Most Profitable Food Business Ideas

Top 15 Most Profitable Food Business Ideas For 2021

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There are so many food businesses that you can do from home. One of them is making snacks. Check out some of the ideas in this article!

Currently, there are many types of snacks that can be processed into home-based business opportunities.

You can also leave food in the store for sale.

The reason is, the snacks that we usually find in stores are not actually made by the owner, but entrusted.

Besides being quite easy to do, this kind of small business also doesn’t really need a lot of capital.

How, interested in trying but still confused about what business is easy to do?

To help you determine the type of food, here we present a number of Most Profitable Food Business Ideas that you can choose from.

Top 15 Best Food Business Ideas with Low Investment

Cassava Chips and Banana Chips

homemade food business ideas philippines

Cassava and banana are materials that are very easy to obtain.

You can try to make homemade cassava chips or banana chips for leaving.

To start, make a small amount first.

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Don’t forget to add some flavor to attract potential buyers.

Tofu Chips and Soy Chips

Tofu and Soy chips are quite a popular snack.

Besides the main ingredients are easy to find, the price is cheap.

The capital required for this business is also not too big.

Breadfruit Chips

Breadfruit can also be processed into chips.

Its sweet and savory taste is loved by all ages.

This snack is also rarely seen in a shop, so it can be a good opportunity to sell it.

Potato chips

Lots of people love potato chips.

Its crunchy and delicious taste is often a snack choice.

You can also make these chips as a home business.

Spinach Chips

Usually, we find spinach chips in supermarkets or markets.

Spinach chips are rarely sold in stores.

You can try this opportunity by making a home version of spinach chips.

Assorted fried snacks

food business ideas in malaysia

Fried is a snack that is liked by many people from various circles.

This one snack is a cheap snack.

Several variations of fry that can be made, such as

  • sweet potato;
  • fried bananas;
  • bakwan;
  • know the contents;
  • and others.

Assorted Wet Cakes

Do you have a hobby of making various cakes?

Just try making a home business from wet cakes.

Examples of wet cakes that you can try to make include the following:

  • Omelet rolls
  • Layer cake
  • Steamed sponge cake
  • Putu cake

Various Snacks from Nuts

Many people like nuts snacks.

The manufacturing process is also not difficult.

You can also process nuts into snacks, including the following:

  • Peas
  • Atomic nut
  • Peanut shell


Most Profitable Food Business Ideas Which requires little capital

Often see brownies at the store?

Yep! this idea can also be tried!

Make small, home-style brownies at a low price.

So that small children can also buy it.

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Bakpao Assorted Contents

Good at making buns?

Just try to make it a home-based snack business at the store.

To make it interesting, you can make a variety of different fillings.


online food business ideas philippines

Donuts are a snack that is also in high demand.

You can make a home version, with various toppings.

To start, don’t make too much.

Home Pudding

The process of making pudding is very easy and does not require a large capital.

Even with a small capital, pudding is a snack business that generates a lot of profit.

Various Flavors of Bread

Bread of various contents or flavors can be a promising home business idea.

Bread can be the choice of buyers when looking for breakfast.

You can make various variations of bread fillings to attract buyers.

Various Crackers

Crackers are a popular side dish or snack.

Even for some people, it is incomplete if they eat without crackers, so they are still a favorite food.

You can provide various crackers such as:

  • prawn crackers;
  • fish crackers;
  • and others.

Wrapped rice

Packaged rice is a small capital snack business.

To start, make small amounts of packaged rice first.

This idea is suitable for those of you who have a hobby of cooking, or as a first step to starting a home catering business.

That’s a Most Profitable Food Business Ideas with a small capital that you can try from now on.

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Good luck!

And I hope this article is useful

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