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Top 10 Most Followers on Instagram Accounts 2019

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The Instagram application does have many enthusiasts of Smartphone users from all over the world. Not infrequently, there are various types of account hits on Instagram that are booming and viral. However, account hits on Instagram do not necessarily have the most followers on Instagram.

There are those who have thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of followers, even reaching more than 200 million followers. So, what kind of account, who has the most Instagram followers in the world? Well, following businessoldnet has managed to collect 10 accounts with the most Instagram followers in the world. Can you guess who is in the first place?

10 Accounts with the Most Instagram Followers in the World

1. Instagram

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Not from artists or account hits, @Instagram is the number one account that has the most followers in the world, you know. The number of followers he won was 240 million followers! Very much, right? This @instagram account is the official account of the Instagram application.

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Often, the @instagram account presents aesthetic, interesting, and pleasing images. Sometimes also, @instagram posts photos of artists. However, not infrequently accounts with more than 5000 of these posts are used for the promotion of the latest features on Instagram. Well, you who like to use Instagram, have you followed the @instagram account yet?

2. Selena Gomez

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In second place with the most Instagram followers in the world, this time was won by a beautiful and talented artist, Selena Gomez. Referred to as the former Justin Bieber this turned out to have many fans on Instagram to succeed in making 138 million followers! The amount is very much even though not as much as @instagram.

@selengomez himself often updates and uploads photos of the latest videos from Selena. Sometimes, Selena also likes to post her latest photoshoot. In fact, Selena is also diligent in updating her latest songs on Instagram. What’s with Selena Gomez? Directly follow Instagram on @selenagomez.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

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The very famous soccer players throughout this country also won third place as the account with the most Instagram followers in the world, you know. Who doesn’t know this handsome and talented soccer player?

Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo who has an @cristiano Instagram account turns out to have a fantastic number of followers, 131 million followers, you know! In his post, @cristiano often posts his daily life and his favorite sports. In fact, there are also photos with loved ones Ronaldo. Curious? Can directly follow the IG account, yes.

4. Ariana Grande

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The singer of the song Beauty and The Beast is also on the TOP 10 line with hundreds of millions of followers on Instagram, exactly 121 million followers who were won by the @arianagrande account. No wonder, because Ariana is a singer who is very popular today.

The songs and their distinctive voice can hypnotize many people. As a result, many Instagram users follow @arianagrande to get the latest updates from this beautiful artist. Until now, Ariana has posted more than 3000 photos and videos to Instagram. What is uploaded? Check the IG immediately, huh!

5. Kim Kardashian

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Not from the singers, but from the world of modeling, Kim Kardashian also became one of those who has accounts with the most Instagram followers in the world. Following Beyonce, this beautiful model born in 1980 also amazed Instagram users around the world with their beauty. Until this article was written, @kimkardashian has 113 million followers on Instagram, you know!

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6. Beyonce

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This world-class singer is also placed in the top 5 positions as one of the accounts that have many followers on Instagram accounts. In the @beyonce account, recorded until this article was written, it has earned 119 million followers and continues to grow every day.

Also seen, this @beyonce account has posted more than 1500 recent photos and videos from Beyonce. Not infrequently, Beyonce uses his Instagram account for the promotion of his latest albums and songs. Oh yeah, until now, @beyonce doesn’t have one following on Instagram, you know!

7. Kylie Jenner

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Had been in the 8th position, but Kylie Jenner was able to shift Taylor Swift by getting the 7th position as one of the Instagram accounts with the most followers in the world. @kyliejenner has 110 million followers on Instagram and is always increasing every day.

Kylie Jenner’s beauty and sexiness are also not inferior to Kim Kardashian. Therefore, it’s no wonder that Kylie Jenner has many fans and is always updated on Instagram. If you are a fan of Kylie Jenner, you must follow Instagram @kyliejenner to keep it updated!

8. Taylor Swift

Speaking Instagram accounts with the most followers, it is never separated from an artist who is famous for international class, like Taylor Swift. On his Instagram account, @taylorswift has Instagram followers of 109 million followers.

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Until now, the @taylorswift account was recorded only posting 186 photos and videos. In fact, there isn’t one single following on this Bad Blood singer Instagram account. Although it has a small number of posts and doesn’t even touch 200, Taylor Swift actively promotes his latest songs and daily activities on Instagram.

9. Dwayne Johnson

Who, who doesn’t know The Rock? This world-class talented actor also found the 9th place as an account that has many followers on Instagram. The owner of Dwayne Johnson’s real name has an @therock Instagram account with 108 million followers!

@therock is quite active in using Instagram where his followers can see Dwayne Johnson’s daily life that is often uploaded to Instagram. Not only that but @therock also often posted posters and even the latest movie trailers starring Dwayne Johnson.

10. Justin Bieber

Following the ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, @justinbieber is on the Instagram account list with the most followers in the world. Noted, @justinbieber has 100 million followers with more than 4000 posts on Instagram.

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You could say Bieber is very active on Instagram, whether it’s for the promotion of songs or just uploading his daily activities. Not infrequently, Bieber also updates Instastory on the @justinbieber account. Sometimes, Bieber will greet his followers by broadcasting live on Instagram Live.

Well, that’s the row of accounts with the most Instagram followers in the world. Until this article was written, no one has been able to penetrate the number of more than 200 million followers on Instagram except the @instagram account. Are you interested in shifting the position of @instagram with the Top Most Followers on Instagram Accounts 2019

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