Expensive App)

most expensive apps

Well, if the most expensive application on this PlayStore seems to challenge you who are capable enough to buy it. In fact, the description of the application only says “Are you rich enough?” So, if you feel rich and want to buy this application, you can directly download I Am Rich (the Most Expensive App) for $ 500. What are the application functions? Nobody knows.

4. Most Expensive Androidear App

most expensive app on the app store

The previous three applications are specifically for mobile users if this one is specifically for Android Wear users. Don’t ask about the usefulness of the Most Expensive Android App, because there’s nothing.

In the description, it was explained that the Most Expensive Androidear App is only for fun people. There is even an explanation just for “Having fun.” Wow, if it’s just for fun and fun, you are willing to pay $ 550?

5. Most Expensive App

most expensive games on app store

Want to buy the most expensive application on PlayStore? Please download the Most Expensive App for $ 550. This application is the same as other applications where you will get nothing. Yes, you could say that you bought this application only for prestige, anyway.

If you see a description of this application, you will see the writing “If you are a millionaire with plenty of cash, you might want to download this just for laughs.” In essence, if you are a billionaire and are confused about spending money, maybe you want to download this application just to laugh. What do you think, readers?

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6. Bonney’s Gyn. Surgery, 11th Ed

google play

Although it is one of the most expensive applications on the PlayStore, maybe for those of you who are doctors, you need Bonney’s Gyn. Surgery, 11th Ed. Because the application pegged at a price of $ 170 explains how to operate correctly and precisely.

Unlike previous expensive applications, you are more worth it when buying Bonney’s Gyn. Surgery, 11th Ed, if you really need it. The good thing is, this application is always updated with new operating methods. Interest in buying?

7. The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine

most valuable app

Actually, the application of The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine is one type with Bonney’s Gyn, the difference is that this application is more friendly to ordinary people. So, not only doctors can enjoy the benefits of The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine.

Because the application that has a price of $ 170 explains various types of diseases and characteristics of the disease. The good thing is, The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine is equipped with attractive colors, not black and white like Bonney’s Gyn.

Yes, even though ordinary people can benefit from the characteristics of the disease and its diagnosis, but still all use medical terms. So, it’s pretty confusing if you don’t understand medical terms.

8. Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics

most expensive app on apple store

It’s not unusual anymore that medical books have very expensive prices, as well as Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics. This book about pediatrics made in the textbook is an application. In fact, it entered as one of the most expensive applications on PlayStore. But, this application is certainly not as expensive as the Abu Moo application.

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In the application, you can find out updated information about pediatrics in accordance with medical science. What’s special, Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics is equipped with features that are worth it, where you can mark each word with highlights. In fact, there are also note features, history, bookmarks, and more. If you need this textbook, then please buy it for $ 160.

9. 5-Minute Sports Medicine

There are still more expensive applications but it is still quite worth it to buy, called the 5-Minute Sports Medicine application. This is an application that will diagnose diseases or injuries that occur in athletes or you who like sports.

In 5-Minute Sports Medicine, the characteristics of the disease for joints, knees, minor injuries, and severe injuries will be explained. Unfortunately, all the explanations in 5-Minute Sports Medicine use English in medical terms. So, maybe for ordinary people will find it difficult to read it. Interest in buying? Download the app for $ 140.

10. Most Expensive Game

The Most Expensive Game cannot be called an application but a puzzle game. Actually, this game is not much different from other puzzle games, the only difference is the price. Usually, most puzzle games are offered free, but for the Most Expensive Game, they are priced at fantastic prices, $ 550.


How to play? You only need to match the same color, similar to playing Candy Crush. It’s easy, right? You are willing to play the Most Expensive Game, meaning you are willing to spend money equivalent to buying an Android cellphone. Interest?

Yes, that is how the ten most expensive applications on PlayStore. Mostly, the applications have functions that are not important and tend not to be worth buying. However, if you are curious, you can buy these applications. Actually, there are many other expensive applications, you can search on PlayStore with the keyword “the most expensive app.”

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